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Match Drawn

S Africa vs India


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    Match drawn

    The first test ends in a draw, but it was far from a boring affair. South Africa fall 8 runs short and India fall 3 wickets short of a victory. The series stays 0-0 after a hard fought battle at the Wanderers.


    Over 136 - SA 450/7 (Philander 25, Steyn 6)

    Shami will bowl the final over, India need 3 wickets, SA need 16 runs. First ball is a dot, Steyn leaves the ball outside off alone. Another ball outside off and Steyn leaves it alone. Steyn goes for a wild slog and misses, Dhoni misses it behind the stumps, a bye in the end, Philander on strike. A swing and a miss from Philander, two balls left in the test, a result unlikely now. A single and then Steyn hits the last ball for a six, what a finish to the game. It is a draw in the end, but a great fight from both teams. India fall 3 wickets short and SA fall 8 runs short of a victory.


    Over 135 - SA 442/7 (Philander 24, Steyn 0)

    2 overs to go, SA need 16 runs. Zaheer to Philander now, the field is spread out, Dhoni preventing the boundary. Three dots, tension building and Zaheer bowls another dot. A couple of easy singles on offer but Philander does not take them, SA may be looking to draw this test. A maiden from Zaheer, SA need 16 runs in one over


    Over 134 - SA 442/7 (Philander 24, Steyn 0)

    India need three wickets, SA need 16 runs, what a test this has been. Steyn is the new man in, Shami continues from the Golf Course End. A couple of dots and then Philander wants a single and Steyn does not, a bit of confusion. A maiden in the end, good over from Shami.

  • Over 133 - SA 442/7 (Philander 24, Steyn 0)

    It is bright and sunny at the Wanderers, 20 needed from 4 overs by SA to win an epic test match. Zaheer Khan continues, a play and a miss from Faf, the extra bounce beats him. Four through mid wicket, what a shot, he pulls it wide of mid-on for four. This could be a wicket. WICKET! What a turn, this test keeps on changing. Faf is gone, Rahane causes another run out, Faf's fighting innings are over on 134, great knock from him. Faf takes Rahane on and Rahane hits and Faf is short of his ground, great run out in a difficult situation.


    Over 132 - SA 438/6 (Philander 24, du Plessis 130)

    Philander picks up two runs from the first ball, plays it through mid wicket. Faf has batted over 50 overs today. Philander hits a four, strikes it well through deep mid wicket for four, Shami is expensive now. A single to Philander to bring Faf on strike. Faf calmly takes a single, Philander to play the last ball. 20 needed in 24 balls.


    Over 131 - SA 430/6 (Philander 17, du Plessis 129)

    Zaheer comes back into the attack for one last spell. A couple of singles, good fielding from Dhawan to keep it down to a single. Dhoni spreads the field out, just one slip in place. The Wanderers crowd is alive now, cheering and clapping. Three singles from the over, SA need 28 runs.


    Over 130 - SA 427/6 (Philander 15, du Plessis 128)

    Ishant continues, 38 needed from 42 balls. Three dots and then Philander punches it past point for four, good shot to keep SA in the game for the win. A single follows bringing Faf back on strike. A couple of runs to end the over, 7 runs from it.


    Over 129 - SA 420/6 (Philander 10, du Plessis 126)

    8 overs to go, 40 runs and 4 wickets needed for a result. Faf is playing patiently, leaves the first ball alone and then a single from the second ball. Philander takes a single from the second last ball and then a dot to end the over.


    Over 128 - SA 418/6 (Philander 9, du Plessis 125)

    Ishant starts another over, four dots that Faf blocks and defends and then he takes a single from the 5th ball. Just a single from the Ishant over.


    Over 127 - SA 417/6 (Philander 9, du Plessis 124)

    Philander pushes it to fine leg for a single. Another single to deep square leg, Philander back on strike. Philander hits it through backward point for four to end the over, 6 runs from the over.


    Over 126 - SA 411/6 (Philander 4, du Plessis 123)

    Philander takes a couple of runs to extra cover, Ishant continues at the end of the day. Philander takes a single to third man. SA need less than 50 to win. Four dots to end the over.

  • Over 125 - SA 408/6 (Philander 1, du Plessis 123)

    Shami continues, Duminy hits it straight down the ground for four. A couple of dots and then WICKET! Duminy is bowled, Shami strikes, Duminy drags it on to his stumps. Philander comes out to bat, thi game takes another turn. Philander gets off the mark with a single.

  • Over 124 - SA 403/5 (Duminy 1, du Plessis 123)

    WICKET! India finally gets a wicket, Ishant bowls AB, who tries to run it down to third man but chops it on to his stumps. Duminy comes out to bat. The crowd and dressing room applauds AB's effort. Great bowling from Ishant, he was hobbling after the last delivery but he comes back with a great ball to Duminy. Duminy gets a single to get off the mark, runs the ball down to fine leg.


    Over 123 - SA 402/4 (de Villiers 103, du Plessis 123)

    Shami brought in to the attack, at the end of the day. Faf hit on the right hand as he tries to defend the first ball. Faf takes a single from the third ball. A couple of runs from the over, India need wickets.


    Over 122 - SA 400/4 (de Villiers 102, du Plessis 122)

    MS Dhoni has a spirited conversation with his team during the drinks break. Ishant starts, three singles from the first three balls and then Faf hits a four to bring the 200 run stand. A single from the last ball, South Africa are attacking the target now.


    Over 121 - SA 392/4 (de Villiers 100, du Plessis 116)

    AB pushes it through cover for a single, he moves on to 99. Faf gets a single and then AB gets a single to get to his 100, great knock and a great partnership between these two. Indian victory looks far away. Three singles from the over.


    Over 120 - SA 389/4 (de Villiers 98, du Plessis 115)

    16 overs to go in the day and the test hands in the balance. Ishant comes into the attack, Dhoni still not turning to Shami. Two twos from the first two balls, the running between the wickets is fast with these two in the middle. It is certainly dark at the Wanderers now. A chance of a run out, Pujara hits the stumps but Faf is safe.


    Over 119 - SA 384/4 (de Villiers 93, du Plessis 115)

    A single to start the over from Zaheer, AB pushes it through sweeper cover for a single. A couple of runs to deep backward point to end the over.


    Over 118 - SA 380/4 (de Villiers 92, du Plessis 112)

    This is the highest 4th innings total against India. Faf tucks it away to backward square leg for a single. AB picks up two more down the ground. It has gone a bit overcast at the Wanderers, five from the over.

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Match Details

18th - 22nd Dec 2013
India won the toss and elected to bat.
New Wanderers Stadium
S J Davis, R J Tucker
TV Umpire
S George
Match Referee
A J Pycroft
Reserve Umpire
A T Holdstock


Batsman R
A.N. Petersen b Ahmed 76
G.C. Smith run out (Rahane) 44
H.M. Amla b Ahmed 4
F. du Plessis run out (Rahane) 134
J.H. Kallis lbw Khan 34
A.B. de Villiers b Sharma 103
J.P. Duminy b Ahmed 5
V.D. Philander Not out 25
D.W. Steyn Not out 6
Extras 2nb, 8w, 2b, 7lb 19
Total 136.0 Overs 450 - 7
Full Batting Card


Bowler O M R W
Z. Khan 34 1 135 1
I. Sharma 29 4 91 1
M.S. Ahmed 28 5 107 3
R. Ashwin 36 5 83 0
M. Vijay 1 0 3 0
M.S. Dhoni 2 0 4 0
V. Kohli 6 0 18 0
Full Bowling Card