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Pakistan win by 23 runs

S Africa vs Pakistan


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    Man-of-the-match today is Anwar Ali - congratulations to him for a great performance on debut! Thanks for joining us for all the action at Newlands in Cape Town today - hopefully we'll see you for the second ODI of three in Port Elizabeth on Wednesday the 27th of November. Til then, take care! My name is Gareth Allison, and it's been my pleasure to provide you with coverage today. Bye for now.


    It was a game for the debutants, as both Bilawal and Anwar shone with the bat, giving their side an honest total to defend with 39 and 43 not-out respectively. South Africa throttled Pakistan for much of their innings, but the last ten overs were key - 76 runs coming from them.


    Wickets fell reguarly throughout the Proteas' innings, with the wickets of Jacques Kallis and AB de Villiers crucial in de-railing the hosts' assault. Kallis particularly looked completely comfortable at the crease after 20 months away from ODI cricket,.and his half-century seemed to be gluing the side together before the debutant Anwar bowled him via a bottom-edge. JP Duminy battled hard for his 49, but after that there were no contributions of merit from anyone else in the order - the next-best score was Morne Morkel's 17.


    Pakistan bowled extremely well to defend a modest 218, and it's their first win over the hosts in an ODI at this ground. Bilawal starred with 3 for 37, whilst Anwar Ali and Saeed Ajmal both claimed two apiece. South Africa were made to pay for some sub-standard bowling in the last ten overs of the Pakistani innings, as well as some decidedly weak moments in the field. Dropped catches, botched run-outs, over-throws - take your pick, they were all in there.

  • Over Over 49 Bilawal W-

    It's all over - OUT! Bilawal bowls Morne Morkel with the first delivery of the 49th, and Pakistan have won!Yorker on middle-stump, and Bhatti ends with three wickets to his name. Both he and Anwar Ali have made significant contributions towards this win, and Pakistan have gone 1-0 up in this Momentum ODI series here at Newlands. Valiant efforts from Philander, Steyn and Morkel in the tail to stave off defeat, but it was just 23 runs too far for them.

  • Over Over 48 Junaid 0-0-2-0-0-1

    Play-and-miss from Morkel as Junaid beats him with consecutive deliveries. He does make contact off the third ball though, swinging a poorly-directed ball leg-side for a couple of runs to stay on strike. Quick bowling from the Pakistani left-armer, and he beats Morne again, eventually conceding another single off the last ball. Great over from him, and that's really made it near-impossible now for South Africa to drag themselves home.

  • Over Over 47 Bilawal 0-1-0-4-0-W

    Some wild swipes and misses, but Morkel gets a single away before Dale steps out, clears the front leg and smokes one through cover for a blistering four to get the crowd up on their feet! He, too, goes for a wild swish and misses entirely, the short-pitched ball flashing past him. They say that he who lives by the sword will die by the sword, and that's what happens as he goes for another big swing to an inswinger pitched up,.and has his stumps shattered for his troubles! OUT, and his rear-guard action has come to an end. That was quick, 144kph, and now only Imran Tahir is left for South Africa to call on. 27 runs needed from 18 balls - Junaid would dearly love to finish this off now.


    South Africa's two opening bowlers are doing their darndest to get their side over the line. These last few overs are going to be quite fascinating indeed! Bilawal Bhatti is back for Pakistan.

  • Over Over 46 Ajmal 0-0-6-0-0-0

    Oh my! Steyn blocks two before swinging one high and handsome for six over cow-corner! That was really connected hard,. and the crowd are loving it in the stands. It was on a length, and he dropped a knee and just went for it. Ajmal decides to change it up, choosing an around-the-wicket approach to the right-hander instead.


    38 runs required from 30 balls, with one more over of Saeed Ajmal to come. He'll bowl now to Dale Steyn, with the shadows covering more than half of this Newlands pitch.

  • Over Over 45 Junaid 0-4-0-2-0-0

    Bosh! Morkel has another go, this time tonking Junaid straight down the ground, almost taking Steyn's head off as he stood at the non-striker's end. FOUR. He then backs away and flashes at one wide of off, and comes very close to feathering through to Akmal before steering one more impressively wide of third man for a few. More excitement ensues as Morne goes for an expansive drive and inside-edges past the woodwork, with Akmal doing well to stop the boundary that appeared to be on the way!

  • Over Over 44 Ajmal W-6-0-1-0-0

    Wicket - Duminy goes for a switch-hit-cum-reverse-sweep, which hits him and loops up for Umar Akmal to dive forward and grab just before the ball hits the grass. OUT - the umpire's given it, but did it hit the glove or the arm? Oh dear, the replays show the ball might have hit JP's arm and then shoulder rather than the glove, but he's gone for 49. You feel that South Africa's hopes for victory have gone with him. Morne Morkel walks in and instantly smacks Saeed Ajmal straight back over his head - SIX! The bowler gives him a long, hard glare, but it was struck cleanly indeed by the tall opening bowler. He gets a leading edge, with the ball popping safely into the cover area...far less impressive than his last effort.

