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Pakistan won by 23 runs.

Sri Lanka vs Pakistan


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    Pakistan Win By 23 Runs

    So the T20I series ends in a stalemate at one win apiece but provided a tasty foreshadow to the ODI affair. Afridi bags the Man of the Match award for his three-fold effort. The first man to play in 50 Twenty20 Internationals held the batting fort with a fine half-century before taking two key scalps with his leg-spin.


    Over 19.2 Arafat 2-W

    99-10 - WICKET! Mathews holes out at long-off, where Afridi fittingly takes a good catch to seal the deal.


    Over 19 Sami 1-W-1-0-1-1

    97-9 - WICKET! Senenayake's bid to paddle the ball through the leg-side fails. He too is beaten for pace, with a leading edge ballooning a simple catch to cover. Sami has his best figures in T20I cricket. Udana is the last man in. 26 from six needed.


    Over 18 Ajmal 1-W-

    93-8 - WICKET! Lokuarachchi didn't know what was happening. He couldn't pick the variation, and is beaten all ends up by one that ipes through his big, ineffective heave. Ansar had all the time in the world to whip the bails off for his first stumping in international cricket. Senenayake in now, and his lone purpose is to feed the strike to his captain.


    Over 17 Sami 1-W-0-5wd-W-0-0

    90-7 - This will be a do-or-die over for Sami, who might be prone to cracking under the pressure. WICKET! He doe't, though, instead forcing a thick edge from Thirimanne, whose pull is beaten by the pace and gifts a simple catch to the wicketkeeper. Perera in now. True to characteristic inconsistency, the fast bowler follows his breakthrough with five ugly wides spewed down the leg-side. WICKET! But then he hits back, clean bowling Perera with a leg-stump line that beats the left-hander for pace. That was really quick. Shades of, dare I suggest, Akhtar. Sri Lanka circling the drain. Lokuarachchi in now. 33 from 18 needed.


    Over 16 Ajmal 1-2-1-2-1-1

    84-5 - Sri Lanka doing their best to keep up with the asking rate, but soon enough they will need to exceed it if they don't want this one going down to the wire... 39 off 24 needed.


    Over 15 Tanvir 0-0-1-0-W-0

    76-5 - The left-arm seamer is back into the attack. A largely tight return over eventually takes its toll on Chandimal, whose attempt to manipulate the ball past short fine-leg results only in a missed shot, which in turn sees his stumps castled. It was the slower ball that outfoxed the batsman. Tanvir is delighted. Rightly so. Mathews in now. Sri Lanka still have the big-hitting Perera in the bank. Then again, Ajmal still has two overs in hand.


    Over 14 Afridi 0-0-1-0-0-0

    75-4 - Again Afridi is convinced of his lbw shout, but the angle was sliding down the left-hander's leg-side. His four-over complement is over. What a showing from the first man to reach 50 T20Is - a half-century and two key wickets to show for his milestone day.


    Over 13 Hafeez 4-1-1-0-4-1

    74-4 - The Pakistan captain takes matters - and the ball - into his own hands. Thirimanne looks to attack the spinner, slicing four the covers . The boundary rider did well to run around and get to the ball, but ultimately couldn't prevent the additional runs. The left-hander's next drive is a lot more straight, with the deep fielder unable to win the race to the ropes again. 11 runs off the over and thats a welcome injection for the hosts.


    Over 12 Afridi 1-6-W-0-0-1

    63-4 - Kapugedera hitting his straps here, this time around smacking six over long-on to feed Afridi some of his own medicine. WICKET! The Pakistan talisman has the last laugh, though, ending the right-hander's cameo by eaking through his defences with something of a wrong'un. The stumps are toppled. Thirimanne in now.


    Over 11 Ajmal 1-1-0-1-0-4

    55-3 - Enjoying decent timing but unable to complement with sound placement, the Sri Lankan duo find the boundary riders time and time again for mere singles. 50 up, and a fair whack to go. Pakistan on top, indeed. Every now and then, though, a shot such as Kapugedera's latest - a cheeky reverse-sweep for four - gives Sri Lanka renewed hope.


