Day 1 of 2
West Indies won by 70 runs.

W Indies vs Ireland


Last Updated: May 1, 2010 1:26am

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    So there you have it for day one of the tournament - after a thrilling win for New Zealand over Sri Lanka we've seen a one-sided win for the West Indies. After doing well with the ball Ireland were skittled for 68 in reply, only Gary Wilson getting into double figures. Thanks for your company today and please join us again tomorrow for another doubleheader, starting with Afghanistan v India from Gros Islet.


    Over 17: Sammy 0-1-0-W

    68 - Fittingly Sammy wraps up the win for the Windies, Dockrell going for an ambitious drive that only results in an edge through to the wicketkeeper's gloves. Sammy's finished with figures of three for eight. He's also taken four catches after hitting 30 with the bat, making him a certainty to be taking home an over-sized cheque after the presentation ceremony.


    Over 16: Roach 0-0-1-1w-1w-0-0-0

    67-9 - Ireland at least draw level with the record low, thanks mainly to Roach sending down two legside wides. Botha had to survive a fearsome yorker on the second ball that seemed to hit boot then bat - the fact the left-hander hobbled around afterwards being a dead giveaway. Dockrell is the last man in for the minnows but he hardly looks a mug with the bat, twice driving nicely into the covers.


    Over 15: Sammy 0-1lb-0-1-W-0

    64-9 - WICKET! - Ireland are now in danger of posting the lowest score in Twenty20 International history as Boyd Rankin becomes the ninth wicket to go down. Yet again it's Sammy who strikes when he manages to get a slender edge to carry comfortably through to wicketkeeper Ramdin. The Irish need another four runs to beat the record low of 67 set by Kenya.


    Over 14: Miller 2lb-2w-0-1-W-0-1

    62-8 - WICKET! - Moody's got the blues as it's Miller's time in Guyana. The left-arm spinner traps the left-hander bang in front - Hawk Eye shows the ball was going on to hit middle and leg about halfway up. Ireland now need 77 from the final six overs. The West Indies need three more wickets to bring about an early conclusion. If you have a fork to hand stick it in this match - it's done.


    Over 13: Bravo W-1-0-W-0-0

    56-7 - WICKETS! - Another bowler takes a wicket right at the start of a spell. Bravo brings himself back on and immediately ends Wilson's knock, getting the Surrey batsman to mis-hit a slower ball close enough to Sammy at extra cover. That a fourth catch for the soon-to-be man of the match. There's a second scalp in the over for Bravo too, as Johnston has a wild hack that only results in his furniture being dismantled. The fat lady is rushing through her warm-up now with this game as good as over.


    Over 12: Miller 1-0-0-1-1-1

    55-5 - Nikita has now rushed his way through three overs that have cost just 14 runs. Both Irish batsmen are doing their best to play some big shots but struggling to middle anything. This, at the moment, is a slow death for the Irish. Here comes Bravo back into the attack...


    Over 11: Sammy 0-0-2-0-0-2

    51-5 - We didn't see the Dilshan scoop from the man himself earlier today but Gary Wilson gives us his version, getting down to deflect a full ball from Sammy up off his helmet and away for a couple of runs. It's a risky shot not just in the fact that it could have led to his demise, but it could also have led to him losing his front teeth. The same batsman manages another two runs with a more conventional drive, bringing up Ireland's 50 from 66 deliveries.


    Over 10: Miller 0-1-1-1-2-1

    47-5 - We're yet to see Ireland manage more than nine runs an over in their reply. They're going to have to go at that number now to win this match. The West Indies, in contrast, smell blood. Bravo has posted a slip for Miller as they look to keep picking up wickets.


    Over 9: Sammy W-0-1-0-0-1

    41-5 - WICKET! - You just can't keep Sammy out of the game. It takes the all-rounder just one ball to strike, O'Brien lofting him straight out to Fletcher at long-on. Ireland have sent in Trent Johnston at number seven in a bid to get the scoreboard moving. Two singles is certainly not enough at a run-rate of 4.56 an over.


