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Pakistan win by 6 runs

S Africa vs Pakistan


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    Pakistan win the 2nd T20

    Pakistan win the 2nd T20 by 6 runs and level the series 1-1. Pakistan posted 176 from their 20 overs, thanks to a partnership between Hafeez and Akmal. Akmal scored 64 to get his best T20 score. Afridi bowled well and took three wickets to swing the game in Pakistan's favour. He was supported well by Ajmal and Bhatti.


    Over 20 - SA 170/4 (Miller 22, Duminy 47)

    Sohail Tanvir to bowl the last over, Miller takes a single to start the over. Duminy takes a single to sweeper cover. Another single, Miller pushes it to deep midwicket. 14 runs needed from three balls. Duminy takes a single, 13 runs needed from 2 balls. Miller pushes it through cover for a couple of runs. Four from the last ball, but Pakistan win the 2nd T20 by 6 runs.


    Over 19 - SA 160/4 (Miller 14, Duminy 45)

    Junaid Khan starts the 19th over. Duminy starts the over with a boundary through extra cover. A single and then Khan bowls a wide ball. Miller hits a six over extra cover, great shot under pressure. Miller takes a single driving the ball through cover. Duminy flicks it to square leg for a couple of runs. Duminy drives it through extra cover for four, another good over for SA. 17 runs needed from the last over.


    Over 18 - SA 141/4 (Miller 7, Duminy 34)

    Ajmal starts his last over for the day. Duminy drives the first ball to extra cover, for a couple of runs. Six, Duminy hits it over square leg for a six, a couple of singles to follow. Four, Duminy hits it through long on for four. A single to end the over, 15 runs from the over. SA need 36 runs in 2 overs.


    Over 17 - SA 126/4 (Miller 6, Duminy 20)

    Miller gets a couple of runs to sweeper cover. Three singles, but SA really need a few big shots. Bhatti is bowling really well, just 19 runs from his 4 overs. SA need 51 runs from three overs.

  • Over 16 - SA 120/4 (Miller 2, Duminy 18)

    A couple of singles to start the over, this game drifting away from SA. WICKET! Ajmal gets the wicket, Amla gets out, Bhatti takes the catch at deep square leg. Amla goes for 48, SA in trouble now. Miller walks out to bat, SA need 60 from 27 balls. Five runs and the wicket from the over.


    Over 15 - SA 115/3 (Amla 47, Duminy 16)

    A couple of runs to start the over, good over from Bhatti. Bhatti bowls a no ball, a no ball for height. Five runs from the over, a good one under pressure.


    Over 14 - SA 110/3 (Amla 45, Duminy 14)

    Duminy hits Afridi for a six straight down the ground, a much needed boundary for the Proteas. A couple of singles, Duminy squeezes it to backward point for a brace. Duminy takes a single and then Amla gets a boundary from the last ball. Expensive over from Afridi, 15 runs from it. The required rate is around 11.5 now.


    Over 13 - SA 95/3 (Amla 40, Duminy 4)

    Ajmal comes back into the attack, he has 3 overs left. A couple of singles to start the over, Duminy gets a single to long off and then Amla gets a quick single to short third man. Six singles from the over, SA need 82 runs from 42 balls to win.

  • Over 12 - SA 89/3 (Amla 37, Duminy 1)

    Amla takes a single from the first ball, happy to give the strike to AB. WICKET! Afridi gets another one, AB is bowled by Afridi. AB goes for the cut shot and chops it on to the stumps. Third wicket goes down for SA. A couple of singles to end the over, the required rate is now 11 per over.


    Over 11 - SA 84/2 (Amla 34, de Villiers 12)

    Hafeez brings himself back into the attack, a couple of singles to end the over. AB then pushes it through third man for a welcome boundary. A couple of runs for AB through midwicket. A boundary to end the over, 12 runs coming from it.

  • Over 10 - SA 72/2 (Amla 33, de Villiers 1)

    Afridi continues, a couple of singles and then Faf pushes it through midwicket for a couple of runs. WICKET! Afridi strike again, Hafeez takes a good low catch, third umpire is asked to check if it carried. Faf drives it in the air towards midwicket and a good catch from Hafeez gives Pakistan their second wicket. AB walks out to bat. A couple of singles to end the over.


    Over 9 - SA 67/1 (Amla 31, du Plessis 3)

    Bhatti starts his second over, Faf takes a single from the first ball. Amla taps it to backward point for a single. Faf drives it square to sweeper cover for a single. Five singles from the over. SA need 11 runs to win from 11 overs.

  • Over 8 - SA 61/1 (Amla 29, du Plessis 1)

    WICKET! Afridi comes into the attack and gets a wicket straight away. WICKET! de Kock tries to sweep it but does not connect it properly and it flies to the man in the deep who takes a good catch. de Kock gone for 26, Faf walks out to bat. Three runs and the wicket from the over, Afridi breaks the opening stand for SA.


    Over 7 - SA 58/0 (Amla 28, de Kock 26)

    Bhatti brought into the attack, Khan replaced after just one over. A couple of runs to start the over, and then Bhatti bowls a wide. Amla punches it through cover for a single. de Kock takes a single to end the over, SA 58 for no loss after 7 overs.


    Over 6 - SA 53/0 (Amla 26, de Kock 25)

    Ajmal brought into the attack, a double change from Pakistan. Four singles from the over.


    Over 5 - SA 49/0 (Amla 24, de Kock 23)

    Junaid Khan brought into the attack, to break this partnership. Amla takes a single to start the over. Four, Khan is worked on the leg side for a boundary through square leg. de Kock goes for a wild swing and misses. Four, square of the wicket, the last ball makes it an expensive over. 10 runs from it, South Africa 49 for no loss after 5 overs.


    Over 4 - SA 39/0 (Amla 19, de Kock 18)

    Tanvir to continue and de Kock hits it through backward point for four. A single to de Kock and Tanvir gets a warning for running on the pitch. A wide down leg from Tanvir and then Amla flashes it hard and gets an outside edge to third man for four. Three singles to end the over, Amla and de Kock getting SA off to a good start.


    Over 3 - SA 26/0 (Amla 13, de Kock 12)

    Hafeez starts his second over, de Kock clips it off his pads for a couple of runs through midwicket. Four, de Kock drives it through long off for four. South Africa need a good partnership here to chase this score down. Three singles to end the over, a good start for the Proteas.


    Over 2 - SA 17/0 (Amla 12, de Kock 4)

    Sohail Tanvir starts from the other end. A couple of singles to start the over and then Amla drives it through cover for four. Another boudary, Amla upper cuts it for four to third man. A couple of runs to end the over, 12 runs from it.

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Match Details

22nd Nov 2013
Pakistan won the toss and elected to bat.
J D Johannes, S Shaun
TV Umpire
K H Karl
Match Referee
A J Andrew
Reserve Umpire
M W Murray


Batsman R
H.M. Amla c Bhatti b Ajmal 48
Q. de Kock c Jamshed b Afridi 26
F. du Plessis c Hafeez b Afridi 6
A.B. de Villiers b Afridi 13
J.P. Duminy Not out 47
D.A. Miller Not out 22
Extras 1nb, 3w, 4lb 8
Total 20.0 Overs 170 - 4
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Bowler O M R W
M. Hafeez 3 0 26 0
S. Tanvir 3 0 34 0
J.M. Khan 2 0 29 0
S. Ajmal 4 0 30 1
B. Bhatti 4 0 19 0
S.S.M.K. Afridi 4 0 28 3
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