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West Indies won by 8 wickets. (Revised target - Duckworth-Lewis system)

W Indies vs England


Last Updated: May 3, 2010 10:17pm


    West Indies Win By Eight Wickets (Duckworth/Lewis)

    The hosts advance through to the Super Eights, while England have to pot it out with Ireland in order to advance come Tuesday. Pity this clash was a truncated affair, for it was shaping up to be a cracker. But a win is a win and the men from the Caribbean can be well pleased that Mum Nature was on their side today. Cheers from us and spot you again for Tuesday's action.


    Over 5.5 Broad 1-2-1-4-1

    60-2 - Collingwood asks young Stu to cough up a brilliant final over, with fine-leg back on the fence and midwicket waiting for the aerial shot. Mid-off is inside the inner circle and Chanderpaul swats a single through cover. Fletcher is left to the strike, with Broad opting to come around the wicket to the left-hander, who runs hard for two clubbed down the ground. Stu then switches to back over the wicket, Fletcher heaving hard but missing completely, leaving Chanderpaul to offer a slap on the wrist to the young man. Fletcher makes up for his mistake by smacking four past short fine-leg and winning the match with a single slapped through cover.


    Over 5 Yardy 1-1-1-1-1-1

    52-2 - More spin as Yardy does his best to stave off the inevitable big hits with a string of darts, rather than floating 'em up. Fletcher and Chanderapaul skew a collective few to the gaps in the outfield and those'll do just fine as the a thrilling ultimate over awaits us all. West Indies need 8 runs from 6 balls to win.


    Over 4 Swann 2-6-W-1wd,W-0-1-2wd-1

    46-2 - Gayle uses his feet nicely to the spinner, dancing down the wicket to squeeze two through square-leg and following that up with a fat six high and hard over long-on to pretty much seal the deal for the Windies. Wicket! It's the bowler who has the last laugh though, with Gayle trying one big hit too many to hole out at midwicket. Pollard in now, keen to pick up where his six-savaging captain left off. Wicket! He can't manage as much though, with Kieswetter and Swann combining to snapple and stump the right-hander down the leg-side, which is a wide regardless of its success. Fletcher in now, fetching a fat dip over midwicket first ball up to no avail. Instead he misses, and endures a hopeful shout for lbw. West Indies need 14 runs from 12 balls to win.


    Over 3 Bresnan 0-0-1wd-1-1

    33-0 - Collingwood employs delay tactics, calling for a teamtalk in the middle of the pitch. Needless to say, he had all the time in the world to do this when the rain was falling. Bresnan is then left to complete his over broken by the rain, doing so with two valuable dot balls to Chanderpaul before spoiling things with a naughty leg-side wide. West Indies need 27 runs from 18 balls to win.


    Game On, Again

    Official word has it that the Windies are now in pursuit of 30 runs from 22 balls. That seems simple enough and England need a miracle here, which will be greatly aided by the very early wicket of Gayle. All and sundry back out in the middle and here we go, again...


    The Long And The Short Of It

    Play will start shortly, with the Windies asked to face seven overs in total, so 4.4 more. There is a calculation frenzy on the go, with some suggestion revealing Gayle and posse need to reach 60 for nought or 63 for one at the turn of the seventh over.


    Good News At 16:24 Local Time (20:24 GMT)

    The downpour has come to a sudden halt and, given the superb drainage system on offer at the Providence Stadium, the umpires will make a decision on the restart time soon.


    Sodden Scenes At 16:19 Local Time (20:19 GMT)

    It's bucketing down now and chance of further play are entirely bleak. Should there be no more action today, the Windies will advance to the Super Eights stage, while the English and Irish will be left to pot it out for a spot in the advanced stages of the tourney come Tuesday's clash, also in Guyana.


    Still Raining At 15:54 Local Time (19:54 GMT)

    Sad, but true. No sign of it relenting either.


    Rain Stops Play At 15:21 Local Time (19:21 GMT)

    As the covers are dragged on, Duckworth-Lewis deductions reveal that five overs into this innings will constitute a result, with the Windies needing to be 43 without loss or 46 for one at their five-over mark. Nothing more to say for now, other than all and sundry are holed up in the pavilion now as Mum Nature does here sodden thing out in the middle.