    Over 8: Miller 0-1-0-1-1-1

    39-4 - The game has gone a little quiet right now. Ireland keep the scoreboard ticking with four runs, though they're going to need more than just a few singles to win this game from here. At this stage of their innings, Ireland were 52 for two. Having starred with the bat and then in the field, Sammy will now get the chance to do some damage with the ball, as he replaces Bravo in the attack after a one-over spell from the skipper.


    Over 7: Bravo 0-1w-1-0-1-0-0

    35-4 - Bravo's second ball goes well down leg - that's the seventh wide bowled by the West Indies already. We had just three in the previous three innings on this ground today. He does redeem himself slightly off the final delivery with a diving stop to partially block an O'Brien straight drive before summoning spinner Nikita Miller into the attack.


    Over 6: Rampaul 0-4-0-1w-1-0-1

    31-4 - O'Brien treats us to a glorious cover drive that Sir Vivian Richards would of been proud of - the big all-rounder really did stand and deliver as Rampaul pushed the ball right up. Ireland need a furthwer 108 from 84 deliveries as we have our first change for the Windies - skipper Bravo is going to turn his arm over.


    Over 5: Roach 0-0-1w-0-0-4lb-0

    23-4 - Roach roars in but tries a little too hard to remove Kevin O'Brien. The paceman loses his line as he strives for another wicket, Ramdin keeping it down to just the one wide with a diving stop down leg. However there's nothing the wicketkeeper can do when O'Brien's thigh pad deflects another wide delivery away for four welcome runs.


    Over 4: Rampaul 1-1lb-W-1-1w-0-0

    18-4 - WICKET! - Sammy's got a hat-trick of catches as Rampaul finds the outside edge of Alex Cusack's blade. The fielder makes a mess of a straightforward chance, the ball striking him a painful blow in the stomach before he clings on to the rebound. Rampaul has now taken three for nine to leave this Irish run chase in tatters. They need a further 121 to win from the remaining 16 overs.


    Over 3: Roach 0-1-0-1w-1w-0-0-0

    14-3 - Roach starts us off again with a wide down the leg side but soon gets his line and length back, getting Gary Wilson to pat back the final three deliveries of the delayed third over. Just a reminder to tell you that there won't be a reduction in over as there was an extra 30 minutes of time built into the game in case of a delay.

  • Rain

    Okay, the news is that the shower has passed and that we will be getting back underway at 20 past the hour. Fingers crossed the bad weather stays away long enough to get the full 20 overs in.


    Weather update

    The rain has stopped in Guyana and there is movement out in the middle, though the covers are remaining still for the moment. At least we should have no issues with damp patches in the outfield - this new venue has a state-of-the-art drainage system (thankfully there's also not a lot of sand on the outfield either).


    Over 3: Roach 0-1-0-1w-

    13-3 - Roach gets through three balls of his second over (he bowled four, with the final delivery a wide) before the rain really starts belting down. The umpires quickly call for the covers to come on - remember we need five overs of this Ireland reply to constitute a full game.

  • Rain

    Some bad weather was threatening earlier and it now appears we have some rain in the air. It's not heavy enough to stop the action just yet, so let's hope it soon drifts away and lets us get a full game in here at the Providence Stadium.

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Match Details

30th Apr - 1st May 2010
Asad Rauf and B F Bowden


Batsman R
Porterfield c Sammy b Roach 4
Stirling c Sammy b Rampaul 0
O'Brien c Ramdin b Rampaul 6
Cusack c Sammy b Rampaul 2
Wilson c Sammy b Bravo 17
O'Brien c Fletcher b Sammy 9
Johnston b Bravo 5
Mooney lbw b Miller 1
Botha not out 4
Rankin c Ramdin b Sammy 1
Dockrell c Ramdin b Sammy 0
Extras 11w, 8lb 19
Total All out, 16.4 Overs 68
Full Batting Card


Bowler O M R W
Roach 4 0 12 1
Rampaul 3 0 17 3
Bravo 2 0 5 2
Miller 4 0 18 1
Sammy 3.4 0 8 3
Full Bowling Card