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South Africa win by 12 runs

Sri Lanka vs S Africa


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    It is often said that low scoring matches are the most exciting. This one was no exception, as both batting line-ups struggled on a slow deck. South Africa looked to have scored an under-par total of 115 but Sri Lanka paced their chase poorly. They left too much to do in the final overs and then started to lose wickets regularly. The pressure told on the new batsmen at the crease and South Africa ended up defending a very modest total. The visitors won by 12 runs and take a 1-0 lead in the three match series.


    Over 20 - SL 103/9 (Mendis 0, Sangakkara 59)

    Sangakkara sweeps the pace of Morkel over mid-wicket to get his team four runs closer to victory. A scoop then goes for another boundary. 13 needed off 3 deliveries. A dot ball means that if Morkel doesn't bowl any extra's, South Africa cannot lose. Another dot means that the Proteas will win this first T20 series. The number 1 T20 team in the world have been beaten.


    Over 19 - SL 95/9 (Mendis 0, Sangakkara 51)

    Parnell is back to bowl a potentially match defining over. After a couple dot balls, South Africa are favourites for the first time in this match. WICKET. Senanayake is caught behind by de Kock. WICKET. Malinga hits a full-toss straight to point and is comfortably caught. A double wicket maiden means that Morkel will have 21 runs to defend off the last over.


    Over 18 - SL 95/7 (Senanayake 0, Sangakkara 51)

    Morkel is back to try and defend the runs at the death. Perera has a reputation as a big hitter, but it is difficult for anybody to walk to the crease and smash it from ball one. Sri Lanka are digging themselves into a very tough position. WICKET. Perera mis-hits and is caught at mid-off. Some brilliance by Sangakkara ends the over as he scoops a boundary to bring up his 50.


    Over 17 - SL 90/6 (Perera 0, Sangakkara 46)

    Tahir is back for his last over. Sangakkara backs away and finds the vacant space over extra cover where he finds a much needed boundary. WICKET. de Villiers completes another good catch above his head on the long-off boundary. Thirimanne is on his way and may have thrown South Africa a life line.


    Over 16 - SL 83/5 (Thirimanne 4, Sangakkara 40)

    Duminy will complete his ration of four overs. The over is worked around for singles. Sri Lanka look to be setting a platform for their final charge to the target.


    Over 15 - SL 79/5 (Thirimanne 2, Sangakkara 38)

    Davids comes into the attack to bowl some part-time off-spin. If Sangakkara bats through, Sri Lanka will still win. He is definitely the key. Sangakkara lofts a drive straight down the ground and picks up a boundary that settles the crowd.


    Over 14 - SL 72/5 (Thirimanne 0, Sangakkara 33)

    Duminy's third over starts with a two as Sangakkara runs well between the wickets. WICKET. A very soft dismissal as Mathews bunts it straight back to Duminy who completes the caught and bowled. JP is having a great game with runs and now wickets. WICKET. Mendis sweeps his first ball to the man posted on the square-leg boundary. Tahir who took the catch celebrates and Duminy finds himself on a hat-trick.


    Over 13 - SL 69/3 (Mathews 4, Sangakkara 30)

    Wiese gets his first bowl in international cricket. A huge appeal for caught behind is turned down by the umpire. Sangakkara rubs salt into the wound by cutting the next delivery to the boundary. Wiese's first over costs 8 runs.


    Over 12 - SL 61/3 (Mathews 3, Sangakkara 24)

    Sangakkara hits Duminy over cover with the turn for a one-bounce four before pulling a short delivery to the boundary. The Sri Lankan left-hander looks to be in now which is not a good sign for South African fans.


    Over 11 - SL 52/3 (Mathews 3, Sangakkara 15)

    Sangakkara tries to hit Tahir over cover. Duminy drops a very tough chance, but that could have been the chance to win the game. Six comes off the over as Sri Lanka stutter towards the target.


