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W Indies vs Pakistan


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    Over 50 WI 229/9 (Roach 6, Holder 19)

    Riaz to bowl the last over, and it is run down to third man for a single. 14 needed from 5 balls now. Good shot from Roach, but stopped in the covers by Misbah, 1 run to Roach. Four, Holder creates room and hits it through the covers for four, 9 required from 3 now. Six, Holder clears his front leg and hits it through the covers for a six. One ball, three runs needed and Pakistanis have a conference in the middle of the field. It is a tie, but Pakistan will feel that they have lost this game. Match tied.


    Over 49 WI 215/9 (Roach 5, Holder 6)

    2 overs to go, Riaz does well to stop a boundary and save a few crucial runs. Another yorker from Junaid and Roach swings it and beats long on for four. West Indies need 15 from 6 balls.


    Over 48 WI 206/9 (Roach 1, Holder 1)

    Six to start for Sunil Narine who drives it down the ground for six. Narine hits it down the ground and it goes for four, the fielder did not pick it. Another four for Narine, straight down the ground. One spinner taking on another spinner. WICKET! Ajmal gets another wicket, Narine early into the shot and Ajmal bowls him, off stump disturbed. Holder takes a single from the last ball.


    Over 47 WI 191/8 (Roach 1)

    Junaid Khan brought back to replace Irfan. A wide to start with, Misbah stops and certain boundary the next ball. WICKET! Pollard bowled, a perfect yorker from Junaid Khan, Pollard gone for a duck. A full toss and Sammy hits it far and hard for a six. WICKET! Sammy tries to get another six and it is caught at long on and Hafeez takes a good catch.


    Over 46 WI 180/6 (Sammy 1, Pollard 0)

    Ajmal starts his 9th over, good bowling from the Pakistanis again. Simmons comes down the pitch and misses the hoick. WICKET! A great catch in the deep to get rid of Simmons, Shehzad who took the catch looks like he is in pain. Great catch, he gets some treatment and is back on the field. Pollard comes out to bat. A wide down leg and then another WICKET! Ajmal bowls Bravo and getting the top of leg stump. Two wickets in one over, Pakistan celebrate. Sammy comes out to bat in front of his home crowd. A single for Sammy to start. Two runs and two wickets from the over.


    Over 45 WI 178/4 (Bravo 13, Simmons 75)

    Irfan comes to bowl his last over. SImmons tries to hit it out of the park, only manages a single to mid off. A big swing and a miss from Bravo. Another swing and a miss. Bravo runs it down to third man for a single. Simmons mishits it to Hafeez for a single. The asking rate over 10.5 rpo. Bravo uses his wrists to get a four from the last ball.


    Over 44 WI 171/4 (Bravo 8, Simmons 73)

    Ajmal comes back into the attack. Ajmal over spins it and the keeper and batsman misses it. A big shout for lbw, the umpire gives it out and Bravo reviews it. Replays show it would have missed the stumps so Bravo survives with a good review. A single for Bravo, straight down the ground. Simmons runs it down to short third man for a single. Just three from the over.


    Over 43 WI 168/4 (Bravo 7, Simmons 72)

    8 overs to go, West Indies need 71 from 48 deliveries now. A yorker blocked to third man for a single. Bravo edges it and it falls just short of third man. Short ball from Riaz and Simmons hits it through square leg for a one bounce four. Simmons gets a single to cover. It is in the air but the fielder from long on fails to catch it, it was a difficult chance.


    Over 42 WI 159/4 (Bravo 4, Simmons 65)

    8 overs to go, West Indies need to start playing as if this is a T20 from here on. Junaid Khan continues, pushed down to third man for a single. Misbah chats with Junaid about some field placing and short third man goes square. Bravo gets a single on the leg side. Simmons inside edges it past the stumps for four down to fine leg. Simmons stands and smashes the low full toss for four, between cover and mid off. A wide called for height and Junaid is not happy about this.


