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Zimbabwe won by 6 wickets.

Zimbabwe vs India


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    Zimbabwe Win By Six Wickets

    India's bench strength isn't as deep as they'd hoped, Raina has a lot to answer for and Dhoni must be sobbing back home. Kudos to Zimbabwe, who stuck to their guns and enjoyed healthy contributions from the bulk of their XI. Thanks for joining us.


    Over 48.2 Dinda 3-4

    289-4 - Ervine slaps three through the on-side, leaving Chigumbura to seal the deal with four on the pull, off the top edge and over the wicketkeeper's head. Triumph, sweet triumph for the minnows!


    Over 48 Jadeja 1-1-1-4-4-1

    282-4 - One final roll of the dice from Raina, who looks to one of his many spinners for the breakthrough, or at least some economy. He can't deliver on either front however, as Ervine eases a slog-swept four over square-leg, following that up with four more powered through midwicket. Zimbabwe need 4 runs off 12 balls to win.


    Over 47 Dinda 0-2-1-0-4-1

    270-4 - Raina doesn't know what has hit him, gesturing left, right and centre to his fielders and bowler. Chigumbura, meanwhile, looks to finish the game with a couple of lusty blows, failing to middle the first before cranking the next through extra cover for four. Surely the Zimbos can't lose from here...? Zimbabwe need 16 runs off 18 balls to win.


    Over 46 Yadav 4-4lb-1-4-1-4

    262-4 - Right on cue, Zimbabwe opt for their batting Powerplay as Raina has to make do with the fielding restrictions. Nobody at deep extra cover, as Chigumbura orchestrates a classic drive for four to open the over. The bowler tries to respond with a bouncer but the Zimbabwean captain is up to that task too, pulling for four more off the top edge. A quick single leaves Ervine on strike, as Yadav offers him plenty of length too. The rookie obliges with four on the pull too, racking up his half-century (51 balls, three fours) on ODI debut. India seemingly sunk now. Zimbabwe need 24 runs off 24 balls to win.


    Over 45 Dinda 1-4-1-0-0-1

    244-4 - Brave move from Raina, who tosses the ball to Dinda in the hope that his new-ball bowler can have a better spell than he did a couple of hours ago. He is far too short to begin with, leaving Ervine to pounce on the pull for four through midwicket. Zimbabwe need 42 runs off 30 balls to win.


    Over 44 Jadeja 1-1-0-1-1-2

    237-4 - Ervine carries on his anchor role, while his captain limbers up for a couple of big hits. Stick around folks, this is sure to end in a thriller. Meanwhile, Raina is visibily displeased with his troops, who are in danger of suffering a pretty hefty upset. Zimbabwe need 49 runs off 36 balls to win.


    Over 43 Vinay 1-6-1-1wd-0-1-W

    231-4 - Raina yanks Yusuf out of the attack and back comes semaer Vinay, fetching instant stick as Coventry backs away to the leg-side and powerfully lofts six more over extra cover. Sensational stroke and up comes the half-century partnership across a mere 8.1 overs. Vinay is clearly rattled and coughs up a leg-side wide in response before managing to keep it together for the remainder of the over, including the wicket of Coventry. Wicket! The hard-hitting right-hander is flummoxed all ends up by a slower ball, and listens in despair as the ball rattles the stumps. Next in is captain Chigumbura, not one to shy away from boundaries either. Zimbabwe need 55 runs off 42 balls to win.


    Over 42 Mishra 0-4-1-0-0-6

    221-3 - Mishra's last over of the day begins with the expense of four runs slapped down the ground courtesy Ervine. Coventry later wants four clobbered over midwicket, misses the shot, but gets it very right the next time around for six over Cow Corner. Zimbabwe need 65 runs off 48 balls to win.


    Over 41 Yusuf 6-0-1-1-1-1

    210-3 - Coventry decides now is the time to tee off and goes high and hard down the ground for a welcome six, then looking to go again but adjusting his shot as Pathan sees him coming. Just like all the candyfloss being consumed around the ground, India find 'emselves in a sticky situation. Zimbabwe need 76 runs off 54 balls to win.


    Over 40 Mishra 2-0-0-1-1-2

    200-3 - Ervine drives on the up and almost holes out at short cover, but the ball plugs short of Rohit on the forward-dive. He and Coventry the chance their collective arm for a couple scampered to midwicket, bringing up the Zimbabwean 200 with some brave running between the wickets.


    Over 39 Yadav 1-1lb-2-1-1-0

    194-3 - Yadav gets another spell as Raina looks to him rather than Dinda, who must feel aggrieved at not getting another bowl. Neck and neck for now, are the two teams. We're in for a humdinger, folks.


    Over 38 Mishra 0-0-1-1-2-0

    188-3 - Wickets and batting Powerplay in hand, Ervine and Coventry can afford this pedestrian approach for the time being. Three or four more overs of this though, and the asking rate will be a touch too much for the middle- to lower-order to handle...


    Over 37 Vinay 0-1-1-1-0-1

    184-3 - His shaky introduction to ODI competition well and truly behind him now, Vinay racks up more economy as Coventry and Ervine make do with the gaps on offer.


    Over 36 Mishra 1-1-1-0-0-0

    180-3 - Back comes the leg-spinner, afforded plenty of protection in the cover region as Raina realises Ervine's strength is on the drive.


    Over 35 Vinay W-0-0-0-1-0

    177-3 - Wicket! Oh dear. Not for the first time in his career Taylor has thrown his wicket away. Realising the need for boundaries is paramount, the young right-hander attempts to swat a poor delivery over the fine-leg fence but only succeeds in picking out the boundary rider, who takes the catch down his throat. Next in is hometown hero Coventry, who takes in a string of sighters before getting the mark with an awkward pull of his own.


    Over 34 Jadeja 1-1-2-0-1-1

    176-2 - A couple of big-hitters still to come - Coventry, Chigumbura, etc - so for now Taylor is content to take his time toward a ton, while Ervine finds his feet.


    Over 33 Rohit 0-3-1-0-0-1

    170-2 - Hot on the heels of his century earlier in the day, Sharma gets a go with the ball. His little right-armers were quite a success in the Indian Premier League and - thus far - appear to be doing the trick at international level.


    Over 32 Jadeja 1-0-3-0-1-1

    165-2 - No flight or loop from Jadeja, who opts rather to dart 'em in. One such delivery proves the better of Ervine, who makes do with three lucky runs off the edge. Questionable footwork from the debutant, indeed.


    Over 31 Yusuf 1-1-1-1-1wd-1-1

    159-2 - Singles left, right and centre for Taylor and Ervine, who are collectively content to steady ship in the wake of Lamb's unfortunate departure from the crease.

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Match Details

28th May 2010
Bulawayo Athletic Club
B G Jerling and R B Tiffin


Batsman R
Masakadza b Mishra 46
Taylor c Yadav b V.Kumar 81
Lamb lbw b Jadeja 27
Ervine not out 67
Coventry b V.Kumar 32
Chigumbura not out 24
Extras 2w, 10lb 12
Total Close, 48.2 Overs 289 - 4
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Bowler O M R W
Dinda 7.2 0 49 0
V.Kumar 8 0 51 2
Yadav 8 0 48 0
Mishra 10 0 47 1
Jadeja 10 0 51 1
Pathan 4 0 28 0
Sharma 1 0 5 0
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