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South Africa win by 141 runs

S Africa vs India


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    SA win by 142 runs

    South Africa win the game by 142 runs and lead the series 1-0.

  • Over 41 Ind 217/10 (M Sharma 0)

    Steyn continues to Dhoni. Dhoni works him to deep fine leg but does not take a single. Bonus runs for India, Steyn bowls a steep bouncer, it is called a wide and it goes for four over the keeper's head. WICKET! Steyn gets the big wicket, Dhoni plays it on to his stumps, India lose their captain. Dhoni goes for a well played 65, India 217 for 9. A play and a miss from Shami. WICKET! India all out for 217 runs, SA win by 142 runs. Steyn takes three wickets in the end.


    Over 40 Ind 212/8 (Dhoni 65, M Sharma 0)

    McLaren continues, a couple of dots to Dhoni. A wide down leg from McLaren, he has been struggling with this today. Dhoni drives it through the cover for four, a single to end the over. India 212 for 8 with 10 overs remaining.


    Over 39 Ind 206/8 (Dhoni 60, M Sharma 0)

    The asking rate is over 13 per over. Steyn starts his 7th over. Dhoni does not take the single. Another good shot from Dhoni, but does not take the single. Dhoni pulls it to the midwicket boundary for four, Steyn pitches it slightly short and Dhoni gets a boundary. Dhoni runs it down to third man and takes the single, Mohit Sharma to face 1 ball.

  • Over 38 Ind 201/8 (Dhoni 55, M Sharma 0)

    Henry Davids on the field for Steyn, not an injury, just going off the field for a break. Kallis getting some magic spray on his fingers after the catch. McLaren continues, Dhoni drives it down the ground for a six, gets to his 50 in style. Dhoni throws his bat at it and it goes over the keeper for four, India bring up their 200. Dhoni edges it to third man but does not take the single. A quick single to end the over, Dhoni keeps strike.

  • Over 37 Ind 190/8 (Dhoni 44, M Sharma 0)

    Steyn brought back into the attack in the power play. WICKET! Kallis takes the catch and Bhuvi has to go. Steyn gets rewarded for some great bowling. India lose their 8th wicket. Mohit Sharma comes out to bat. A wicket maiden from Steyn.

  • Over 36 Ind 190/7 (Dhoni 44, B Kumar 0)

    The power play has been taken, India need 175 runs to win. Morkel is pulled over midwicket for a couple of runs, Tsotsobe keeps it down to two. Four, Dhoni pulls it just over the square leg boundary for a four, the fast, short ball being put away. Dhoni sends Bhuvi back, does not want the single. Dhoni blocks but does not take a single. Six from the over, India 190 for 7.

  • Over 35 Ind 184/7 (Dhoni 38, B Kumar 0)

    McLaren comes back into the attack, a play and a miss from Dhoni. A wide down the leg side from McLaren. Dhoni comes down the wicket and just runs it down to third man for a single. WICKET! Ashwin inside edges it and de Kock takes a catch, McLaren gets the wicket. Ashwin is disappointed, replays show it hit the pad not the bat, but he has to go. India 183 for 7. India sinking deeper now, Dhoni still batting as Bhuvi joins him. Another wide from McLaren, disappointing number of extras for SA.


    Over 34 Ind 181/6 (Dhoni 37, Ashwin 19)

    Morkel comes into the attack, he has 4 overs left. Good bowling from Morkel to Dhoni, surprising him with the extra bounce. Dhoni pushes it to point for a single. Just a single from the over.


    Over 33 Ind 180/6 (Dhoni 36, Ashwin 19)

    Ashwin pulls it for four to the square leg boundary, slapped away for a boundary. Ashwin lifts it over backward point for four, a poor ball from Tsotsobe and Ashwin makes the most of it. Eight from the over, India 180 for 6 after 33 overs.


    Over 32 Ind 172/6 (Dhoni 36, Ashwin 11)

    Kallis continues, Ashwin punches it through the midwicket region for four, McLaren chases it but fails to stop the four. Ashwin runs it down to deep square leg for a single, it is a short boundary so will only be a single. Dhoni pushes it to fine leg for a single. The asking rate is over 10 runs per over now. A wide down the leg side from Kallis. India 172 for 6 after 32 overs.


    Over 31 Ind 164/6 (Dhoni 35, Ashwin 5)

    Tsotsobe continues, Dhoni cuts it to the sweeper for a single. Tsotsobe strays down leg and Ashwin glances it for four down to fine leg. Ashwin pulls it over short midwicket for a single. Six runs from the over, India 164 for 6.