    Over 41 WI 147/4 (Bravo 3, Simmons 56)

    Riaz comes back into the attack, Bravo gets a top edge but it falls short of third man. Simmons then, comes down the wicket and strikes it well but mid off stops it, no run. Simmons runs it down to third man for a single. The required rate now over 9 per over. Two runs from the over.


    Over 40 WI 145/4 (Bravo 2, Simmons 56)

    Junaid Khan comes back into the attack. The required rate now above 8 per over, West Indies seem to have lost their way. 10 overs to go, West Indies need 85 runs.


    Over 39 WI 143/4 (Bravo 1, Simmons 55)

    Irfan continues, replacing Riaz. WICKET! Samuels gets an edge and is caught behind. Poor innings from him, but 46 useful runs. The run rate now over 7.5 per over required. The captain comes out to bat, Bravo joining Simmons at the crease. Bravo gets off the mark with a single.


    Over 38 WI 141/3 (Samuels 46, Simmons 54)

    Ajmal to Samuels, who plays the first one to short third man for no run. Samuels not interested in the easy singles, rather trying to get the big shots. Just one from the over.


    Over 37 WI 140/3 (Samuels 45, Simmons 54)

    Shehzad makes a good stop at point and then Samuels goes over his head to the point boundary, Ajmal stops it just before the ropes. Simmons pulls it and over the field for four over midwicket. Six, Simmons switching gears and bringing up his 50 in style, pulls Riaz over deep square leg for six. Then he runs it down the third man for two. 15 from the over.


    Over 36 WI 124/3 (Samuels 42, Simmons 42)

    15 overs to go, Ajmal bowling in the power play. Samuels not able to hit Ajmal, the ball spinning into him. Four singles from the over, West Indies 125 for 3.


    Over 35 WI 121/3 (Samuels 40, Simmons 40)

    Power play is taken and the required rate is 7.13 per over. Riaz comes in to bowl and starts with a few dots. Inside edge and the ball goes past the keeper for four, Simmons slightly lucky. A single to third man. Five from the over.


    Over 34 WI 116/3 (Samuels 40, Simmons 35)

    The run rate now 6.88, going towards 7. Dark clouds gather overhead. Simmons sweeps and gets a run to fine leg. Three runs from the over, and the required rate goes over 7, and it is drinks.


    Over 33 WI 113/3 (Samuels 39, Simmons 33)

    Another dot ball, the asking rate well over 6.5 now. Irfan asking questions at a probing line, going across Samuels. Five dots and then two runs for Samuels from the over.


    Over 32 WI 111/3 (Samuels 37, Simmons 32)

    Ajmal continues, with the run rate going towards 6.3 per over. A few dots, and a maiden in the end.


    Over 31 WI 110/3 (Samuels 37, Simmons 32)

    A wide, going across Samuels and ending up too wide outside off. A single to Samuels. West Indies falling behind the asking rate consistently now as it keeps rising. Simmons plays a classy back foot push to deep point for a couple of runs. Simmons gets a top edge but it lands away from Akmal.

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Match Details

19th Jul 2013
West Indies won the toss and elected to bowl.
Beausejour Stadium
P R Reiffel, J S Wilson
TV Umpire
S J Davis
Match Referee
D C Boon
Reserve Umpire
P J Nero


Batsman R
C.H. Gayle b Khan 8
J. Charles c Akmal b Irfan 6
D.M. Bravo c Hafeez b Riaz 17
M.N. Samuels c Akmal b Irfan 46
L.M.P. Simmons c Shehzad b Ajmal 75
D.J. Bravo b Ajmal 13
K.A. Pollard b Khan 0
D.J.G. Sammy c Hafeez b Khan 10
K.A.J. Roach Not out 6
S.P. Narine b Ajmal 14
J.O. Holder Not out 19
Extras 12w, 1b, 2lb 15
Total 50.0 Overs 229 - 9
Full Batting Card


Bowler O M R W
Iqbal 10 0 34 2
J.M. Khan 10 1 54 3
W. Riaz 10 1 63 1
M. Hafeez 6 0 16 0
S.S.M.K. Afridi 4 0 23 0
S. Ajmal 10 1 36 3
Full Bowling Card