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Sri Lanka won by 9 wickets.

Sri Lanka vs Kenya


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    Sri Lanka win by nine wickets

    Tharanga's flurry of boundaries finished off a nine-wicket victory for Sri Lanka in style. The contest was as one-sided as the result suggests as Kenya suffered their third straight thrashing. Sri Lanka paceman Malinga was the star, returning from a back injury to bag career-best figures of 6-38, including his second World Cup hat-trick. All six of his scalps were all his own work - either bowled or lbw - and followed on from Kemar Roach's hat-trick for West Indies the previous day. Next up for Sri Lanka is a mouthwatering clash with Australia on Saturday, I'm certainly looking forward to that one. Thanks for your company, join us again tomorrow for more commentary on England v Ireland from 0900h (GMT).


    Over 19 C Obuya 0-1-0-4

    146-1 - Tharanga lofts his 12th boundary over the off-side to finish 67 not out as Sri Lanka win by nine wickets after chasing down a target of 143 with 188 balls to spare.


    Over 18 Ngoche 1-4-2-4-4-4

    141-1 - The end is near - Tharanga goes to his 19th ODI half-century with a glut of boundaries, four from the over in total, all through the off-side. The left-hander's 50 took 54 balls and featured eight fours. He celebrates the landmark by promptly reeling off another three boundaries, Sri Lanka need two more to win.


    Over 17 C Obuya wd-4-1-0-1-0-1

    122-1 - C.Obuya, now very much a part-time leg-spinner, is into the attack for the first time. It all seems a far cry from his match-winning display with the ball eight years ago when these sides last met at a World Cup. He starts with a wide and then serves up a full toss that Sangakkara dispatches to the midwicket boundary with consumate ease. Tharanga doesn't spot the googly but leaves it alone safely enough and then gets the single we've all been waiting for - taking him past Dilshan and, surely, making my winnings safe in the top run scorer market.


    Over 16 Ngoche 0-0-4-0-0-0

    114-1 - Sri Lanka have decided to take the batting powerplay, therefore the fielding restrictions are back in place for overs 16-20. Kenya still have the bowling powerplay to take at some stage, although we are unlikely to get that far. Interesting that Kenya choose to bring on their spinner, Ngoche. Not much protection for him. Tharanga finds the boundary for the seventh time, opening the blade late to run the ball down to third-man. He is now level with Dilshan on 44...


    Over 15 Otieno 0-2-2wd-0-0-1-1

    110-1 - The interest will hopefully build as the group stage moves towards a conclusion - certainly Group B will be tight with one of the Test nations guaranteed to miss out. But unless Zimbabwe can do something special, Group A seems a bit of a pointless exercise - do we really need a month to separate the Test sides from Zimbabwe, Kenya and Canada?


    Over 14 Odhiambo 2-0-0-2-4-0

    104-1 - Sangakkara puts a full toss away to the boundary. What are your thoughts on the World Cup so far? Without England's matches - flirting with disaster against the Netherlands and flirting with glory against India - there has not been much to get excited about. Bangladesh v Ireland was a good game and hat-tricks from Roach and Malinga have enlivened uncompetitive games in the last two days but I can't help but feel the ICC's decision to reduce the number of teams from 14 to 10 for 2015 is a sound one. It is not fun watching the associate nations get outclassed.


    Over 13 Otieno 1-0-0-0-0-4

    96-1 - Sangakkara inside edges a full toss for a single and Otieno is distraught when Tharanga ends an otherwise decent over by edging over the slips for his sixth four. Sri Lanka require another 47 from 222 balls - the minnows have again been taken to school by the big boys I'm afraid to say.


    Over 12 Odhiambo 0-0-1-1-0-0

    91-1 - It is a shame to see the decline in Kenyan cricket since the heady days of their World Cup semi-final appearance in 2003. During the early part of the previous decade they could feel genuinely hard done by not to have Test status, they were miles better than Bangladesh and, in the one-day arena, were comfortably on a par with the likes of England and West Indies. They seem to have been in freefall ever since, problems with their board haven't helped but there don't seem to be many youngsters emerging either.


