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South Africa win by 10 wickets

S Africa vs India


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    SA win by 10 wickets

    SA win the Durban test by 10 wickets and win the series 1-0.


    Over 11.4 - SA 59/0 (Petersen 31, Smith 27)

    Rohit Sharma comes in to bowl. Smith hits it straight down the ground for a six, he is looking to finish this quickly. Smith ends it with a boundary, its all over. SA win the series 1-0. SA win the match by 10 wickets.


    Over 11 - SA 49/0 (Petersen 31, Smith 17)

    Petersen hits it in the air and through the gap at point for four, SA need 9 more to win. Just the boundary from the over.


    Over 10 - SA 45/0 (Petersen 27, Smith 17)

    Ishant Sharma starts the 10 over of the innings. Petersen drops it on the leg side for a single. Smith flicks it through midwicket for a single bringing Petersen back on strike. Petersen inside edges it past his stumps to the fine leg boundary, SA need 19 more to win. Petersen pulls it away to deep square leg for a single. Smith drives it for four, to the long on boundary. SA need 13 more to win.


    Over 9 - SA 34/0 (Petersen 21, Smith 12)

    Petersen pushes it to fine leg for a single. Smith is batting carelessly, looking to attack Jadeja, good over from Jadeja.


    Over 8 - SA 33/0 (Petersen 20, Smith 12)

    Dhoni turns to Ishant after tea, Khan has not been used yet. Smith backs away and hits it through the off side for four, attacking cover drive from him. Smith pushes it through slips and gully for a couple more runs.


    Over 7 - SA 26/0 (Petersen 20, Smith 6)

    Smith and Petersen walk out to bat after tea, Jadeja continues with 39 runs to win. Smith pushes it to point for a single. Petersen on strike and Dhoni has two slips and a silly point for him. Petersen hits it for a six, comes down the wicket and hits it over long off for six. SA 26 for no loss.


    Over 6 - SA 19/0 (Petersen 14, Smith 5)

    Ishant starts his 3rd over, Smith pushes the first ball to mid off for no run. Smith clips the ball to fine leg for a single. Petersen flicks it off his pads for two through the leg side. Ishant gets the outside edge, the ball flies past slips for four. The umpires call tea, SA need 39 runs to win.


    Over 5 - SA 12/0 (Petersen 8, Smith 4)

    Jadeja starts his first over, a few dots and Petersen hits it for four through point, good shot through the off side. Dhoni brings in another close in fielder.


    Over 4 - SA 8/0 (Petersen 4, Smith 4)

    Smith to face Ishant, a few dots, Smith plays it well. Then the last ball, Smith tries to hit it through point and misses, a maiden in the end.


    Over 3 - SA 8/0 (Petersen 4, Smith 4)

    A chance of a run out, but Smith is safe. Pujara hits the stumps as Smith is sent back by Petersen, both are safe in the end. Petersen pulls it away to the square leg boundary, SA need 50 more to win.


    Over 2 - SA 4/0 (Petersen 0, Smith 4)

    Smith to face Ishant from the other end, interesting start from Dhoni, going with Shami and Ishant instead of Zaheer. Smith pulls it away to the deep square leg boundary, good shot to get off the mark.


    Over 1 - SA 0/0 (Petersen 0, Smith 0)

    The target is 58 runs, Shami will start with the new ball for India. A maiden to start from Shami.

  • Over 86 - Ind 223/10 (Shami 1, Rahane 96)

    Steyn is the 2nd fastest to 350 wickets, Rahane inside edges the first ball for two runs, the throw was not great, making the second run possible. Rahane drives it straight down the ground for four, good boundary, he moves on to 90. Rahane runs it down to third man but does not take a single. Rahane hits it over deep point for six, flat six, he moves on to 96. Rahane pushes it to Amla at midwicket for no run. Last ball of the over, and Rahane is bowled. WICKET! Rahane is bowled from the last ball, a brilliant fight comes to an end, Rahane deserved a 100, but is out on 96.

  • Over 85 - Ind 211/9 (Shami 1, Rahane 84)

    WICKET! Steyn bowls it short Ishant edges it and AB takes a good catch, India 9 wickets down, Shami will come out to bat. Dale Steyn gets his 350th test wicket, good bowling from him. Shami pushes it to fine leg for a single, Rahane on strike. Rahane swings and misses, he is on 81 now. Rahane hits it over the in field for a couple of runs to deep midwicket. A wide call as Steyn bowls a short ball outside off, Rahane will be looking for a single to keep strike. Rahane gets the single and keeps strike.


    Over 84 - Ind 206/8 (I Sharma 1, Rahane 81)

    Ishant pushes it through point for a single, Rahane will be on strike to Philander. Rahane gets some width and hits it through cover for four. The lead is now 40 runs. Five runs from the over.

  • Over 83 - Ind 201/8 (I Sharma 0, Rahane 77)

    After drinks, Steyn runs in with the new ball. Rahane plays out the over, and then pulls the last ball for four through mid wicket, good shot to end the over. India reach 200.


    Over 82 - Ind 197/8 (I Sharma 0, Rahane 73)

    The single was prevent from the last over, so Ishant will face Philander, the new ball has not been taken. Smith has a chat to AB, may be about to ball. Ishant blocks and blocks and then edges one that falls short of Smith at first slip. Good over from Philander, a maiden in the end.


    Over 81 - Ind 197/8 (I Sharma 0, Rahane 73)

    The new ball is due, but Smith wants to continue with the old one for a while. Steyn runs in, Rahane pushes it to deep point but does not take the single. Rahane runs it down to third man but does not run again. Smith has a chat with Steyn, Rahane walks across his stumps but defends it to gully. India 197 for 8.


    Over 80 - Ind 197/8 (I Sharma 0, Rahane 73)

    Peterson to Rahane, who blocks a few and then comes down the wicket and hits it over long on for a six, good shot against spin, he moves on to 72. Rahane paddle sweeps it for a single to keep the strike.

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Match Details

26th - 30th Dec 2013
India won the toss and elected to bat.
R J Tucker, S J Davis
TV Umpire
A T Holdstock
Match Referee
A J Pycroft
Reserve Umpire
S George


Batsman R
A.N. Petersen Not out 31
G.C. Smith Not out 27
Extras 1w 1
Total 11.4 Overs 59 - 0
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Bowler O M R W
M.S. Ahmed 2 1 4 0
I. Sharma 5 1 29 0
R.A. Jadeja 4 0 16 0
I. Sharma 5 1 29 0
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