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S Africa vs India


Last Updated: December 11, 2013 6:10pm


    Game called off

    After the rain delays, the game has been called off. South Africa win the series 2-0.

  • Rain delay

    It has started raining at Centurion, the second innings will be delayed.


    SA 301 for 8 after 50 overs

    SA end on 301 for 8 after 50 overs, centuries from de Villiers and de Kock. India will have to bat well to chase this competitive total down.

  • Over 50 SA 301/8 (Tsotsobe 1, Miller 56)

    WICKET! Parnell pulls it straight to Rohit at deep square leg. Shami picks up a wicket, Miller will be on strike. Philander is the new batsman, Miller pulls it for a six over deep square leg to get to his 50. Miller pushes it to Rohit on the boundary for a single. WICKET! Philander chops it on to his stumps, Shami gets the wicket. A single to Tsotsobe brings Miller on strike for the last ball. Miller gets two from the last ball, SA end on 301 for 8.


    Over 49 SA 291/6 (Parnell 9, Miller 47)

    Yadav to bowl the 49th over. A single to Parnell, a chance of a run out but Jadeja does not hit the stumps. Miller hits the low full toss for a six to long off. End of the 49th over, SA 291 for 6 after 49 overs.


    Over 48 SA 282/6 (Parnell 7, Miller 40)

    Miller takes a single from the third ball of the over. Parnell picks up the full toss and dispatches it through midwicket for four, Kohli fails to stop it but puts in a good effort. A single to Parnell. Miller gets a boundary to end the over, 11 runs from it.

  • Over 47 SA 271/6 (Parnell 1, Miller 35)

    Ishant starts his last over, WICKET! McLaren pulls it to deep square leg and Yadav takes a catch. Parnell comes out to bat. Ishant Sharma gets his 4th wicket. Miller pushes it to midwicket for no run. A single to Miller to third man, a single to Parnell. Good over from Ishant.


    Over 46 SA 269/5 (McLaren 6, Miller 34)

    Shami comes into the attack, Miller pulls it away for four to backward square leg. Miller takes a single, McLaren pushes it to deep square leg for a single. Miller flicks it off his pads for four, another boundary to fine leg. Miller takes a single, SA 269 for 5.


    Over 45 SA 257/5 (McLaren 4, Miller 24)

    McLaren chips it over Kohli at mid off for a couple of runs. A single to McLaren, and Miller takes a single to end the over. SA 257 for 5 after 45 overs.

  • Over 44 SA 253/5 (McLaren 1, Miller 23)

    AB pushes it to long on for a single to rotate strike, Yadav starts his 8th over. This partnership now worth 50 from 31 balls. The 250 comes up for South Africa, Miller takes a single to deep backward point. WICKET! AB comes down the wicket, trying to work the ball across the stumps, Yadav traps him on the pads, the umpire gives it out lbw, India get a wicket. McLaren takes a single to get off the mark.


    Over 43 SA 248/4 (de Villiers 108, Miller 20)

    AB pulls it over deep midwicket for a big six. Ashwin under attack, and under pressure, AB takes a single to long on. Miller comes down the wicket and hits Ashwin for a six straight down the ground. A single to Miller down the ground, AB on strike. AB gets a single to long on. Great over for SA, who are 248 for 4.


    Over 42 SA 233/4 (de Villiers 100, Miller 13)

    Yadav comes back into the attack, Miller edges it past the vacant slip region for four to third man. A single brings AB on strike. AB gets to his 100 with a push on the leg side, the captain leads from the front. AB gets his 16th hundred, 3rd against India. Another boundary, Miller edges it for four through to third man.


    Over 41 SA 223/4 (de Villiers 99, Miller 4)

    End of the powerplay, Ashwin comes back into the attack. AB gets a single to long on. AB reverse sweeps it for a single, the point fielder stops it. Miller drives it through cover for a single. AB hits a six to end the over, SA 223 for 4.


    Over 40 SA 213/4 (de Villiers 91, Miller 2)

    Ishant Sharma starts his 8th over, AB gets a single to long on. Miller pushes it to deep square leg for a single. AB drives it square of the wicket for four, six runs from the over with a ball to go. A couple of runs to end the over, AB chips the ball and it goes just over mid off.

  • Over 39 SA 204/4 (de Villiers 83, Miller 1)

    de Kock goes after putting SA in a commanding position, David Miller walks out to join the captain. Miller takes a quick single to mid off. AB takes a single on the leg side. AB drives it square of the wicket, and they get two, five runs from the over. SA 204 for 4 after 39 overs.

  • Over 38 SA 199/4 (de Villiers 79,)

    Dropped chances have really cost India and de Kock and de Villiers have put on 165 runs now. Ishant comes back into the attack, a good cover drive for four through deep extra cover. Six runs from the over with one ball to go. WICKET! de Kock bowled for 101. SA lose their 4th wicket for 199.


    Over 37 SA 193/3 (de Villiers 74, de Kock 100)

    Shami brought back into the attack in the power play. AB drives it to long on for a single to bring de Kock on strike, he is on 99. A quick single and de Kock gets a 100, third century in a row. He has played well in this series, becomes the batsmen to get the most amount of runs in a 3-match ODI series. AB makes room for himself and pushes it to mid off for no run. AB hits a six over midwicket, and then another six over cover, Shami goes for 12 runs in the last two balls. SA 193 for 3.

  • Over 36 SA 179/3 (de Villiers 61, de Kock 99)

    Ashwin comes back to bowl in the power play. AB drives it through the off side for a couple of runs. AB hits a six over deep square leg, slog sweeps it for a six. Nine runs from the over so far, de Kock gets a single and moves on to 99. AB takes a single. SA 179 for 3.


    Over 35 SA 168/3 (de Villiers 51, de Kock 98)

    Kohli continues, a quick single to short third man, AB on 49 and on strike. AB drives it through cover for a single and gets to his 50. He has steadied the ship today, de Kock takes another single. AB runs it down to long on for another single. de Kock drives it straight back to Kohli, who half stops it, no run in the end. Six, de Kock lifts it over the midwicket fence with ease.


    Over 34 SA 158/3 (de Villiers 49, de Kock 90)

    Raina continues, AB works him on to the leg side for a single. A couple of more singles, SA picking the singles easily. A couple of runs to end the over, SA 158 for 3 after 34 overs.

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Match Details

11th Dec 2013
South Africa won the toss and elected to bat.
Supersport Park
J D Johannes, R K Richard
TV Umpire
S Shaun
Match Referee
A J Andrew
Reserve Umpire
A T Adrian


Batsman R
H.M. Amla c Singh b Ahmed 13
Q. de Kock b Sharma 101
H. Davids c Raina b Sharma 1
J.P. Duminy c Raina b Sharma 0
A.B. de Villiers lbw Yadav 109
D.A. Miller Not out 56
R. McLaren c Yadav b Sharma 6
W.D. Parnell c Sharma b Ahmed 9
V.D. Philander b Ahmed 0
L.L. Tsotsobe Not out 1
Extras 3w, 2lb 5
Total 50.0 Overs 301 - 8
Full Batting Card


Bowler O M R W
I. Sharma 10 1 40 4
U.T. Yadav 9 0 57 1
M.S. Ahmed 10 0 69 3
R. Ashwin 9 0 63 0
R.A. Jadeja 6 0 32 0
S.K. Raina 3 0 16 0
V. Kohli 3 0 22 0
Full Bowling Card