    Over 2.2 Bresnan 1wd-1-2

    30-0 - Rightly so, Sidebottom is yanked out of the attack as beefy Bresnan enters the bowling fray. And with that, the players head off the field as the heavens open...


    Over 2 Swann 1-1-1-2wd-0-0-6

    26-0 - As so many tournament counterparts have done before them, England open their bowling with a spinner alongside a seamer. While Gayle assumes the role of aggressor, Chanderpaul is more than happy to take up the anchor position as Swann makes up for Sidebottom's expense previously. Until, that is, Chanderpaul - out of the blue - whips out a reverse-sweep for six over deep point-cum-backward square-leg.


    Over 1 Sidebottom 0-0-4-4-1wd-0-6

    15-0 - Gayle is straight into the swing of things, smacking a fat edge over the solitary slip for four before following that up with an absolute scream through mid-off for four more. Southpaw seamer Sidebottom bites back with a couple of play'n'misses outside the off-stump, before Gayle has the final say - for this over, at least - with an utterly audacious crash over long-off for six. Cleanest strike of the tournament, possibly.


    Windies' Wallop

    Gayle, Chanderpaul, the umpires and the English XI head out to the middle under gloomy skies. Let's hope the weather holds, unlike the other Sri Lanka-Zimbabwe result earlier today.


    England End On 191 For Five

    Morgan's unorthodox strokeplay and Wright's fat sixes on the back of Kieswetter, Lumb and Pietersen's foundation at the top of the knock have carried England to a spectacular score on a slow track. The Windies were tonked to all corners and need a huge knock from captain Gayle if they are to pull off an unlikely win. Stick around for the chase, it should be a cracker...


    Over 20 Bravo 1-W-2-0-4-2

    191-5 - It's Bravo who cops the unenviable task of bowling the last six balls of the innings to a duo in full flourish. Wicket! Approaching from around the wicket to the right-hander, the seamer keeps Wright to a single to cover before geting rid of dangerman Morgan, who finally holes out on the cover fence. A whirlwind 95-run stand ends and in comes Bresnan to, perhaps, add the finishing touches to a big score alongside Wright. Lavish Luke keeps going, smearing four through Cow Corner to close the innings.


    Over 19 Benn 1b-1-2-4-1-1

    182-4 - Morgan continues to hurt the Windies with reverse-sweeps to the boundary aplenty, bringing up his half-century off 32 balls in the process, two fours and three sixes included. He then attempts a massive hit over midwicket, losing his grip on the bat and watching with a giggle as the willow flies through the on-side. Lucky nobody was in the way of that...


    Over 18 Rampaul 6-6-2nb-6-4-2-1

    172-4 - Gayle gets his change of bowling very wrong, opting for expensive Rampaul ahead of himself, Pollard or Benn. Wright duly tucks in, cranking six over midwicket and six more smeared over long-on. A single skewed off the no-ball leaves Morgan to the free-hit, with Morgan pinpointing the freebie high and hard over the plighted pace bowler's head for yet another six. Rampaul's length is an awful affair and deserves every bit of punishment it gets. The Shot of the Tournament follows, with dashing Morgan whipping out a reverse paddle-sweep with absolutely no footwork whatsoever for four over short third man-cum-short fine-leg. Sensational stuff, indeed. 27 runs off the over. Ouch, Windies, ouch.


    Over 17 Bravo 0-4-1lb-1-2-6

    145-4 - Bravo over-pitches and Morgan punishes four as straight as an arrow before a hack at the slower ball leaves the English duo to scramble a leg-bye and then some to bring up their half-century partnership. Keen to make the stand count, Morgan adds six to it with a massive heave over midwicket to close another fruitful over for Collingwood's crew.

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Match Details

3rd May 2010
A L Hill and R E Koertzen


Batsman R
Gayle c Yardy b Swann 25
Chanderpaul not out 15
Fletcher not out 12
Extras 8w 8
Total Close, 5.5 Overs 60 - 2
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Bowler O M R W
Sidebottom 1 0 15 0
Swann 2 0 24 2
Bresnan 1 0 7 0
Yardy 1 0 6 0
Broad 0.5 0 8 0
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