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West Indies won by 14 runs.

W Indies vs India


Last Updated: May 9, 2010 6:23pm

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    So the West Indies have two points on the board in Group F, whilst India are propping up the rest and now left hoping they will have more to play for than just pride when they take on Australia.


    Over 20: Bravo 1-0-W-1-1-1

    155-9 - WICKET! - Nehra perishes for zero, just popping up a simple catch to mid-wicket trying to hammer away a short ball from Bravo. His departure, having missed the previous delivery, leaves India needing three sixes from the final three balls. When Jadeja only hits the fourth along the carpet to long-off, the West Indies know they have the game in the bag. In the end the final margin of victory is 14 runs, leaving India to sit and watch the second game to see if they are still alive in the competition.


    Over 19: Roach 1W-1-0-1nb-0-0w-0w-4-0w-0w-W-1

    151-8 - WICKETS! - Having done little with bat or ball today, Bravo makes a huge impact in the field when he produces a direct hit from long-on to run out the dangerous Dhoni by a distance. He also takes a good catch to get rid of Harbhajan, a much-needed wicket for Roach after he had suddenly found it impossible to pitch a delivery on the cut strip, sending down four wides in the space of five balls. With a single off the last delivery, India need 19 from six.


    Over 18: Taylor 0w-1-1-4-0-0-6

    138-6 - Dhoni is still fighting hard for India, flicking away a wayward delivery from Taylor, who is bowling around the wicket to both right-handers, and then ending the 18th over with a maximum that goes way back at deep square leg. Now the equation is 32 from the final two overs. Taylor has finished his work with the ball, recording figures of one for 24.


    Over 17: Roach 2-0-1-1-1-6

    125-6 - Just as India seem set for a quiet over Harbahajan rocks back and thumps Roach over long-on's head with a flat-batted six - perhaps India aren't done just yet. They now need 45 from three as Dhoni decides a change of bat is required.


    Over 16: Taylor 1lb-0w-0w-2-W-0-0-0

    114-6 - WICKET! - After back-to-back wides bring groans from the majority of the crowd, Taylor sends Pathan on his way as yet another Indian batsman struggles with the short ball. Yusuf attempts to hook away a well-aimed bouncer but only sends it straight down the throat of Wavell Hinds, who swallows up the chance to leave India six down and in need of a miracle - it's now 56 needed from the final four overs.


    Over 15: Bravo 4-0-6-1-1-1

    109-5 - Dhoni gets in on the six-hitting fun, taking a step down the track to Bravo before thumping a half volley over long-on's head. The India skipper also pinches the strike with a single down the ground from the last ball, meaning his side now need 61 from the last five overs. With this pair at the crease this game is still firmly in the balance.


    Over 14: Gayle 1-1-0-6-6-0

    96-5 - Yusuf has so much power he can hit sixes with one hand, sweeping Gayle away over backward square leg with complete ease. That effort is his first maximum in the over but the 200th of the tournament so far. He soon makes it 201 by rocking back to pull away a long hop to the same area on the field. India now need 74 for victory.


    Over 13: Benn 0-1-0-W-0-1

    82-5 - WICKET! - Gentle Benn comes on and just like Gayle gets a wicket in his first over (which costs only two runs as well), Yuvraj only sweeping the giant off-spinner straight to the fielder at mid-wicket, who is on the very edge of the circle. It's looking decidedly grim now for India, who could be knocked out of the tournament if they lose here and Sri Lanka defeat Australia later today.


    Over 12: Gayle 1-1-1-0-4-0w-W

    80-4 - WICKET! - Having hit four over the top of cover earlier in the over, Raina tries to hit Gayle's darts towards mid-wicket. However he gets too far underneath the slog-sweep, only sending it spiralling out to Sammy, who turns around to body-pop to the crowd in celebration, on the boundary. India need another 90 runs as skipper Dhoni comes out to the middle.


    Over 11: Taylor 0-1-1-0w-0-1-0

    72-3 - The momentum swings back in West Indies' favour when India can only make four off Taylor, including the help of a wide for a short ball that Raina wouldn't have managed to hit had he been batting with a barge pole. Yuvraj nearly perishes when he takes on another bumper, hooking it out towards deep square leg where Pollard dives forward to take it on the half volley.