    Over 10 Afridi 0-0-0-2-0-3

    48-3 - Chandimal breathes a sigh of relief after avoiding a near run-out at the non-striker's end. Pakistan sense the gap here, and want to hammer home the turnaround. 10 overs to go, folks, and we are in for an intriguing fourth quarter...


    Over 9 Ajmal 0-0-0-1-1-0

    43-3 - Ajmal into the attack a lot earlier than Friday's series opener. There is a lot more urgency to Pakistan's approach this time around. Predictably, Kapugedera, who wouldn't have faced a bowler of such quality much, is beaten on a couple of occasions.


    Over 8 Afridi 0-0-1-0-W-2

    41-3 - The leg-spinner is into the attack, immediately appealing for lbw but that was sliding down the leg-side. Three such appeals, in fact, but not one of them stuck. All missing leg-stump. Obviously so. WICKET! The master that he is, Afridi completes his four-fold plan with a quick ball. It's straight, no turn, and fast. Dislhan cuts, too close to his body, and misses. The stumps are rattled. Great set-up, that. Dilshan outfoxed entirely. All the rejected appeals were probably just part of the master plan. Chandimal in now.


    Over 7 Sami 1-1wd-0-1lb-0-0-4

    384-2 - Right-arm seamer replaces left-armer. It's a mixed bag from Sami, whose leg-side wide make way for a probing off-side line. No slip in place, so anything off the edge - this one deliberate from Dilshan - travels for four.


    Over 6 Arafat 1-0-4-1wd-0-1-0

    31-2 - Arafat wants to cramp Dilshan for room, but is too short, and soon slapped to the square-leg fence for four. He then tries a slower delivery, which slips out the hand and amounts to a juicy full toss. Dilshan is somewhat taken by surprise by the veritable freebie, and ultimately can't punish it.


    Over 5 Tanvir 0-0-0-0-4-1

    24-2 - The pressure of an otherwise tight over is released by Kapugedera, who crashes four through the off-side. He has a lot to prove after getting a game ahead of the far superior Jayawardene.


    Over 4 Arafat 1wd-0-W-0-0-0-0

    19-2 - WICKET! Arafat ares his first international scalp in over a year. It's the big fish too as Sangakkara perishes. The left-hander's bid to force the issue through the off-side by dancing down the wicket and slashing wildly presented a simple catch to Malik at point. Kulasekara, promoted well up the order, at the crease now. Sri Lanka continue to experiment. They want to see if the use of a pinch-hitter is worth it. WICKET! It i't. Kulasekara swings'n'misses at a couple, ultimately holing out at cover for a duck. Kapugedera in now.


    Over 3 Tanvir 0-1-0-0-0-0

    18-0 - Approaching the right-handed Dilshan from over the wicket, the left-handed Tanvir troubles his target. Dilshan is beaten all ends up on a couple of occasions, eventually opting to leave the ball alone in Test match fashion.


    Over 2 Arafat 0-0-0-4-4-0

    17-0 - Arafat, rather than Sami, shares the new ball with Tanvir. Not a great start for him, though, with Dilshan quickly to latch onto a bit of width in spanking it through backward point for four. The same must be said about the next delivery, though this one carried to the fence through the air rather than along the ground.

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Match Details

3rd Jun 2012
R E J Martinesz and R S A Palliyaguruge

sri lanka BATTING CARD

Batsman R
Sangakkara c Malik b Arafat 8
Dilshan b Afridi 18
Kulasekara c Malik b Arafat 0
Kapugedera b Afridi 19
L.D. Chandimal b Tanvir 12
Thirimanne c Ansar b Sami 18
Mathews c Afridi b Arafat 11
Perera b Sami 0
Lokuarachchi st Ansar b Ajmal 0
Senanayake c Tanvir b Sami 1
Udana not out 1
Extras 9w, 2lb 11
Total All out, 19.2 Overs 99
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Bowler O M R W
Tanvir 4 0 15 1
Arafat 3.2 0 18 3
Sami 3 0 16 3
Afridi 4 0 17 2
Ajmal 4 0 20 1
Hafeez 1 0 11 0
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