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Sri Lanka won by 3 wickets.

Sri Lanka vs New Zealand


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    Sri Lanka win by three wickets.

    The hosts have announced themselves at the tri-series in Dambulla and they will be extremely tough to beat on their home turf. The bowlers did the job earlier in the day and a solid batting effort knocked of the runs comfortably enough despite the mad scramble at the end. Upul Tharanga (70) laid the platform for Sri Lanka and he was partnered up front by Kumar Sangakkara (48) before Thilan Samaraweera finished the job, again confirming his potential with an array of strokes in 36 unbeaten runs. Sri Lanka deserve credit for having a full go for the bonus point and they kept trying even as wickets began to fall. The brave move made the game far more entertaining and the home side were unfortunate to only take four points home. New Zealand to their credit kept fighting to the end and Kyle Mills deservedly took four wickets. Thanks for joining us today and we look forward to having you with us again when Sri Lanka take on India on Monday. Cheers for now.


    Over 41 Mills 1-1-1-0-4

    195-7 - The Sri Lankan pair will just canter to victory now. Three singles set it up before Samaraweera fitingly ends the game in style with a clean strike on the up with races passed the in-field to the cover fence. Sri Lanka win by three wickets with 9.1 overs remaining.


    Over 40 Southee 0-0-1-1-1-0

    188-7 - Hopkins has come up to the stumps to prevent any over enthusiastic footwork and it's put the pressure on Kapugedera who is tied down by the first two deliveries of the over. Samaraweera comes down the pitch for a chat between balls and it would appear the home side have conceded that the bonus point is out of range. Kapugedera has a whack at a short ball but it's just one to the leg-side fence and a couple more singles leave Samaraweera on strike with five needed from the the last ball of the over for the bonus point. The batsman is clearly not looking for the six and misses with a late cut anyway. Five runs needed to win.


    Over 39 Mills 1-1-W-0-4-1

    185-7 - It's pandemonium out in the middle, Herath chips the ball up just over the head of cover and scampers through for the single, getting out the big dive to fetch a single. Given the strike back Herath then does find the fielder with another chip which flies safely to Ross Taylor at short cover. Wicket! That's a well executed slower ball from Mills who picks up his fourth. The stickiness off the wicket has done for a number of Sri Lankan batsmen today. Kapugedera now gets his chance and starts well by cutting through the inner ring four four before turning to the leg-side for a one. Full on entertainment here and with an six balls left until the bonus point expires Sri Lanka need 8 runs.


    Over 38 Southee 2-2-1-6-W-1

    178-6 - Samaraweera is the key now and playing superbly. His placement is outstanding to pick up a couple of two from the first two Southee deliveries. A single then has Kulasekara on strike and from his second ball faced he launches into a full-blooded blow over long-on for six! Next delivery he swings hard again to a short delivery and is out! New Zealand have another wicket! The batsman swiped at a hook shot and found a fine edge through to keeper Hopkins. This pursuit of the bonus point has brought this game to life. Herath is the new batsman and he's off with a single pulled away to deep square leg. 15 runs required from 12 balls for the bonus point.


    Over 37 Mills W-wd-0-1-W-1-1

    166-5 - Wicket! Tharanga's well-played innings has come to an end with a lofted square drive going straight to Watling on the cover fence. It was a clean strike but not enough to clear the fence or the fielder the Sri Lankan opener is on his way for 70. Angelo Mathews has been sent in with a job to do with the bonus point very gettable. Samaraweera turns a single off his pads to give Mathews on strike and he's out! That's a first ball duck for the allrounder! He flicked tamely to the man at mid-wicket who has reached forward and taken a quality catch. Mathews stood around but after confirmation from the third umpire he has to go. Suddenly that bonus point looks unlikely and the home side may well consolidate and make certain of the win. Nuwam Kulasekara has been sent in next so Kapugedera will have to wait for his chance.


    Over 36 Southee 1-1-wd-wd-1-1-0-4

    162-3 - Samaraweera backs to the leg side and Southee follows him and the batsman flicks off his hips for a single. The intent from the Sri Lankans is clear, they are after the bonus point as Tharanga goes flat-batted down the ground and his heart was no doubt in his mouth for a moment but the mistimed dropped just wide of long-off. Sotuhee then goes short, but too short and wide is called. Tharanga has another go at a flat-batted shot down the ground but gets less bat on it this time and there is a quickly taken single into the on-side. Samaraweera shows his range of shots with a scoop with flies safely over the keeper for four. Ten from the over and Sri Lanka are on course for the bonus point, 31 needed from 24 for that.


    Over 35 Mills 4-0-0-4-1-0

    152-3 - Here we go, both sides are playing their cards simultaneously. The fresher ball has brought back the impressive Kyle Mills and Sri Lanka have called for the powerplay, potentially to have dash for the bonus point. With fielding restrictions in place the fine leg is up and Samaraweera helps himself to a flicked four over the in-field to the fine leg fence. This man is a quality batsman and he has had another pop at Mills going over the top with a cut shot to find the fence again. A single to the right hander moves him onto 16 as the over concedes nine runs. Sri Lanka need 41 runs from 30 balls for the bonus point.


    Over 34 Styris 0-0-1-0-1-0

    143-3 - Scotty Styris is into his eight over having conceded just 20 up until now. Tharanga is looking to stand outside of the line and work the ball into the off side and he pierces the inner ring with a cut shot but it is only one with a man sweeping the fence. Samaraweera finds that same fielder, the right-hander playing off the back foot into the leg side for one. Scotty Styris is finished, he's taking a slow stroll off the park to have a break. It's time for a ball change too.


