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Pakistan win by 6 wickets (D/L Method)

W Indies vs Pakistan


Last Updated: July 21, 2013 11:01pm


    Pakistan win by 6 wickets

    Pakistan win by 6 wickets and lead the series 2-1.


    Over 30 Pak 189/4 (Akmal 29, MIsbah 53)

    Two overs to go and the Pakistani captain thinks he can do this, takes a drink between overs. Bravo continues and Umar drives him straight down the ground for four, confident shot. Akmal gets another boundary straight down the ground, Sammy dives but can't stop that. Another boundary, hit over the backward point fielder for a handsome boundary, Umar is in a hurry. Top edges it for a couple of runs over the in field on the off side. Scores are level. A leg bye will seal the victory, Misbah is there till the end.


    Over 29 Pak 174/4 (Akmal 15, MIsbah 53)

    Pakistan need 26 runs in 18 balls. Narine runs in to bowl his last over. Akmal gets a single to deep midwicket, Bravo throws it back like a rocket. Misbah mishits it to deep square leg for a couple. Misbah moves on to 47 with that single. Another single, a decent over so far for Pakistan. Misbah brings up his 50 in some style, pulling Narine over deep square leg for a big six. A good over for Pakistan.


    Over 28 Pak 163/4 (Akmal 13, MIsbah 44)

    Four overs remaining, and Bravo continues. Misbah drives it down the ground and it hits Umar at the other end to keep it to a single, Misbah not happy. Misbah hits the umpire this time to keep it down to a single. Another single, six runs from the over.


    Over 27 Pak 157/4 (Akmal 10, MIsbah 41)

    Samuels continues and is driven to deep square leg for a single. Another single to deep midwicket. Umar takes a single in the same region, three from three balls so far. Misbah angles it into the leg side to make it four from four. Five from five, Umar takes a single to long on. Six off the over.


    Over 26 Pak 151/4 (Akmal 7, MIsbah 38)

    Bravo starts with a bouncer to Afridi. WICKET! Afridi pulls it and the man at deep midwicket takes an easy catch. West Indies get another wicket. Akmal will come out to bat. Akmal gets a suicide single, no direct hit and he gets another run from the overthrow. Four, Akmal hits it through the point region for a boundary, that is the four they needed this over. A single into the covers, and that 7 from the over.


    Over 25 Pak 144/3 (Afridi 7, MIsbah 38)

    Samuels comes in to replace Narine. Misbah threads it through the off side for four, great shot again. Afridi takes a quick single to short third man. Afridi angles it to square leg for a single.


    Over 24 Pak 137/3 (Afridi 5, MIsbah 33)

    Roach comes into the attack, Misbah drives him through to long on for a single. A full toss and put away for four by Hafeez, this shortened game seems to have brought out the best in him. WICKET! It is whacked to point by Hafeez and Darren Bravo takes a great catch to stop the Pakistani scoring. And here comes Afridi. Roach best his outside edge. Afridi hits it through point for four, close to Darren Bravo again but hit like a Boom Boom rocket. A single from the last ball, 10 from the over.


    Over 23 Pak 127/2 (Hafeez 55, MIsbah 32)

    The run rate now under 7.5, Bravo brings in Narine to bowl. Swept away for a single by Misbah. Hafeez cuts it to third man for another single. Misbah misses the reverse sweep. Misbah takes a quick single, this is not the Misbah we saw in the last few games. Sweeps to deep midwicket for a single. Just five from the over.


    Over 22 Pak 122/2 (Hafeez 53, MIsbah 29)

    10 over to go and 80 runs needed. Misbah hits it through midwicket for two runs. Misbah edges it to third man for a single. Good running between the wickets from Misbah, recognizing the opportunity for two runs and getting it easily in the end. Three more runs as the ball goes through Gayle at point and he is slow to recover, should have been two. Beautiful shot from Hafeez, drives through the covers for four to get to his 50. A good 50 from him.


    Over 21 Pak 109/2 (Hafeez 48, MIsbah 21)

    11 overs to go and Pakistan need exactly 9 per over now. Holder brought back into the attack. Misbah gets a single to start the over. A single for Hafeez down to fine leg, good containing bowling from Holder. A bouncer, called a wide by the umpire. Hafeez hits it over the deep square leg fielder for a six. Then Holder bowls a no ball full toss, and a single to Hafeez. Another six behind square leg for Hafeez.


    Over 20 Pak 90/2 (Hafeez 34, MIsbah 18)

    Misbah hits it through the off side but can't get it through Gayle. A single on the leg side for Misbah. Hafeez pulls it to deep square leg for another single. Five from the over, Pakistan 90 for 2 after 20 overs.


    Over 19 Pak 85/2 (Hafeez 31, MIsbah 16)

    4 bowlers can bowl a maximum of 6 overs and 1 can bowl 7 overs as Samuels comes into the attack. Drifting down leg and Misbah just puts it away for four to fine leg. A couple of singles to follow, MIsbah plays it square of the wicket for four, to deep point. A quick single to follow, Misbah has switched gears in a flash. A good over for Pakistan, overthrows give them one more run.


    Over 18 Pak 72/2 (Hafeez 29, MIsbah 5)

    The revised conditions are, this has become a 31-over game with Pakistan needing 121 more to win. The required rate has jumped to 8.6 per over. Umar Akmal and Afridi are padded up, so Pakistan ready for some hitting now. Just four from the over, Pakistan need 117 more to win.


    The pitch will be inspected in 10 mins and play will start soon after that. Still waiting for an official word.


    Rain has stopped and the covers are coming off, we have already lost around 30 mins since the rain started so that should be around 7 overs. We may lose more than that as the ground is being prepared.


    Rain delays play

    The umpires call for the covers and rain delays play. The players walk off, let us hope it is a quick shower.


    Over 17 Pak 68/2 (Hafeez 28, MIsbah 3)

    Narine starts the 17th over, there may be rain on the horizon and the ground staff are ready. Hafeez takes a single behind point. Misbah sweeps for a single, just two from the over.


    Over 16 Pak 65/2 (Hafeez 27, MIsbah 1)

    Misbah is off the mark, with a single on the leg side, Samuels stops it from being a couple of runs. Just a couple of runs from the over, and it should be drinks.


    Over 15 Pak 63/2 (Hafeez 26, MIsbah 0)

    Narine continues, and WICKET! a run out, total misunderstanding between Hafeez and Jamshed and Jamshed is out by a mile. Hafeez called for the run then sent Jamshed back when he was more than half way, disappointing end to a promising partnership. Misbah walks out into the middle. Hafeez plays it to deep square leg for a couple of runs. Three runs and the run out from the over.

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Match Details

21st Jul 2013
Pakistan won the toss and elected to bowl.
Beausejour Stadium
S J Davis, P J Nero
TV Umpire
P R Reiffel
Match Referee
D C Boon
Reserve Umpire
J S Wilson


Batsman R
N. Jamshed run out (Charles) 22
A. Shehzad lbw Holder 14
M. Hafeez c Bravo b Roach 59
M.K. Niazi Not out 53
S.S.M.K. Afridi c Simmons b Bravo 7
Extras 1nb, 3w, 1lb 5
Total 30.0 Overs 189 - 4
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Bowler O M R W
J.O. Holder 5 0 41 1
K.A.J. Roach 6 1 33 1
S.P. Narine 7 0 29 0
D.J.G. Sammy 3 0 10 0
D.J. Bravo 6 0 49 1
M.N. Samuels 3 0 26 0
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