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Sri Lanka won by 210 runs.

Sri Lanka vs Canada


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    SL won by 210 runs

    So it's a massive victory for Sri Lanka on day that's done the Associates no good in their bid to take part in the next World Cup. After Kenya were embarrassed by New Zealand earlier today, Canada chased a lot of leather and were then bowled out in 37 overs despite playing quite defensively throughout their innings. Only Cheema took the attack to the bowlers while everyone else prioritised survival. That's it from us for today, but do join us in tomorrow for Australia v Zimbabwe from Ahmedabad. Let's hope Zimbabwe can make it rather more entertaining than this was. See you then.


    Over 37 Mendis 1-wd-0-0-1-W

    122 all out - Some fairly smart batting from Baidwan, who gets back and across to wait and see which way the ball will turn. Mendis has to pitch the ball up, and so he sweeps away for a single. WICKET! But that's that. Osinde is bowled by Mendis to complete a crushing victory.


    Over 36 Muralitharan 1-1-0-0-2-0

    119-9 - It's a party in Hambantota. Although some fans have elected to beat the rush, the ones who are still around are jiving in the stands as the DJ belts out a few dance classics before the action gets back under way. Canada doing their best to prolong the evening for the large numbers who turned out for the first match in Sri Lanka.


    Over 35 Mendis 1-1-0-0-0-0

    115-9 - A couple of singles take us through to a drinks break. Fairly optimistic of the umpires to decide that it's necessary, because Sri Lanka must fancy that another over or two and this will be all over.


    Over 34 Muralitharan 0-W-1-0-1-0

    113-9 - WICKET! Two slips in place for Murali now, but it's deep backward square leg who's called into action as Balaji Rao sweeps straight down his throat. There's a bit of a wait as Henry Osinde, who injured himself in the field earlier, comes out to bat. He wasn't expected to bat and yet he's arrived without a runner. He gets a let-off when Murali puts down a reasonably easy return catch, which he might have got two hans to if he was expecting it better.


    Over 33 Mendis 0-4-1-2lb-0-0

    111-8 - Four runs for Balaji Rao, who takes an almighty swing and gets a thick edge that runs down to third man for a boundary.


    Over 32 Muralitharan 0-0-W-0-1-0

    104-8 - WICKET! Murali gets his revenge as Cheema goes for another big hit, gets a thick edge and is caught at backward point by Jayawardene. Cheema just seemed to get a bit carried away there and wasn't in control of his stroke at all, and the slog-ish nature meant his head was all over the place. The end must be close now.


    Over 31 Mendis 4-0-0-0-2-1lb

    102-7 - Glorious shot from Cheema, who shows great balance in lofting Mendis back over his head for four. Real calm demeanour and a good striker of the ball, so I'm not sure why Cheema bats so low down. He gets a couple more, this time for a lofted drive over cover.


    Over 30 Muralitharan 0-6-1nb-1-0-1-0

    95-7 - Oh boy! Muralitharan is getting owned by a little-known batsman from Canada. Cheema gives him the charge, gets to the pitch and swings the ball over wide long-on for another six. The next ball is a no-ball, giving Cheema a free hit, and he charges again but this time gets an inside edge to square leg for one. Baidwan decides he'll also have a go, and is fortunate to see a hoik dropped at deep midwicket as the fielder ran in from the boundary.


    Over 29 Mendis 0-0-0-0-0-0

    86-7 - Baidwan's been assigned the anchor role in this partnership, and sees out a maiden from Mendis. Interesting that Sri Lanka see their spinners as the best option for the powerplay.


    Over 28 Muralitharan 1-6-0-4-0-0

    86-7 - Well, Canada show a bit of awareness and take the batting powerplay, and Cheema duly takes Muralitharan on. First he stands nice and still to drive over mid-off for a lovely six, and although he was driving against the spin the length was perfect for the shot. Crucial in the execution was that he didn't try and hit it too hard. Then he suggests that he's coming down the wicket and Murali fires it in shorter, only for Cheema to step back and cut away for four. Well played indeed.