    Over 10 - SL 46/3 (Mathews 1, Sangakkara 12)

    Duminy is brought into the attack to bowl some off-spin. WICKET. Dilshan attempts to clear the ropes but de Villiers takes a very good catch on the long-on boundary. Sri Lanka are digging themselves into a hole. The Proteas have a spring in their step as they feel thay are back in the match.


    Over 9 - SL 44/2 (Dilshan 9, Sangakkara 11)

    Tahir starts another over. The ball keeps low and nearly gets through Sangakkara. A well bowled over yields just 3 singles.


    Over 8 - SL 41/2 (Dilshan 7, Sangakkara 10)

    Sri Lanka take a quick single, and the direct hit results in an over-throw. The batsmen are finding the fielders, meaning that the scoring rate is being kept in check.


    Over 7 - SL 35/2 (Dilshan 5, Sangakkara 6)

    Tahir gats his first bowl in an international T20 match. He is a genuine wicket-taker who has all the variations up his sleeve. Sangakkara gets down on one knee and sweeps fine to collect four runs.


    Over 6 - SL 29/2 (Dilshan 4, Sangakkara 1)

    The Proteas have started the defence of their total very well. If they manage to remove Sangakkara and Dilshan cheaply, then it will be game on. Parnell comes into the attack. A good start for Parnell who will be looking to impress in his return to international cricket.


    Over 5 - SL 27/2 (Dilshan 3, Sangakkara 1)

    Tsotsobe is bowling with a lot more pace than he has done in the past 18 months. WICKET. The pace and bounce finds the edge. Chandimal is caught behind by de Kock. The form batsman in Sri Lanka now makes his way to the wicket.


    Over 4 - SL 24/1 (Dilshan 1, Chandimal 8)

    WICKET. Morkel gets the breakthrough. Perera attempts to go over the top but only manages to hit it straight up in the air. cover completes the catch. Morkel's poor control continues as he over-steps. The free hit is lifted over sqaure-leg for a boundary and gets Chandimal off the mark. Chandimal ends the over in style as he plays a lofted drive on the up for his second boundary. That stroke shows how true the pitch really is.


    Over 3 - SL 15/0 (Dilshan 1, Perera 11)

    Dishan is off the mark as he swats a short ball to the deep square-leg fielder. A quiet over results in Dishan attempting to play his signature scoop, but no contact is made.


    Over 2 - SL 13/0 (Dilshan 0, Perera 10)

    Morkel shares the new ball and will provide the batsmen with plenty of pace to work with. The ball is talking as Perera is consecutively beaten outside the off-stump. The good balls are surrounded by wides though which relieves any pressure. Perera recognises one and crashes it through cover to collect another boundary.

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Match Details

2nd Aug 2013
South Africa won the toss and elected to bat.
R. Premadasa Stadium
R Martinesz, Wimalasiri
TV Umpire
R S A Palliyaguruge
Match Referee
A J Pycroft
Reserve Umpire
T H Wijewardene

sri lanka BATTING CARD

Batsman R
M.D.K.J. Perera c Wiese b Morkel 11
T.M. Dilshan c de Villiers b Duminy 9
L.D. Chandimal c de Kock b Tsotsobe 8
K.C. Sangakkara Not out 59
A.D. Mathews c&b Duminy 4
B.M.A.J. Mendis c Tahir b Duminy 0
H.D.R.L. Thirimanne c de Villiers b Tahir 5
N.L.T.C. Perera c du Plessis b Morkel 0
S.M.S.M. Senanayake c de Kock b Parnell 0
S.L. Malinga c du Plessis b Parnell 0
Extras 1nb, 5w, 1lb 7
Total 20.0 Overs 103 - 9
Full Batting Card


Bowler O M R W
L.L. Tsotsobe 3 0 11 1
M. Morkel 4 0 28 2
W.D. Parnell 3 1 8 2
M.I. Tahir 4 0 22 1
J.P. Duminy 4 0 18 3
D. Wiese 1 0 8 0
H. Davids 1 0 7 0
Full Bowling Card