    Over 10: Pollard 1-1-1-6-4-4

    68-3 - India finally show some sparkle with the bat, taking 17 off of Pollard's rather military medium pace. Raina does all the damage off the final three deliveries, sending one over mid-wicket's head for six before getting a pair of boundaries behind square on each side of the wicket. Now the asking rate is down to 102 from 60 balls as Jerome Taylor comes back on.


    Over 9: Bravo 0-4-1-4-0-0

    51-3 - Bravo's woes continue, his second over costing nine including two boundaries courtesy of long hops. Yuvraj puts the first away through mid-wicket, while Raina benefits from a slower bouncer that goes badly wrong, leaving him to just help it past the poor fielder in the firing line at short fine leg.India need another 119 runs from the final 11 overs.


    Over 8: Pollard 0w-1-W-1-1-0-2

    42-3 - WICKET! - Sharma is gone, and in rather controversial circumstances too. Trying to paddle the ball down towards fine leg, he only pops up a simple catch for Ramdin. The batsman stands his ground, though, insisting that it came off his arm and not his bat. Umpire Billy Bowden consults with his colleague Simon Taufel at square leg and then raises a crooked digit. Sharma continues to plead his innocence, even asking the official to ask the third umpire to look at the replays. No can do, Rohit, and he's gone for five.


    Over 7: Bravo 0-0-1-1-0-1

    36-2 - Bravo's first over sees India manage just three singles - it's going to take more than scampered runs to get them home. Raina twice misses out on hitting short balls before finally laying bat on ball at the third time of asking, mis-hitting a pull so badly it loops towards mid-on for one run.


    Over 6: Sammy 0-1-4-0-0-0

    33-2 - After a superb knock in a losing cause against Australia, Rhot Sharma has been pushed up the order by India. He gets off the mark against Sammy, albeit with a thick edge that runs away past the one and only slip and down to the third man boundary. The powerplay overs have come to a close with India now needing a further 137 runs for victory.


    Over 5: Roach 4-4-W-1w-0-0

    28-2 - WICKET! - After clipping away a four through mid-wicket off the front foot, Gambhir gets a lucky break from the second ball when a nick goes between the static duo of wicketkeeper Ramdin and slip Sammy - it was almost like they were playing musical chairs and the music had suddenly gone off. However Roach gets his man straight away after the miss, Gambhir only gloving a steepler through to Ramdin.


    Over 4: Sammy 0w-W-1-0-4-0-0nb-1

    19-1 - WICKET! - Vijay anticipates the short ball from Sammy by going right back in his crease but only then hooks out to deep square leg, where Pollard dives forward to take the catch and get the West Indies a first breakthrough. Gambhir gets a welcome boundary when he cuts a wide ball over the top of gully well enough to beat the man out at third man - India need plenty more shots like that if they are to get close.


    Over 3: Roach 0w-0w-2-0-0-1

    11-0 - Kemar Roach comes on as Gayle rotates his bowlers in one-over spells. After starting with two wides the paceman gets his line and length right, sending one rasping delivery down at Vijay that clips the outside edge but falls short of Pollard at slip. The next ball sees the India opener stuck in the crease like his laces were tied together, meaning he can only push a full ball for a scampered single.


    Over 2: Taylor 1-0-0-0-1-1

    6-0 - There's some good ol' sweet chin music from Taylor to Gambhir, who does well to duck his head out of the way of a short ball. The crowd loved that from the Windies paceman, and they're roaring with delight again from the very next ball when the India opener is again hopping on the back foot trying to defend a rising delivery. A good solid start from the hosts with plenty of aggression.

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Match Details

9th May 2010
B F Bowden and S J A Taufel


Batsman R
Vijay c Pollard b Sammy 7
Gambhir c Ramdin b Roach 15
Raina c Sammy b Gayle 31
Sharma c Ramdin b Pollard 5
Singh c Chanderpaul b Benn 12
Dhoni run out 29
Pathan c Taylor 17
Singh c Bravo b Roach 14
Jadeja not out 5
Nehra c Benn b Bravo 0
Khan not out 0
Extras 2nb, 15w, 3lb 20
Total Close, 20.0 Overs 155 - 9
Full Batting Card


Bowler O M R W
Sammy 3 0 16 1
Taylor 4 0 24 1
Roach 4 0 38 2
Bravo 4 0 27 1
Pollard 2 0 23 1
Gayle 2 0 22 1
Benn 1 0 2 1
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