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South Africa win by an innings and 27 runs

S Africa vs New Zealand


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    End of Innings

    The result, after that crazy first morning, was always assured and South Africa have wrapped up victory by an innings and 27 runs. Philander was just about unplayable from the Wynberg End, taking 5 for 7, and after Petersen's ton - and fifties from Amla, Kallis and de Villiers - the game was safe for South Africa. It must be said, however, that New Zealand showed the mongrel in them with some fight the second time around. Captain Brendon McCullum battled to fifty, while Dean Brownlie's maiden Test hundred could hardly have come against a finer attack. We do hope you've enjoyed our coverage, and please join us again for the second Test at Port Elizabeth, which begins on January 11. Until then, goodbye!


    Over 102.1 - NZ 275 all out (Boult 2)

    WICKET! What a way to end the Test match! Martin is no stranger to the duck, but this time he's topped himself by getting run out for 0 without even facing a ball. Boult flicked to fine leg, but Martin didn't want the strike to Kallis and so called for a second. It wasn't on, he turned back but couldn't get there in time. It's all over, South African win by an innings and 27 runs.


    Over 102 - NZ 274/9 (Boult 1, Martin 0)

    WICKET! Steyn gets his man, Franklin is dismissed and this is almost over for New Zealand. It was another short one, it hit the glove and bobbled back to hit the stumps. Enter Chris Martin!


    Over 101 - NZ 269/8 (Franklin 18, Boult 0)

    Kallis has another go at Franklin, who guides a boundary down to third man but can't find the single to get on strike for the next over, so it'll be Steyn v Boult once again.


    Over 100 - NZ 265/8 (Franklin 14, Boult 0)

    WICKET! Patel backs away and is bowled! It was only a matter of time. Finally Steyn pitched one up, and leg stump was sent flick-flacking back. Boult picks up where Patel left off, walking right across to off for his first delivery, and backing away towards square leg at his second. Neither results in bat on ball.


    Over 99 - NZ 264/7 (Franklin 13, Patel 8)

    Well, Kallis has replaced Philander, so perhaps he is feeling a little niggle. Kallis dishes out more of the short stuff at Patel, but the Blackcap No. 9 survives.


    Over 98 - NZ 260/7 (Franklin 13, Patel 4)

    Franklin is taking some punishment from Steyn now! This is fearsome fast bowling. He's struck on the shoulder, ducking into a short one from round the wicket, and spends much of the rest of the over weaving for his life. The crowd roar their approval. Franklin has a slightly crazed look in his eyes after that over. I think he's enjoying this.


    Over 97 - NZ 260/7 (Franklin 13, Patel 4)

    Philander was well nigh unplayable when he pitched the ball up in the last over, but he insists upon whanging down bouncers at Franklin. There's a short, straight mid-off in place, but he's not needed. Worse still, Philander's walking a bit gingerly after his over. Let's hope he hasn't tweaked anything.


    Over 96 - NZ 257/7 (Franklin 10, Patel 4)

    One thing's for sure - Jeetan Patel has absolutely no intention of getting behind the line to Steyn. He's pinged by a red-hot bouncer and goes down first up, but opens his eyes wide and clings on to see out the over. The crowd love it, and both Steyn and Patel can manage a smile.


    Over 95 - NZ 256/7 (Franklin 9, Patel 4)

    WICKET! There goes another one. South Africa are closing in. Philander is jagging them around like legbreaks, and it was only a matter of time until Bracewell got one with his name on it. He shaped to play a full ball to leg, but the movement meant it found the edge and flew straight to Peterson at third slip. Patel's innings begins with a play-and-miss and a bunt down the ground for four. This won't last long.


    Over 94 - NZ 252/6 (Franklin 9, Bracewell 0)

    A maiden from Steyn, who keeps the ball full outside Franklin's off stump. The first ball of the over hits a crack and goes sideways, but Franklin manages to keep his composure. Newlands has found its voice now. They're baying for a wicket in the stands.


