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South Africa win by 4 wickets

S Africa vs Pakistan


Last Updated: November 30, 2013 3:04pm


    The end!

    South Africa win by four wickets. It was not an entirely convincing effort with the bat, but they avoid a whitewash and will feel slightly better going into a much tougher series against India. That starts on 1 December.


    Over 39

    De Villiers falls two runs short of his fifty, but he won't care as Parnell hits a four off Tanvir to secure the win by four wickets.


    Over 38

    Four singles of Rehman puts AB two runs shy of his fifty, while SA need five more runs to win.


    Over 37

    AB gets off strike against Bilwal with a single off his pads, before a leg bye is added. AB then pulls it for four to take the required runs into single figures.


    Over 36

    Ajmal keeps going and De Villiers crunches and four and then adds a single before WICKET! McLaren doesn't read the doosra and finds himself bowled. Parnell comes in for the final few overs.


    Over 35

    After the drinks break, Bilawal continues and four singles come off the over. This really has been a knock short on boundaries, the crown haven't had too much to cheer for lately. Only 21 required.


    Over 34

    McLaren is really a very good stroke player, isn't he? He drives beautifully for four off Ajmal, and then gets a single off the final ball. SA need 25 more runs.


    Over 33

    Bilawal is back. Four to AB, guiding a wider one past backward point. It's his first boundary, if you can believe that. He gets two more to the mid wicket boundary, and they could have had three but don;t run on the misfield. They laugh at the fielder though.


    Over 32

    Ajmal is back for a last-gasp attempt at triggering a collapse. Alas, for him, only two singles result. SA need just 36 off 18 overs.


    Over 31

    The required runs are under 40 now as McLaren and AB add three more singles off Tanvir. He has three overs to go as the game meanders towards a close (should things go as they should).


    Over 30

    Six runs off this Rehman over as McLaren shows his worth as an all-rounder. De Villiers said at the toss that he wanted the pressure of the chase, and he got more than he'd have liked.


    Over 29

    A leg bye off the first ball annoys Tanvir, and he only allows two more singles off the over. SA now need only 46 runs off 21 overs.


    Over 28

    Rehman keeps going and AB gets off strike first ball. McLaren then uses his wrists beautifully and drives through extra cover for four. He adds two more with a thick edge to third man.


    Over 27

    After doing well to add another boundary, Miller is OUT! He edges Tanvir to the keeper, shuffling down the wicket instead of staying steady. He's out for 24, and SA need 56 more. In comes Ryan McLaren, who is a good batsman.


    Over 26

    Great running by AB and Miller, two of the quicker guys in the side, as they run three to third man, before adding two more singles. They're showing that cool heads will get the job done, especially with such a small target.


    Over 25

    Miller cuts Ajmal off the back foot for four as the spinner drops it too short. otherise it's just one more to AB and four dot balls. Not much noise out there from the crowd, they're just chilling in the sun.


    Over 24

    Two runs off this Rehman over as the Proteas go slow but steady. They don't need to smash, so they're not.


    Over 23

    Ajmal is back as the Proteas move into triple figures. Three singles and a leg bye result, with a big appeal for caught behind, but the bat was miles away from the ball. Taking chances!


    Over 22

    Miller's looking to free his arms and get these runs, and hits uppishly for a single, before getting a four off the last ball. Six off the over as AB adds a single.


    Over 21

    Maqsood continues and the batsmen rotate the strike and accumulate the singles and twos, taking seven runs off the over without a boundary.

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Match Details

30th Nov 2013
South Africa won the toss and elected to bowl.
Supersport Park
C B Christopher, S Shaun
TV Umpire
B N J Bruce
Match Referee
B C Brian
Reserve Umpire
J D Johannes


Batsman R
Q. de Kock c Ajmal b Bhatti 15
H.M. Amla run out (Amin) 41
H. Davids s Akmal b Ajmal 7
J.P. Duminy c Akmal b Rehman 16
A.B. de Villiers Not out 48
D.A. Miller c Akmal b Tanvir 24
R. McLaren b Ajmal 17
W.D. Parnell Not out 7
Extras 2nb, 4lb 6
Total 38.4 Overs 181 - 6
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Bowler O M R W
S. Tanvir 7.4 0 42 1
A. Ali 2 0 15 0
B. Bhatti 8 1 35 1
S. Ajmal 10 1 34 2
A. Rehman 9 0 40 1
S. Maqsood 2 0 11 0
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