W Indies vs Australia


Last Updated: April 19, 2012 8:42pm


    Game Over

    That's it, we are not going to get any further play. The umpires draw the curtains on this clash, which ends in a stalemate. The third and final Test gets underway in Dominica on 23 April.


    Wet, Wet Wet

    It's 14:42 local time (18:42 GMT) now and the rain is falling at a heavier rate. Not great news at all, really.


    Rain Arrives

    20 minutes after play was stopped because of bad light, the thundershowers arrive. They should blow through soon enough, let's hope.


    Bad Light Stops Play

    The umpires gather and reckon enough is enough, for now. The light is too poor for play, they decide. Off go the players and so the wait begins at 14:10 local time (18:10 GMT). The covers are being brought on as a precaution too, in case the rain arrives.


    Over 11 Beer 0-4b-0-2b-0-0

    53-2 - Sammy swinging at everything but missing most. Wade, meanwhile, can't gather and lets threw a slew of byes.


    Over 10 Hilfenhaus 0-0-0-0-0-0

    47-2 - Bravo leaving as much as possible outside the off-stump, with Wade having to field a couple after two bounces as the seamer tries a slew of slower balls.


    Over 9 Beer 0-1-1-0-1-0

    47-2 - The spinner is back into the attack. The Aussies want to buy Sammy's wicket, maybe have him hole out on the fence or stumped. The big-hitting right-hander won't oblige, though, instead deploying ground shots and defence.


    Over 8 Hilfenhaus 0-0-4-4-6-0

    44-2 - The bounce gets a bit big on Sammy, but he is on top of it enough to muscle a pull shot through midwicket for four. Watson chases hard but can't beat the ball to the boundary. Then again, with the right-hander heaving four more across the leg-side. Hilfenhaus not appreciating this. He ain't done there either, folks, with a straight six carrying high and hard over long-off's head. Sammy hit through the line perfectly there.


    Over 7 Watson 4-0-0-0-1-1

    30-2 - Watson not afforded anything more than one slip and, as luck would have it, a loose drive from Bravo sees him edge four runs through the vacant second slip position.


    Over 6 Hilfenhaus 0-0-1-0-0-1

    24-2 - Bravo slow to get off the mark, but eventually doing so with a fluid drive. Hilfenhaus will want to peg his length back just a bit to the left-hander.


    Over 5 Watson 4-4-0-1-0-0

    22-2 - Sammy welcomes Watson's arrival, spanking four through midwicket and then lifting four more across the off-side.


    Over 4 Hilfenhaus 1-0-1-1-W-0

    13-2 - WICKET! Big Ben strikes again. Barath caught in the slips. The outswinger undid the batsman, who pretty much had to play at the ball. He does so halfheartedly, resulting in an edge. Clarke is at hand for a comfortable catch. Still no Brathwaite, Bravo in now.


    Over 3 Beer 2-0-0-0-0-0

    10-1 - Barath defensive and almost bobbles a catch to short-leg, then attacking but almost holes out to mid-on. The Windies can't afford to be wreckless.


    Over 2 Hilfenhaus 1-0-0-W-0-2

    8-1 - The seamer is afforded the second over as the umpires tell Clarke that the light is good enough, for now. WICKET! Immediate success for the right-armer, who gets rid of Powell lbw. That was plumb, but Powell chances his arm with a referral. REVIEW! The third umpire isn't buying it. It's out, for sure. A great line and length coupled with some seam movement trapped the batsman dead in his crease. Sammy in now, way up the order, and he is sure to wield the willow here. The Windies are keen to chase this total, that's pretty much a certainty. The light continues to hold.


    Over 1 Beer 0-0-0-1-4-0

    5-0 - Australia, as they did in the first innings, open their attack. This time it's more of a means to keep the light meters in the umpire's pocket than a genuine choice. Powell quickly tucks into a rank loosener to move off the mark with a fine four.


    West Indies' Second Innings

    All and sundry back out in the middle. Barath and Powell to open the batting, while we wait to see who takes first over for the visitors.


    Australia End On 160 For Eight

    Windies left a target of 215 on the back of a pretty sporting declaration from Aussie skipper Clarke. Provided the light holds and the rain stays away, we could be in for a great final passage of play to this second Test. Here's hoping the home pack look to chase the runs and don't just block out proceedings for the draw.


    Over 61.5 Shillingford 0-1-1-0-W

    160-8 - WICKET! Lyon looks to go large on the sweep, but only top edges to Sammy next to the wicketkeeper. With that Clarke declares.


    Over 61 Roach 0-0-0-1-0-1

    158-7 - Roach chasing an 11th scalp, but denied by Lyon's defiance. Meanwhile, 12th man Starc runs onto the field to ask the umpire a question or two. Probably related to the poor light and declaration. Australia, surely, won't be allowed to use their fast bowlers under the fading conditions overhead...


    Over 60 Shillingford 0-4-0-1-1-1

    156-7 - Wade keen to find the fence as much as possible now, while Lyon is looking to cash in on his promotion up the order.

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Match Details

15th - 19th Apr 2012
Australia won the toss and elected to bat.
Port of Spain
M Erasmus and I J Gould


Batsman R
Barath c Clarke b Hilfenhaus 5
Powell lbw b Hilfenhaus 4
Sammy not out 30
Bravo not out 8
Extras 6b 6
Total Close, 11.0 Overs 53 - 2
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australia BOWLING CARD

Bowler O M R W
Beer 4 1 10 0
Hilfenhaus 4 0 22 2
Watson 3 1 15 0
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