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West Indies won by 21 runs.

W Indies vs England


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    A fantastic climax to a game dominated by brilliant one-day innings' from Chanderpaul and Strauss. Both sides head to Barbados now as the series is locked at 1-1 with three matches to play. Thanks for your company, I hope you enjoyed the coverage.


    Over 49 Pollard 1-0wd-W

    242-9 - Pollard continues in what is the last powerplay over. Harmison digs out a single from the first ball after a good Yorker from Pollard. The Trinidadian all-rounder gifts a wide the following ball. WICKET - It's all over Anderson has been clean bowled trying an outrageous slog. West Indies celebrate winning a fascinating game of cricket.


    Over 48 Bravo 0-1-0-1wd-4-1lb-1

    241-8 - 33 runs from 18 balls required or a miracle which ever way you look at it. First ball is a dot as Anderson fails to get bat on ball but he squeezes out a single off the next. Harmy digs out a dead-eye Yorker as the home fans cheer their side on. A bonus for England as they run a wide down the leg side the next ball. 30 off 15 required now. Brilliant batting from Anderson the following ball as he threads the ball through the covers for four. A scrambled leg bye follows and Harmy pinches a single off the last. 265 the winning target by the way.


    Over 47 Pollard 2-4-0-W-2-1

    232-9 - Strauss thumps two through extra cover to bring up his third ODI century (6x4s 0x6s). A fantastic effort from the England skipper who has led this chase single handily. Strauss finds the rope the following ball before more heavy rain forces the players off the field. The lights are on so hopefully Duckworth/Lewis won't come into play. Good news is that the covers are off and the players will be out there soon. The first ball after the break in play is annoyingly a dot. WICKET - Strauss is gone and it is heartache for England. He went for the sweep and Pollard kept it full and straight and the leg stump is still cartwheeling. A fine effort from Strauss who crafted 105 off 129 balls. Anderson enters the middle - 36 from 20 needed. Anderson clips two off his pads but Harmison would have been well out of his ground had the fielder at the non-strikers end gathered the ball.


    Over 46 Bravo 2-1lb-1-0-1-1

    223-8 - Star man Bravo returns and England need 48 from 30 balls. A lovely drive from Harmison earns him two down the ground. The floodlights are on and Strauss is back on strike after a loud lbw shout is turned down by Aleem Dar. Bravo then follows the advancing Strauss and England only scramble a single. Great over from Bravo sees England pick up only six more. Strauss is on 99...


    Over 45 Sammy 1-1-1-1-1-1

    217-8 - Only three men allowed outside the ring for West Indies now. Sammy forces Strauss back and England only pick up a single first ball. Another Harmy sweep brings Strauss (95) back on strike but he can only angle a single again. England only dealing in singles at this stage and Strauss would have been run out had Gayle thrown down the stumps. Excellent over from Sammy.


    Over 44 Miller 4-1-1-1-1-1lb

    211-8 - Strauss finds the rope first ball when Pollard slips on the mid-wicket boundary. Smart sweeping from Harmy sees him pick a couple more and keep the scoreboard ticking over. Strauss keeps the strike with a leg bye and he takes the powerplay.


    Over 43 Sammy 1-0-2-1-2-2

    202-8 - Sammy returns and Harmison does well to bring Strauss back on strike first ball. Strauss still has a five-over powerplay to use up and he is running out of overs to use it. He creams another couple over extra cover - he must be shattered with all the running he has done. Harmy brings up the 200 with a delightful chip over extra cover and two more down to fine leg end a frenetic over.


    Over 42 Miller 1-1-0-1-1-2

    194-8 - Strauss charges down the pitch and picks up one first ball before Harmy brings out his text-book sweep to bring his skipper back on strike. Strauss needs to go aerial, it is win or bust now. Eight overs left.