    Over 11 Otieno 1-4-0-1-1-1

    89-1 - Tharanga leans back and throws his hands into a big drive, the resulting edge flys over slip and away for four. Let's hope Tharanga sticks around long enough to overhaul Dilshan's 44 to reward those of us who have backed him before the start of the innings at 15/8 in Sky Bet's Most Sri Lanka Runs market.


    Over 10 Odhiambo 0-0-1-1-0-0

    81-1 - Odhiambo is generating some decent bounce and manages to stem the flow of runs somewhat. Tharanga doesn't look terribly comfortable against the rising ball, just a single apiece for him and Sangakkara.


    Over 9 Otieno 0-W-1-0-1-0nb-4

    79-1 - WICKET! Bowling change does the trick and denies Dilshan his 50. He tried to manufacture another of his favoured cuts but was cramped for room and only managed to get an outside edge through to wicketkeeper Ouma. Otieno celebrates by kissing the Kenya badge on his shirt, a bit strong given the match situation. Dilshan departs for 44 off 30 balls, including eight fours. Sangakkara is away first ball with a driven single and, later in the over after Otieno oversteps, lofts a free hit over mid-on for four.


    Over 8 Ngoche 0-1-1-0-4-1

    72-0 - There was talk before this match of some disharmony in the Kenyan camp between coach Eldine Baptiste and some of the senior players. This sort of drubbing is not going to help morale - at least they won't have to face Malinga again in this World Cup if Baptiste is looking for a positive to take. Ngoche drops short, allowing Dilshan to dispatch his eighth four behind point. A single allows him to retain the strike and close within a hit of his half-century.


    Over 7 Kamande 4-0-wd-4-wd-0-0-4

    65-0 - Spin at both ends as Kamande decides to bring himself on. Tharanga gets in on the act, twice rocking back to find the boundary on the off-side and then finishing the over - which also features a couple of wides - by clearing mid-on for yet another four, his fourth and Sri Lanka's 11th.


    Over 6 Ngoche 0-1-0-4-4-0

    51-0 - Left-arm spinner Ngoche come on but it makes little difference as Dilshan obviously has plans for this evening. He adds another pair of boundaries through the off-side, Kenya look utterly helpless.


    Over 5 Ongondo 0-1-2-0-4-4

    42-0 - Ongondo has produced a couple of decent nuts to Tharanga in his opening spell although he fails to interest umpire Hill with an lbw appeal against the left-hander. He has, however, been too short to Dilshan, allowing the right-hander easy pickings on both sides of the wicket. Dilshan adds two more boundaries through the off-side to finish the over. He has 30 off 19 balls.


    Over 4 Odhiambo 0-0-4-0-4-0

    31-0 - This will get even uglier for Kenya if they don't get Dilshan out quickly - he is trying, and sometimes succeeding, to smash every ball. Dilshan drives on the up through the covers for four and adds a second boundary to fine-leg when Odhiambo strays onto the pads.


    Over 3 Ongondo 0-3-0-2-3-4

    23-0 - Tharanga joins in the fun with three lofted over the covers - he didn't get it out of the middle but caught enough to clear the in-field. Dilshan threads cover and extra for two with a sliced square drive - it was in the air as it passed the first man. Ongondo then fails to grasp a tough return chance, one handed to his right, as Dilshan adds three more to the total. Tharanga completes a profitable over by cutting behind square for four in exquisite style.


    Over 2 Odhiambo 1-0-1-4-0-0

    11-0 - Odhiambo surprises Tharanga by getting one to seam back between the left-hander's bat and pad, almost bowls him. Dilshan hammers a short ball one bounce for four to square-leg, aggressive start from Sri Lanka's openers, they are looking to get after everything.

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Match Details

1st Mar 2011
Colombo RPS
A L Hill and S K Tarapore

sri lanka BATTING CARD

Batsman R
Tharanga not out 67
Dilshan c Ouma b Otieno 44
Sangakkara not out 27
Extras 1nb, 7w 8
Total Active, 18.4 Overs 146 - 1
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Bowler O M R W
Ongondo 3 0 28 0
Odhiambo 5 0 26 0
Obado 4 0 39 0
Kamande 1 0 14 0
Otieno 4 0 26 1
Obuya 1.4 0 13 0
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