    Over 93 - NZ 252/6 (Franklin 9, Bracewell 0)

    WICKET! Philander strikes for the first time in this innings, and Watling's vigil comes to an end. Philander landed one on off stump and got it to shape away from Watling's defensive poke. A thick edge traveled straight into Graeme Smith's bucket-like hands, and South Africa are closer still to an innings victory.


    Over 92 - NZ 250/5 (Watling 41, Franklin 8)

    Finally some runs off the bat. After three maidens in a row, Watling seizes upon a full, leg-stump delivery from Steyn and works it neatly through midwicket for three. Watling is into the 40s now, and this budding stand is surely starting to grate the hosts.


    Over 91 - NZ 247/5 (Watling 38, Franklin 8)

    Franklin is dropped in the gully! Or is he? Did that carry? He hung the bat out outside off and a thick edge went low towards Alviro Peterson, who couldn't quite hold on. A very tough chance, just above the turf, but a drop all the same. A revived Philander then beats the inside edge of Franklin's bat, and just about shaves the off stump as the left-hander leaves a straight one alone to end the over!


    Over 90 - NZ 247/5 (Watling 38, Franklin 8)

    Steyn continues, bringing Watling forward and trying to tempt him outside off. Watling won't be tempted, however, and sees out a maiden.


    Over 89 - NZ 247/5 (Watling 38, Franklin 8)

    Ah, actually it's just a change of ends for Philander. He comes on from the Kelvin Grove End for the first time in this Test, and zings down a succession of bouncers at Franklin before floating one down the leg side. One can see what the plan was there, but the execution was a little lacking. He took 5 for 7 in the first dig just hitting a length, why is he bowling bouncers and attempting yorkers this time around?


    Over 88 - 247/5 (Watling 38, Franklin 8)

    Graeme Smith rings the changes, pulling a slightly listless Philander out and replacing him with Steyn. He operates with two slips and a gully in place, and snakes the ball devilishly in towards the left-handed Franklin. The batsman is playing across his pads a touch, but manages to get off strike and give the stage to Watling, who lets forth with a marvelous drive through the vacant mid-off. Great shot. High left elbow, checked barely past the forward defensive position, but it's out the middle and races away.


    Over 87 - NZ 242/5 (Watling 34, Franklin 7)

    Battling stuff from Watling. He's happy to leave Morkel alone outside off, and nudge softly into the leg side when he pitches it too straight. With a strike rate hovering around 25, this is stodgy stuff. His team won't mind, as it'll annoy the South Africans no end if they have to bat again.


    Over 86 - NZ 240/5 (Watling 32, Franklin 7)

    Neither Watling nor Franklin looks entirely convincing on the front foot to Philander, who's finding some deviation off the surface but nothing like that first morning.


    Over 85 - NZ 238/5 (Watling 31, Franklin 6)

    A much better over from Morne. He's got a right-left combination to deal with, but his lines are superb and he beats the edges of both bats. The crowd appears to have been restored by the interval. They'll surely find their voice if South Africa pick up another one.

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Match Details

2nd - 6th Jan 2013
New Zealand won the toss and elected to bat.
I J Gould and R J Tucker

new zealand BATTING CARD

Batsman R
Guptill c Amla b Steyn 0
McCullum lbw b Peterson 51
Williamson c Petersen b Kallis 15
Brownlie c Peterson b M Morkel 109
Flynn c de Villiers b Kallis 14
Watling c Smith b Philander 42
Franklin b Steyn 22
Bracewell c Petersen b Philander 0
Patel b Steyn 8
Boult not out 2
Extras 3w, 1b, 8lb 12
Total All Out, 102.1 Overs 275
Full Batting Card


Bowler O M R W
Steyn 30 6 67 3
Philander 24 8 76 2
M Morkel 21 6 50 1
Kallis 11.1 3 31 2
Peterson 16 6 42 1
Full Bowling Card