  • Over 30 Ind 158/6 (Dhoni 34, Ashwin 0)

    Kallis starts his 2nd over, Dhoni pushes it on the leg side for a single. Jadeja takes a single to bring Dhoni on strike. Dhoni edges it to third man for a single. A wide ball down leg from Kallis, the extras going up to 20 runs. The partnership is now 50 runs from 50 balls, very important partnership for India. WICKET! Kallis bowls Jadeja, India lose their 6th wicket. India sink deeper, needing 201 now from 121 balls.


    Over 29 Ind 154/5 (Dhoni 33, Jadeja 28)

    Tsotsobe continues, into his 7th over. Dhoni takes a quick single to bring Jadeja on strike. Good bowling from Tsotsobe, beating the outside edge of the bat. Jadeja just clears the man at mid on and gets another boundary to end the over. India 154 for 5 after 29 overs.


    Over 28 Ind 149/5 (Dhoni 32, Jadeja 24)

    Kallis comes into the attack for the first time today. Jadeja pushes for a single through the leg side. Dhoni goes for the second run, they appeal for a run out, and Dhoni takes another single because of over throws. The umpire gives it not out with out consulting the third umpire. Jadeja drives it through the covers for four, beating Miller on the boundary. A wide called as Kallis strays outside the off stump. Good over for India, nine runs from it.


    Over 27 Ind 140/5 (Dhoni 29, Jadeja 19)

    Tsotsobe starts another over, Dhoni comes down the wicket and pulls one through the midwicket region for four. The run rate more than 9 per over, Dhoni looking to change that. Jadeja hits straight and finds the long on boundary, good shot from him. India have to attack to stay alive in the game. Jadeja pushes it square of the wicket for single. India 140 for 5 after 27 overs.


    Over 26 Ind 126/5 (Dhoni 24, Jadeja 14)

    Dhoni pushes it through the leg side for a single to Steyn at deep square leg. Jadeja beats the man at mid off and finds the boundary. Another bouncer, a wide called by the umpire for height. A wide outside off from Parnell, he has been inconsistent today. A wide down leg from Parnell, South Africa giving 17 extras so far. Jadeja beats the man at mid on and gets another boundary to end the over, India 130 for 5 after 26 overs.


    Over 25 Ind 118/5 (Dhoni 23, Jadeja 6)

    Tsotsobe starts his 5th over, Dhoni takes a single on the leg side. Jadeja edges it to third man, through the slip region for a single. Dhoni takes a quick single and Jadeja is safe, Miller misses the stumps. India struggling on 118 for 5.


    Over 24 Ind 115/5 (Dhoni 21, Jadeja 5)

    A big wide from Parnell, Jadeja edges the next one past the slips for four. India 115 for 5 after 24 overs.

  • Over 23 Ind 109/5 (Dhoni 21, Jadeja 1)

    Dhoni takes a single on the leg side. A high bouncer from Tsotsobe, goes over the keeper's head for four, bonus runs for India. That should have been a wide but Tsotsobe gets away with it. Raina pulls and goes for the second run. This could but close, Steyn throws the ball, de Kock takes the bails off, replays show Raina is out. WICKET! Brilliance in the field again from South Africa, Steyn causing a run out. Jadeja is the new man in, gets off the mark with a single through to Steyn at midwicket. India 109 for 5 after 23 overs.

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Match Details

5th Dec 2013
India won the toss and elected to bowl.
New Wanderers Stadium
A T Adrian, R K Richard
TV Umpire
J D Johannes
Match Referee
A J Andrew
Reserve Umpire
S Shaun


Batsman R
R.G. Sharma run out (Miller) 18
S. Dhawan c de Kock b Morkel 12
V. Kohli c Kallis b McLaren 31
Y. Singh b McLaren 0
S.K. Raina run out (Steyn) 14
M.S. Dhoni b Steyn 65
R.A. Jadeja b Kallis 29
R. Ashwin c de Kock b McLaren 19
B. Kumar c Kallis b Steyn 0
M.M. Sharma Not out 0
M.S. Ahmed c&b Steyn 0
Extras 24w, 4b, 1lb 29
Total All Out, 41.0 Overs 217
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Bowler O M R W
D.W. Steyn 8 3 25 3
L.L. Tsotsobe 9 0 52 0
M. Morkel 8 1 29 1
R. McLaren 8 0 49 3
W.D. Parnell 5 0 37 0
J.H. Kallis 3 0 20 1
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