  • Over Over 43 Junaid 0-0-0-1-1-0

    Sharp bouncer from Junaid to Steyn! The tall fast bowler has to jolt out of the way at the last minute, and he's got a huge grin on his face after that - Junaid, however, looks rather less amused. He sends down a fireball outside off, and gets Steyn playing and missing there too. Finally we have bat on ball as Dale thrashes one through extra, but the sweeper makes sure there won't be more than one run lost. Duminy steers to third-man, and Steyn finishes off the over with another play-and-miss to leave the hosts staring at 7 runs-per-over needed from here on out.

  • Over Over 42 Afridi 0-0-0-1-0-4

    Some quick leg-spinners coming in from Afridi, who goes up for a big LBW appeal against Dale Steyn early on - trouble is, that ball was high and looking to miss even the leg-stump as well. Optimistic at best. South Africa's fast man eventually gets a single away, but the scoring rate has dropped alarmingly. Duminy takes the law into his own hands, and drives a full one beautifully through the covers to leave the chasing fielder with no chance. That's a welcome FOUR to end with, and a couple more of those would certainly not go amiss if you're a Proteas fan.

  • Over Over 41 Junaid 1-0-2-1-0-0

    Steyn steps up and bunts one past point for two, and Misbah is not too pleased with the effort from the man running around the third-man boundary - the throw was a bit wild and helped the batsman get through for that second run with less pressure on them. Still, Junaid's over only costs Pakistan four runs, leaving Steyn and JP with plenty of work in front of them.


    We'll have Junaid Khan to resume his duties now that the powerplay is done with - he's only bowled four overs so far today, with the important wicket of Hashim Amla to his name.

  • Over Over 40 Ajmal 0-1-0-0-0-0

    Loud, insistent, pleading appeal from Saeed Ajmal for leg-before against Dale Steyn, but the umpire is having none of it. Ajmal looks flabbergasted, but replays show that the ball hit the pad after pitching outside the line of off-stump, meaning that the batsman cannot be given out. Again, as in the last over, only a single run is added from the bat of Duminy to leave South Africa seeking 62 runs from the last 60 balls of the match. Ajmal still has two overs in the bank, and those will be invaluable in not only preventing South Africa from reaching their target, but also in potentially bowling them out.

  • Over Over 39 Hafeez 0-0-0-1-0-0

    An appeal goes up as Duminy dances out to Hafeez to be struck on the pad, but he was too far down for there to be a positive verdict for the bowling side. Dale Steyn rather fancies himself with bat in hand, but he's going to have his work cut out for him with the wily spin of Professor Hafeez and Ajmal to deal with. Just a solitary run from that over off the bat of Duminy, and the pressure ramps up even more, with the required rate climbing to almost a run a ball now.

  • Over Over 38 Ajmal 1-0-1-W-0-0

    There's some turn first up for Philander facing Ajmal, but he works it away well for one. JP shepherds one to square-leg to move off-strike, but Philander gets a top edge pushing forward to one that loops up, and it flies to Sohaib Maqsood to take the catch! OUT! A great time for the master spinner to strike, and Philander puts his bat under his arm and stalks off, his total of 14 coming from 26 balls. He did well to stick around with Duminy, but South Africa's hopes have taken another considerable blow. The fiery Dale Steyn will come out to try his hand at helping JP steer their side home, but Pakistan are firmly in the driving seat.


    This should be interesting now - Saeed Ajmal back in the thick of things.

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Match Details

24th Nov 2013
Pakistan won the toss and elected to bat.
J D Johannes, C B Christopher
TV Umpire
B N J Bruce
Match Referee
B C Brian
Reserve Umpire
S Shaun


Batsman R
G.C. Smith s Akmal b Hafeez 12
H.M. Amla b Khan 3
Q. de Kock b Bhatti 19
J.H. Kallis b Ali 50
A.B. de Villiers b Afridi 10
J.P. Duminy c Akmal b Ajmal 49
D.A. Miller c Akmal b Ali 4
V.D. Philander c Maqsood b Ajmal 14
D.W. Steyn b Bhatti 15
M. Morkel b Bhatti 17
Extras 2w, 2
Total All Out, 48.1 Overs 195
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Bowler O M R W
J.M. Khan 8 0 38 1
A. Ali 6 0 24 2
M. Hafeez 10 0 34 1
B. Bhatti 7.1 0 37 3
S. Ajmal 10 0 28 2
S.S.M.K. Afridi 7 0 34 1
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