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South Africa win by 22 runs

Sri Lanka vs S Africa


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    SA win by 22 runs

    SA have won the 2nd T20 by 22 runs and have won the series 2-0 with one more T20 to be played. They got to 145 from their 20 overs, thanks to Duminy and Miller and then a disciplined bowling performance took them over the line.


    Over 20 SL 122/7 (Perera 22, Senanayake 1)

    A swing and a miss from Perera, good come back from Parnell after being expensive in his initial overs. A couple of runs for Perera, plays it over the in field, but manages to get only two for his efforts. Perera gets a couple down the ground as he hits it past the bowler. A single for Perera, but South Africa win by 22 runs.

  • Over 19 SL 118/7 (Perera 17, Senanayake 1)

    Morkel will bowl his last over and the second last over of the innings. Six, Kulasekara swings and hits a six with the wind over long on. It was a clean shot and the wind just carries it over the ropes. WICKET! Kulasekara caught behind, another wild swing from Kulasekara and just manages to get a thick outside edge on it. Senanayake walks in to bat. Perera gets the strikes and a boundary through the off side, good shot and gets some much needed runs. Morkel bowls an expensive over, but a good one under the circumstances, SL need 28 runs from 6 balls.


    Over 18 SL 106/6 (Perera 12, Kulasekara 5)

    Parnel brought back in to the attack, and a play and a miss from Kulasekara after Perera takes a single. Duminy has not bowled a single over today, wonder what that is about. A leg bye and then a single. And a single to end the over, Sri Lanka need 40 from 12 balls to keep the series alive.


    Over 17 SL 101/6 (Perera 10, Kulasekara 2)

    Tahir to bowl the 17th over. Perera gets a single to long on, SA won't mind Kulasekara being on strike. Another single, brings Perera back on strike. Perera goes through the off side, the sweeper keeps it down to a single. A single to end the over, SL need 45 from 18 balls.

  • Over 16 SL 97/6 (Perera 8, Kulasekara 0)

    Morkel comes back into the attack. WICKET! What a catch, Wiese on the circle takes a few steps back, jumps full stretch and holds on to a great catch to get rid of Sanga, Morkel gets the wicket. Kulasekara comes out to bat. Perera edges it past the keeper for four, lucky runs for Sri Lanka as the required rate is over 11 per over. A swing and a miss from Perera. After 16 overs, SL need 50 from 4 overs to win.

  • Over 15 SL 90/5 (Perera 1, Sangakkara 39)

    Wiese continues, Sanga works him away for a single. The run rate is over 10 and going towards 11 per over now. Another good ball from Wiese, just keeping things simple, cramping Sanga for space who only gets a single. WICKET! The pressure causes a wicket and AB does no drop those on the boundary. Mathews goes for one and Wiese gets his first international wicket. The explosive, Thisara Perera comes into the attack. Perera gets off the mark with a single through the covers. A single to end the over, good one from Wiese.

  • Over 14 SL 85/4 (Mathews 0, Sangakkara 36)

    The ball falls just short of Tahir who was running in from fine leg, the wind making it a difficult chance. Thirimanne gets a couple. Parnel just keeping it outside the off and Thirimanne misses. Then he gets a couple on the leg side. WICKET! Parnell bowls him! Thirimanne swings and misses and Parnell hits the off stump. Mathews is the new man in. Just four off the over and the wicket.


    Over 13 SL 81/3 (Thirimanne 14, Sangakkara 36)

    Sanga works it into the leg side and wants two, and makes it safely in the end thanks to a wide through. A single from the last ball making his 6 runs from the over, required rate over 9 runs per over now.


    Over 12 SL 75/3 (Thirimanne 12, Sangakkara 32)

    Wiese continues and Sanga hits it straight down the ground, past the bowler for four, hit like a rocket! A single to switch the strike. A good over for SL, 8 runs from it.


    Over 11 SL 67/3 (Thirimanne 9, Sangakkara 27)

    Sanga goes over the top as Tahir bowls a googly, but Sanga is safe as it lands well short of Davids. Another good over from Tahir, just four from it.


