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South Africa win by an innings and 18 runs

S Africa vs Pakistan


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    Thanks for joining us for day three of the third Test - it's been a great series for South Africa and we can't wait for the return series come October. There's no doubt that Pakistan will be a tougher prospect in their adopted home of the United Arab Emirates. Til next time, goodbye for now.


    Man of the series...

    As chosen by the host broadcaster, Supersport, the man of the series is none other than AB de Villiers, the wicket-keeper/batsman for the Proteas.


    Presentation time in Centurion

    Mike Haysman presents Kyle Abbott with the man-of-the-match award, and deservedly so. 9/78 on debut, truly a dream performance. Those were the third-best figures by a South African bowler on debut.


    That's also a South African record of 15 unbeaten Tests for Smith's side, and they've swept both touring teams aside this summer for successive clean-sweeps. This particular series ends 3-0 in their favour, and their number 1 ranking is secure. Not a single home Test has made it through to the fifth day, and they've been ruthless in dispatching both New Zealand and Pakistan. Their next Test assignment? The self-same Pakistan side, but this time in their 'home' venues in the Emirates. That will be a tough one for the tourists, and you can expect Pakistan to put up much more of a fight in familiar conditions.


    Dogged resistance comes to an end, and the Proteas have won by an innings and 18 runs to give Graeme Smith his 50th Test win as captain - what an amazing statistic that is. A nice touch as he asks the debutant. Kyle Abbott, to lead the team off the field. Nine wickets on debut, and he's got to be a strong candidate for man-of-the-match. Interesting to note that Vernon Philander didn't get a wicket in this second innings - highly unusual for him these days!


    Over 78 Peterson 4-0-4b-0-0-W

    Robin Peterson is turned to, and is promptly hit for four by Rahat; that was short and turning away. Poor delivery. The batsman swings again, and HOW has that missed the stumps? It's missed everything in fact, and it's gone for four byes to the chagrin of the bowler and 'keeper. The next ball features another swat, and oh dear - was that a missed stumping? AB juggles the ball, and the replay shows that Rahat hadn't got his foot back behid the popping crease. More and more frustration for the fielding side; but now there's a huge LBW appeal as the batsman plays back and that's hit him in front. Peterson goes up, Billy Bowden smiles and nods, and he's gone! Almost as routine,. the batsman reviews it to see if it will save his skin...nope, it won't. It would have hit the stumps, it remains the on-field umpire's call, and that is that for this Test match! Rahat out LBW for 22, and the innings victory is South Africa's.


    Over 77 Steyn 1-0-1lb-0-0-0

    Steyn refuses to give up, storming in yet again to Irfan and the batsman manages to somehow awkwardly clout the ball behind square for a single. The next one spikes up and hits him on the chest - thank goodness for chest guards, that was a bit of a snorter, that delivery. Another wild swing, heading waaaayyy down leg and de Villiers takes it - the appeal goes up for caught-behind but the umpire isn't keen. Captain Smith wants to review it, and replays show it came off the shoulder and not the bat or gloves. South Africa very frustrated now, they just can't seem to get these last two men out. Dale tries one full and straight for the last ball of the over, but alas, it's kept out.


    Over 76 Abbott 0-0-0-0-0-1

    Kyle Abbott does indeed get another over to Irfan, who sticks his bat out to no avail; another swat doesn't make contact either. A cutter from Abbott, but Irfan can't make contact again. One goes down leg, and Irfan tries to move across his stumps to get out of the way, but it clips him on the back ankle. Appeal for LBW, but it's not out and dead ball is declared by the umpire. A single off the last ball down to third-man, and still the last wicket stands for Pakistan. They are 28 runs behind.


    Over 75 Steyn 4-0-0-4-0-0

    Nearly the final wicket falling off both the first two balls of the over; a swipe/pull from Rahat hits the edge and de Villiers gets a glove on it. It was very high though, and goes for four runs - close, but a good effort from AB. The next one loops up from the bat and drops just wide of Elgar at short-leg. It was in the air for a long time, and Rahat playing with fire. He goes for another wild swipe, and the edge takes it over a leaping Graeme Smith for yet another lucky four - he would have had to be standing on someone's else shoulders to take that catch. Finally, the wicket falls - Rahat backs away and it goes straight to Dean Elgar. Oxenford gives him out - but wait, they're reviewing it. It's pretty clear that the ball only hit the pad on the way to Elgar, and Steyn doesn't have his fifth. he will be absolutely livid after the events earlier in this over. To add to the drama, there's a spectator running on the field - hectic times! The last delivery is fired in as Rahat backs away once again and makes contact, but the ball doesn't go in the air to a fielder.


    Over 74 Abbott 1-0-0-1-2-0

    Abbott looking tired now; this may be his last over today.


    Over 73 Steyn 0-0-0-0-0-4

    Dale wants that fifth wicket, and he's steaming in to Rahat. A mixture of pushes and misses from the man from Multan. He backs away and manages to clout one over mid-on for a boundary - typical tail-end shot. Will Kyle Abbott get another chance to press for his tenth next over


    Over 72 Abbott 0-0-0-0-0-0

    Irfan on strike to Abbott, searching for his ten-for. One ends up stuck in his pad whilst defending, and he has another very wild swat at the next. A yorker now would be ideal for the bowler, as Irfan is struggling to make contact. No wicket, another maiden, and Mohammad Irfan remains at the crease.