    Over 33 McKay 1-1-1-1lb-1-0-0

    141-3 - The Sri Lankan batsman had a serious discussion during the drinks break and it might well have been about the bonus point; the home side need to knock off the runs inside of 40 overs for the extra log point. It's more likely that they'll settle for the four points because these are not easy conditions to bat in at this stage. Tharanga pushes away off the back foot for a single from ball one and the batting pair collect four from the over by way of singles. A quick comparison, New Zealand at this stage were 129 for seven.


    Over 32 Styris 0-1-

    137-3 - Samaraweera is particularly adept at moving his feet and shuffled down the track to Styris before flicking the ball through mid-wicket for a single. The ball has become unrecognisably dirty and umpire Taufel has called for a replacement meaning we have a short delay on our hands, it's drinks in fact. The umpires have made their pick and the action is back on with Tharanga hitting Styris powerfully down the ground for two. Another stroke much the same follows, but this time Tharanga has open the blade on contact and sliced the ball passed a diving point for two more as the Sri Lankan score continues to tick along merrily.


    Over 31 McKay 0-1-0-2-0-0

    132-3 - Andy McKay is re-introduced and one feels it's New Zealand's final little period to salvage this game as it continues to drift away from them. The left-hander is bowling around the wicket to Samaraweera who hits wide of mid on but the fielding is sharp and so it's only one. McKay switches to over the stumps to the left-handed Tharanga who cuts through the off-side for a couple.


    Over 30 Styris 0-0-1-0-0-0

    129-3 - Styris continues and gets the ball to stick and cut back into the right-handed Samaraweera and despite the loud appeal it's still travelling over the stumps and given not out. Samaraweera drives to long on for a single leaving Tharanga to consume the final four deliveries of the over, thwarted by some sharp fielding from Ross Taylor in the covers. Styris is proving to be particularly difficult to get away.


    Over 29 McCullum 0-1-1-1-1-0

    128-3 - Some needle is developing in the middle - Upul Tharanga and Nathan McCullum are enjoying their contest with Tharanga getting in a gentle shoulder on his way through for a single, competitive but all in good spirit. Samaraweera is able to get off the mark, using his feet effectively to push down the ground for a single to long off.


    Over 28 Styris 4-0-0-0-1-0

    124-3 - Thilan Samaraweera is the new man at the crease and he watches from the non-strikers end as Tharanga finds a touch of fortune to edge past slip and inside of point for four from the first ball. The left-hander is finding Styris a little tricky to deal with and misses on the cut before pushing for a single.


    Over 27 McCullum 0-1-0-1-W-0

    119-3 - It has become rather straightforward for the home side and both batsman are happily pushing the ball around for singles. Wicket! That said Jayawardene has gone and chipped one straight to Ross Taylor at short cover for the softest of dismissals and the man that has scored the most runs at this ground is out for five. Nathan McCullum has bowled well so far today and gets some reward for it. The low key Kiwi celebration at that wicket just proves how in control Sri Lanka are at this stage.


    Over 26 Styris 1-1-0-0-0-1

    116-2 - Upul Tharanga is soldiering on comfortably, and pushes one into the leg side. Jayawardene does the same turning to square leg for one of his own allowing Tharanga the opportunity to add one more to his total and move to fifty, the 17th time he has done so in ODI cricket.


    Over 25 McCullum 0-1-1-0-1-0

    113-2 - Sri Lanka work the singles off McCullum as they slowly come to terms with the offspinner. They only need three an over to win the game, but the required rate for securing a bonus point is now up to 5.3 runs per over. My colleague Doug Saxby will take you through to the close of play...


    Over 24 Styris 0-0-0-1-0-0

    110-2 - Styris switches to bowling round the wicket to Tharanga to change up the angle, and he continues to cause the left-hander problems. Tharanga just doesn't seem to know which way the ball is going to move off the pitch as Styris runs his fingers over the ball on release, and in the end he's content to squeeze one out to deep cover for a single.


    Over 23 McCullum 0-0-0-0-1-0

    109-2 - Edged! And put down by Styris at slip. It was a tough chance because it was such a thin edge that it only just made it past Hopkins' leg, and Styris could only get his right hand to it. So Tharanga survives, but Sri Lanka are facing a tricky little period here against the slower bowlers.

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Match Details

13th Aug 2010
H D P K Dharmasena and S J A Taufel

sri lanka BATTING CARD

Batsman R
Tharanga c Watling b Mills 70
Dilshan c&b Mills 5
Sangakkara c Guptill b Styris 48
Jayawardene c Taylor b McCullum 5
Samaraweera not out 36
Mathews c Taylor b Mills 0
Kulasekara c Hopkins b Southee 7
Herath c Taylor b Mills 2
Kapugedera not out 9
Extras 8w, 4b, 1lb 13
Total Close, 40.5 Overs 195 - 7
Full Batting Card

new zealand BOWLING CARD

Bowler O M R W
Mills 9.5 1 41 4
Tuffey 5 0 31 0
Southee 6 0 41 1
McKay 4 0 26 0
McCullum 7 0 23 1
Williamson 1 0 6 0
Styris 8 0 22 1
Full Bowling Card