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South Africa win by 125 runs

S Africa vs Pakistan


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    South Africa win by 125 runs

    South Africa were outstanding today with both bat and ball, and they're deserving victors. Smith and Amla set the early tone, but it was the 120-run stand between Ingram and de Villiers that set the platform for the hosts' innings of 315 for 4. Pakistan's chase started swiftly, but wickets fell at regular intervals. Five of their top six made starts, but none was able to see his team through. South Africa can also be pleased by their depth in the seam department - albeit against a batting line-up whose implosion was largely self-imposed. A third century for Ingram, and a career-best 4 for 22 for Kleinveldt were the stand-out performances, and South Africa will be pleased to go to Centurion with a 1-0 lead. We hope you've enjoyed our commentary today, and do join us again for the next match on March 15. Until then, goodbye!


    Over 36.2 - Pak 190 all out (Junaid 0)

    WICKET! There's the game. Afridi was aiming to smite absolutely everything, but he's departed to a fantastic catch by Behardien at deep midwicket. Kleinveldt tested him with the short one, and Afridi couldn't quite get it out of the middle. Behardien had some ground to make, coming forward, but plucked the ball out of the air inches from the turf to spark South Africa's celebrations.


    Over 36 - Pak 190/9 (Afridi 34, Junaid 0)

    My goodness me, this six from Afridi is absolutely massive. He'd turned down a single earlier in the over, and then seized upon this Tsotsobe slower ball and shellacked it clean out of the ground. Afridi then displays a surprisingly soft touch to get a single and keep the strike, Junaid wafting at the final delivery but managing not to edge it.


    Over 35 - Pak 179/9 (Afridi 23, Junaid 0)

    WICKETS! Afridi is swinging merrily, but at the other end wickets are tumbling. Afridi began this over by heaving Kleinveldt for a four to long leg and then a massive six - his 300th in ODIs - that knocked a man clean off his feet on the grass stands beyond midwicket. But then Gul popped the simplest of return catches back to the bowler, and Ajmal thrust his front pad out at the ball to be lbw straight away. Wrongly lbw, one might add, as the batsman got a massive inside edge on it. Why did he not review that??


    Over 34 - Pak 167/7 (Afridi 13, Gul 2)

    WICKET! Lonwabo Tsotsobe comes back with the Powerplay, and Pakistan sink even further. Tsotsobe made liberal use of the slow cutter in this over, and eventually Malik's patience wore thin. He had a full go at one looped down outside off, but the ball left him off the track and he slashed an easy catch straight to McLaren in the gully.


    Over 33 - Pak 161/6 (Malik 16, Afridi 12)

    De Villiers keeps Peterson in action, which is probably a good move with Afridi on strike and liable to do just about anything. The allrounder is soon on the attack in characteristic fashion, stepping out to thrash an inside-out drive over extra cover for six. As is always the case, if Afridi lasts a good 10 to 15 overs, Pakistan will win. The likelihood of that happening, however, is slim.


    Over 32 - Pak 150/6 (Malik 15, Afridi 2)

    WICKET! McLaren has his third! He's bowled with vim and vigour all afternoon, using the short ball to great effect. Indeed, it's the short one that does for Akmal, the ball getting big on him and rushing on before Akmal has the chance to extend his arms into a pull. The ball takes the splice, and loops down to Smith at fine leg. Enter Shahid 'Boom-Boom' Afridi, who is off the mark with a toe-ended drive through extra cover.


    Over 31 - Pak 148/5 (Malik 15, Akmal 2)

    Peterson's left-arm spin is far more effective, and he keeps the batsmen to just four singles despite the asking rate of close to 9. He operates round the wicket, as he usually does, and doesn't offer width or length for either batsman to work with. Perhaps de Villiers should give du Plessis a spell? The pitch seems to be taking spin.


    Over 30 - Pak 144/5 (Malik 13, Akmal 0)

    Interestingly, de Villiers calls upon Farhaan Behardien's unheralded medium-pacers. His bowling is as filthy as you'd expect, Malik late-cutting to the third man boundary and then powering a long-hop to deep midwicket. This will, I think, be a one-off experiment with Behardien's bowling.


    Over 29 - Pak 135/5 (Malik 4, Akmal 0)

    WICKET! Misbah's fightback comes to an end! McLaren had been short to him throughout the over, keeping him on the back foot, and was eventually rewarded with a strangle down the leg side. Misbah had set himself to hook a bouncer, but ball brushed glove on its way through to de Villiers, and with that the balance tips decisively in South Africa's favour. Drinks come out onto the field.