    Over 41 Gayle 1b-4-W-1lb-1-1lb

    188-8 - Gayle brings himself on and Batty calves him through backward point for four. WICKET - Any thoughts of the Worcestershire star saving the day are over though as he takes on a suicidal single and Miller runs him out yards out of his ground with a superb direct hit. Don't fear Harmy is hear... he gets off the mark with a neat flick round the corner - a quick 30 would be nice Steve...


    Over 40 Miller 1-0-0-0-1-1

    180-7 - Batty takes four deliveries to get off the mark as Miller's latest over costs just three. Scenario - 10 overs left - 85 runs needed - one powerplay left - three wickets left... Gulp!


    Over 39 Pollard 4-0-2-2-0-1lb

    177-6 - Batty, who averages two in ODI cricket joins Strauss in the middle and clearly not impressed with what's left to come the England skipper creams his fifth four through extra cover with a hint of frustration. Fine placement off his pads brings him four more by the way of twos and a leg bye off the final ball ensures he keeps strike.


    Over 38 Miller 1-1-1-1-1-W

    168-7 - Broad and Strauss pick up two singles each as Miller sticks to his nagging line and length. WICKET - Broad has gone and this is painful now. A weak end for the left-hander who just chips tamely back to Miller who can't believe his luck.


    Over 37 Pollard 1-1-0-4-0-1

    163-6 - Plenty of positive intent from Strauss but he hasn't got the shots to find the rope regularly enough. I am not convinced Broad has either and it isn't looking good for England. Just as I say that Strauss finds the rope with a back-foot smash through extra cover. We need a few more of those Andrew...


    Over 36 Miller 0-0-2-0-2-W

    156-6 - Strauss works a couple of couples away through mid-wicket. WICKET - A horrible moment for England however as a farcical run out brings about the end for Mascarenhas and maybe England. Strauss struck firmly to Gayle at mid-wicket and the Windies skipper simply through to Ramdin as Dimi was caught ball-watching at the non-strikers end. It was Strauss' call in fairness but Mascarenhas hardly moved.


    Over 35 Pollard 1-1-1-0-1-1

    152-5 - Mandatory ball change takes place, Pollard continues, as do the singles. Five in total off the 35th over. What is worth noting is that West indies were 157-3 at this stage and they didn't get away from England at the death...


    Over 34 Miller 0-1-1-1-0-0

    147-5 - The third single of the over brings up the 50 partnership between these two off 65 balls. Singles are all well and good but boundaries are the order of the day now lads!


    Over 33 Pollard 1-1-1-1-2-0

    144-5 - Dimi picks up four runs off the over with neat shots either side of the wicket but he should have been dismissed as West Indies waste another golden opportunity off the final ball of the over. After hitting the ball straight back to Pollard the tall all-rounder got down to the ball but spilled the chance. Big let-off for England.


    Over 32 Miller 1-0-1-1-1-0

    138-5 - Strauss brings up his 15th ODI fifty (3x4s 0x6s) off 74 balls to a very muted reception inside the stadium. Three more singles follow as England keep the scoreboard ticking over... just.


    Over 31 Pollard 1-1-1-0wd-0-0-0wd-1

    134-5 - Well worked singles put the pressure on Pollard at the start of the over and he responds with a couple of very wide wides. Six off what was an eight-ball over, but England need to be more aggressive here.

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Match Details

22nd Mar 2009
Aleem Dar and C R Duncan


Batsman R
Strauss b Pollard 105
Bopara b Baker 14
Pietersen b Edwards 12
Shah lbw b Bravo 22
Collingwood b Bravo 1
Prior c Ramdin b Sammy 2
Mascarenhas run out 29
Broad c&b Miller 3
Batty run out 5
Harmison not out 18
Anderson b Pollard 8
Extras 12w, 1b, 11lb 24
Total All Out, 48.2 Overs 243
Full Batting Card


Bowler O M R W
Baker 6 0 31 1
Edwards 6 0 31 1
Bravo 9 0 40 2
Sammy 10 1 36 1
Miller 9 0 42 1
Pollard 7.2 0 46 2
Gayle 1 0 5 0
Full Bowling Card