    Over 27 Kulasekara 1-W-0-0-1-0

    75-7 - WICKET! Not sure why the umpires take so long over this, and why the third umpire takes an age after being asked to take a look, because Chohan quite clearly gloved that and the ball quite clearly carried to Sangakkara. Eventually we have the decision and he's on his way, leaving Canada seven down. Harvir Baidwan is the new man in, and he gets off the mark with a clip to midwicket for one.


    Over 26 Perera 0-1-4-0-0-0

    73-6 - Cheema somehow survives a beauty, which beats the outside edge and bounces over middle stump. He bludgeons a single down the ground next ball to hand strike to new batsman Khurram Chohan, who plays a delightful chip down the ground for four. At the end of the over Cheema is down again battling an injury to his midriff, or perhaps hamstring, so we have another break in play.


    Over 25 Kulasekara 0-0-W-0-0-0

    68-6 - WICKET! Sangakkara's fine game continues with a good catch. It was a wonderful delivery from Kulasekara, hitting the seam and moving away from the left-handed Gordon to take the edge. Sangakkara was heading to his right but then had to change direction sharply to take the ball to his left with fingers pointed to the sky. Another one down as Sri Lanka look to wrap things up.


    Over 24 Perera 0-0-1-1-0-4

    68-5 - Another boundary for Cheema, who hoiks a low full toss over midwicket for four. He looks a good prospect it must be said - capable of picking up the ordinary deliveries and putting them away - but he's man down at the end of the over and needs some physio attention. Another hald up in a tediously slow game. Remember Canada took over four hours to bowl their overs earlier.


    Over 23 Kulasekara 4-1lb-0-0-1-1

    62-5 - Cheema's up and running now - he adds a second boundary to his name as he lofts a drive over mid-off - who was up in the circle - for four. A trio of singles make it a reasonable over for Canada.


    Over 22 Perera 0-0-W-2-0-0

    55-5 - WICKET! So drinks have been taken, with Sri Lanka getting through 21 overs in that first mini-session. Clearly no desire to stick around - they want to wrap this up one way or another. And Perera returns and makes sure that's likely to be through Canada being bowled out, as Bagai flashes at a wide one and is caught behind. That brings Tyson Gordon to the crease with a runner, and he's immediately off the mark with a wristy flick through midwicket for two. He took off for the runs himself before returning to his crease, but this runner business will only end in tears I suspect. There's a big shout for lbw next up, and Sri Lanka review the not out decision, but replays confirm it pitched outside the left-hander's leg stump.


    Over 21 Kulasekara 0-4-0-1-0-1

    53-4 - The pace of Kulasekara returns and Sri Lanka also take the bowling powerplay. Nicely timed by Cheema as he clips the ball through the leg side.


    Over 20 Samaraweera 0-1-0-1-1-0

    47-4 - Twenty overs gone now which means we have a match on our hands regardless of what bad weather may or may not arrive. It will be interesting to see if Sangakkara's tactics change now.


    Over 19 Dilshan 1-0-0-0-1-0

    44-4 - Rizwan Cheema is the new man, he gave England a bit of a scare in one of the warm-up games prior to the tournament. Not much he can do here though.

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Match Details

20th Feb 2011
I J Gould and S K Tarapore


Batsman R
Gunasekera c Dilshan b Kulasekara 1
Davison b Perera 0
Surkari lbw b Perera 6
Hansra st Sangakkara b Samaraweera 9
Bagai c Sangakkara b Perera 22
Cheema c Jayawardene b Muralitharan 37
Gordon c Sangakkara b Kulasekara 4
Chauhan c Sangakkara b Kulasekara 4
Baidwan not out 16
Balaji Rao c Tharanga b Muralitharan 6
Osinde b Mendis 4
Extras 1nb, 4w, 8lb 13
Total All out, 36.5 Overs 122
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sri lanka BOWLING CARD

Bowler O M R W
Kulasekara 6 2 16 3
Perera 7 0 24 3
Mendis 7.5 3 18 1
Muralitharan 9 0 38 2
Dilshan 5 0 14 0
Samaraweera 2 0 4 1
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