    Over 28 - Pak 133/4 (Misbah 38, Malik 3)

    Misbah now greets Peterson's return to action with a deft little sweep that pings out of the middle and rolls down to fine leg for four. Well manufactured by the Pakistan captain, who also collects a couple of singles as he and Malik begin to rotate the strike well. Pakistan need 183 from 22 overs, and if these two can bat the majority of those they've still got a decent chance. South Africa, though, won't feel unduly pressured at this stage.


    Over 27 - Pak 124/4 (Misbah 31, Malik 1)

    Misbah's riposte, after the wicket, is to launch Tsotsobe straight down the ground for a massive six. The bowler adjusts his line wider outside off stump, but goes a little too far and gives away another extra. In all, 10 runs come from the over to help Pakistan regain their footing after the loss of Younis.


    Over 26 - Pak 114/4 (Misbah 23, Malik 0)

    WICKET! Kyle Abbott has his first wicket in one-day internationals, and it's the big one of Younis Khan. Abbott had tempted him into a drive with a full, wide one, and Younis perhaps just tried to hit it too hard, really whipping his hands through the line. All he could do was edge it through to de Villiers, and with that South Africa take the upper hand.


    Over 25 - Pak 111/3 (Younis 29, Misbah 21)

    Looking to regain some control, de Villiers calls upon his most experienced seamer: Lonwabo Tsotsobe. His canny changes of pace make it hard for the batsmen to time their forcing strokes, but he's not quite as accurate as he could be, giving away two wides in the over. Still, with just five runs from it, it's a good one for South Africa.


    Over 24 - Pak 106/3 (Younis 28, Misbah 19)

    The runs flow for Pakistan in this over, and this time it's a team effort by both batsmen. Misbah kicks things off by muscling a pull out to deep square, and then finds a single to short fine leg to put Younis on strike. Younis, the more stylish of the two batsmen at the crease, ends the over with a flourish by slamming a drive through extra cover. This partnership is now worth 41, and has helped to stabilize Pakistan's chase.


    Over 23 - Pak 96/3 (Younis 23, Misbah 14)

    Misbah is playing some shots now! He played just like this in the Tests, ticking along very quietly, and then exploding into a big shot. He does so twice in this over from Peterson, pinging the deep midwicket boundary with two powerful strokes. Between times, however, he's unable to rotate the strike, so he's going to have to keep taking big risks to push the scoring along.


    Over 22 - Pak 88/3 (Younis 23, Misbah 6)

    Younis continues to take the aerial route, this time to McLaren. He heaves to midwicket, and then periscopes awkwardly at a bouncer to pick up two more through square leg. Will Misbah let Younis take all the risks? Pakistan need over eight an over now, and Younis can't do it on his own.


    Over 21 - Pak 82/3 (Younis 18, Misbah 5)

    With Misbah tuk-tuking along in first gear, Younis attempts to break the shackles with a shimmy and a swipe at Peterson. His shot goes high over mid on, but plugs in the outfield. Still, there's some urgency creeping into the batting now.


    Over 20 - Pak 77/3 (Younis 14, Misbah 4)

    Finally, the boundary drought is broken, but it's off the pad as McLaren strays down leg and Younis misses the glance. A glide down to third man then puts Misbah on strike, and some no-nonsense short bowling keeps him pinned to the crease. McLaren is as business-like as his haircut at the moment.


    Over 19 - Pak 72/3 (Younis 13, Misbah 4)

    A low, dipping full toss from Peterson is placed through cover for a couple by Misbah, and he follows that up with a single to long on. Younis' method involves playing the sweep, which he does to good effect to pick up a single into the deep.

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Match Details

10th Mar 2013
Pakistan won the toss and elected to bowl.
Chevrolet Park
J D Cloete and H D P K Dharmasena


Batsman R
Hafeez run out 25
Jamshed c Smith b Kleinveldt 25
Khan c de Villiers b K.J. Abbott 30
Shafiq c K.J. Abbott b McLaren 5
M.K. Niazi c de Villiers b McLaren 38
Malik c McLaren b Tsotsobe 19
Akmal c Smith b McLaren 2
Afridi c F. Behardien b Kleinveldt 34
Gul c&b Kleinveldt 2
Ajmal lbw b Kleinveldt 0
J.M. Khan not out 0
Extras 4w, 6lb 10
Total All Out, 36.2 Overs 190
Full Batting Card


Bowler O M R W
Tsotsobe 9 0 52 1
K.J. Abbott 6 0 35 1
Kleinveldt 5.2 2 22 4
Peterson 8 0 47 0
McLaren 7 0 19 3
F. Behardien 1 0 9 0
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