    Over 71 Steyn 4-0-0-1-0-1

    Rahat pushes off the back foot and gets a straight one through the gap for four behind point; well well. Steyn is not happy with that at all, and hits him on the shoulder with a bouncer the next ball - ouch. Rahat Ali is all smiles, and has a flap at a VERY wide one next. The batsman manages to get the next one away for a single, smiling widely the entire time - he's enjoying it out there. Irfan does well to keep Steyn out, fending one down away from short-leg and trotting through for a single. He's off the mark, is the tall fast bowler.


    Over 70 Abbott 0-W-0-0-0-0

    Straight up in the air, and gone! Abbott bags another, and Adil tried to pull it. They're checking for the no-ball, but it's a legitimate delivery and Kleinveldt's catch gives Kyle his second of the innings and nine for the match. The innings defeat is still on. Last man Mohammad Irfan fends at one, before taking one of the hugest swipes seen in memory, connecting with fresh air. Four slips for him, and he gets a near-unplayable bouncer from Abbott. Pakistan 51 shy of making SA bat, and Irfan does not look like he's going to be there long.


    Over 69 Steyn 0-0-1-2-2-W

    Third-man gets into the action once more, fielding a slash from Adil who connected well. Steyn bowls one wide, and Sarfraz leans out to steer it past the two slips towards fine third-man...who dives well and stops it. Outstanding fielding by Dean Elgar out there, that looked to be a sure boundary. On the fine-leg fence, though, Kyle Abbott shows less urgency in fielding a clip from Sarraz and they scurry back for two. Short and wide from Dale again, and Sarfraz throws the bat at it. It sails high and handsome and it's caught! Out! Great catch from Dean Elgar right on the rope, he was going backwards and made sure that he stayed in play, pouching it with both hands. Well played, Sarfraz, and he's done well to enhance his batting reputation after repeated failures through this series. He's gone for 40.


    Over 68 Abbott 0-1-0-4-0-0

    Abbott driven well by Sarfraz to the sweeper on the boundary for one; solid shot. Adil seems to have settled at the crease, and drives sweetly to the cover boundary to add four more runs to his name - he's looking good! A shorter one is banged in, but Adil steers it calmly down for one to third-man. Pakistan now 197/7, only 56 runs behind South Africa now.


    Over 67 Steyn 1-0-0-0-0-4

    A single off the first ball by Safraz means the the debutant will have to face Steyn. There's a stoppage now as the bowler is having a problem with his foot; the boot is off, and out comes the physio to see what he can help with. Steyn's feet do look like they've taken quite a beating, as most fast bowler's feet do. Lots of sticking plaster on there already, and they're adding plenty more to one of the toes now as well. The boot finally goes back on, and Steyn is ready to go again. He fires another one in, but still doesn't look at ease, skipping a little after his delivery stride. The next is pacy and keeps low, almost sneaking through the batsman's defences. Close one, that, toe of the bat. Adil gets some width, and he manages to drive it square for four - too wide from the fast bowler.


    Over 66 Abbott 0-1-0-0-0-0

    Sarfraz slashes one past point to pick up a single at third-man. Abbott is still hungry for wickets and will be hoping to pick up some here at the end to swell his tally to ten for the match; strangely Vernon Philander has taken a single wicket in this innings...yet. Adil is keeping Kyle out well so far, also choosing to leave.


    Over 65 Steyn 0-0-W-0-2-0

    Swing and a miss! Length ball angling away, and Ajmal took a proper swish at it. Fuller one, and it slams into the pad - oh, that's out! Surely out, and Steyn turns and appeals. It's been given, Steve Davis didn't hesitate, and it did look to be pretty plumb. Ajmal is reviewing it, and the only question is whether Hotspot will show a little inside-edge. but there's no doubt. Gone, well bowled Steyn! Ajmal missed the drive completely. After a long review, he has to walk. Teenage debutant will come in to face the music, and he gets off the mark by clipping off his pads for two. Steyn has overtaken his bowling coach Allan Donald's tally of Test wickets with that LBW - tremendous effort by him. Only Makhaya Ntini and Shaun Pollock are above him now.


    Over 64 Abbott 0-0-0-0-0-1

    Kyle Abbott would like to add to his 8 wickets so far in the match, and here he comes to try and do just that. One angles down leg and Ajmal attempts a pull - they go up for the appeal! Did that hit his glove? AB dived to his left to catch it well; Smith decides not to review it. Hotspot shows the deflection came off the thigh pad, so it was a good decision by the New Zealand umpire. The batsman decides to tap one down, and its stopped by a rolling Elgar behind square. He gets a run by clipping one to leg, and will retain the strike.

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Match Details

22nd - 26th Feb 2013
South Africa won the toss and elected to bat.
Supersport Park
B F Bowden and S J Davis


Batsman R
Hafeez b Steyn 0
A. Ali run out 27
Khan c Smith b Steyn 11
Farhat c de Villiers b K.J. Abbott 43
M.K. Niazi c de Villiers b Kleinveldt 5
Shafiq c Philander b Kleinveldt 6
Ahmed c Elgar b Steyn 40
Ajmal lbw b Steyn 31
E. Adil c Kleinveldt b K.J. Abbott 12
R. Ali lbw b Peterson 22
Iqbal not out 6
Extras 2nb, 11w, 9b, 10lb 32
Total All Out, 78.0 Overs 235
Full Batting Card


Bowler O M R W
Steyn 23 5 80 4
Philander 15 4 32 0
K.J. Abbott 17 7 39 2
Kleinveldt 13 2 33 2
Peterson 10 2 32 1
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