    Over 10 SL 63/3 (Thirimanne 7, Sangakkara 23)

    Wiese continues and Sanga works him away for a couple of runs. Thirimanne gets one on his pads and flicks it to fine leg for four. After 10 overs, SL 63 for 3.

  • Over 9 SL 51/3 (Thirimanne 2, Sangakkara 18)

    Tahir comes into the attack. WICKET! Kusal Perera goes, tries to reverse sweep Tahir and is caught in front of his stumps. Thirimanne walks out into the middle. A string of singles to end the over, a good one from Tahir.


    Over 8 SL 47/2 (K Perera 21, Sangakkara 16)

    The wind has picked up, as Wiese comes into the attack. Sanga defends the first and then takes a single. A good start from Wiese, just three from his over, pushing the required rate over 8 per over.


    Over 7 SL 44/2 (K Perera 20, Sangakkara 14)

    Perera pulls it to fine leg for a single. Just a couple of runs from the Tsotsobe over, he finishes his spell for the day, 4 overs, 2 wickets for 17 runs.


    Over 6 SL 42/2 (K Perera 19, Sangakkara 13)

    Sanga hits it square of the wicket and gets four, good shot, he hit it over the in field. Parnell gets the Sanga treatment again, Sanga edges it to third man for another boundary. Another boundary, three in a row, Sanga inside edges it to the boundary past the keeper, unlucky for Parnell. Good start by Sanga, SL 42 for 2 after 6.

  • Over 5 SL 30/2 (K Perera 19, Sangakkara 1)

    Tsotsobe continues, WICKET! Chandimal slashes at it and is caught behind and Tsotsobe strikes again as de Kock takes a good catch. Sangakkara comes out ot bat. and gets a single to bring Perera on strike. Perera top edges it and the ball lands between Parnell and Wiese. A good over for SA, the wicket and three runs from it, required rate over 7.5


    Over 4 SL 27/1 (K Perera 17, Chandimal 2)

    Perera swings and it goes for four straight down the ground. Morkel driven. Another boundary, Perera, drives it through extra cover for four. Morkel comes back strongly, just those two boundaries from the over. The required rate hovering around 7.4 runs per over.


    Over 3 SL 19/1 (K Perera 9, Chandimal 2)

    Chandimal just pushes the short ball into the leg side for a single. Perera chips it over the in field and the wind takes it away from Parnell, it was a chance. After 3 overs, SL 19 for 1.


    Over 2 SL 15/1 (K Perera 6, Chandimal 1)

    Chandimal walks out to bat. Morne Morkel comes into the attack and a wide too far outside off. A swing and a miss from Perera. Perera chips it over midwicket for four, and then takes a quick single, seven from the over in total, SL 15 for 1 after 2.

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Match Details

4th Aug 2013
South Africa won the toss and elected to bat.
Mahinda Rajapaksha International Cricket Stadium
R Martinesz, R S A Palliyaguruge
TV Umpire
Match Referee
A J Pycroft
Reserve Umpire
L E Hannibal

sri lanka BATTING CARD

Batsman R
M.D.K.J. Perera lbw Tahir 21
D.P.M.D. Jayawardene c de Kock b Tsotsobe 6
L.D. Chandimal c de Kock b Tsotsobe 2
K.C. Sangakkara c Wiese b Morkel 39
H.D.R.L. Thirimanne b Parnell 18
A.D. Mathews c de Villiers b Wiese 1
N.L.T.C. Perera Not out 22
K.M.D.N. Kulasekara c de Kock b Morkel 10
S.M.S.M. Senanayake Not out 1
Extras 2w, 1lb 3
Total 20.0 Overs 123 - 7
Full Batting Card


Bowler O M R W
L.L. Tsotsobe 4 0 17 2
M. Morkel 4 0 34 2
W.D. Parnell 4 0 25 1
D. Wiese 4 0 25 1
M.I. Tahir 4 0 21 1
Full Bowling Card