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South Africa won by 33 runs. (Revised target - Duckworth-Lewis system)

S Africa vs India


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    SA won by 34 runs

    So a comfortable win in the end but for a little while it wasn't comfortable at all. Yusuf Pathan's magnificent hundred kept India well and truly in the match and exposed South Africa's tendency to switch off when they think they have the match won. They pulled through in the end to take the series 3-2, as a wonderfully well-balanced summer of cricket draws to a close in South Africa. The Test series ended 1-1, and the one-day series has bounced around before falling on the side of the hosts. We hope you've enjoyed it as much as we have. Of course there are still one-dayers to follow Down Under and in New Zealand, and then focus shifts to the World Cup. We'll be here on Wednesday to take you through the fourth ODI between Australia and England, so do join us then.


    Over 41 Tsotsobe 0-W

    234 all out - WICKET! All over. Zaheer decides to have a dip, but Morkel runs back at mid-off to take the catch. That makes Tsotsobe the leading wicket-taker in the series with one more than Morkel.


    Over 40 Peterson 1-0-0-1-0-0

    234-9 - Peterson back on now, and Munaf sweeps away for a single with one hand before Zaheer knocks it into the off side for one. Munaf is so nearly bowled by the final delivery as he gets an inside edge that almost goes onto his stumps. These two will have to start having a go in a moment, because they need close to a run a ball now.


    Over 39 Steyn 0-0-0-1-0-0

    232-9 - Munaf is backing away from Steyn here, but gets bat on the straight ones and eventually manages to angle one to third man for a single. That's the only run in the over so there's a bit more pressure on the batsmen now. 36 runs required from 42 deliveries.


    Over 38 Tsotsobe 1-1-1-0-4-0

    231-9 - Tsotsobe returns, eager to avenge his mauling at the hands of Pathan, but is milked for singles and then pummeled wide of mid-on for four by Zaheer. Botha and Amla collide as they slide in to try and prevent the boundary, but are both okay. 37 needed from 48 balls.


    Over 37 Steyn 0-4-0-0-0-0

    224-9 - Steyn offers some width, Zaheer frees his arms and a sliced shot flies over backward point for four. No runs from the rest of the over but India battle on. They need 44 from 54 deliveries, so some sensible batting could keep things interesting despite Pathan's departure.


    Over 36 Morkel 1-W-0-0-0-1

    220-9 - WICKET! Morkel's done it. Pathan goes for one big shot too many, slashes the ball high in the air and is caught by du Plessis at extra cover. He gets a standing ovation from the Centurion crowd as he makes his way off having given the Proteas a real scare. That, surely, is that, although Zaheer appears to have reverted to type as he starts to throw the bat around.


    Over 35 Tsotsobe 1-6-0-4-6-4

    218-8 - Zaheer has been really sensible so far, having quelled his natural instinct to attack, and he dabs a single off the first ball to give Pathan the strike. And that works because Pathan nonchalantly lifts the ball over wide long-on for six! Easy as you like. And that's his hundred, coming off just 68 balls! He walked across to the off side to angle the ball past short fine leg for four, then went to three figures by pulling over square leg for six. This is some innings, and he completes the over by slashing at a low full toss to edge it past short third man for four. 21 from the over!


    Batting Powerplay

    Oh it's on people. It's on.


    Over 34 Botha 1-0-1-6-6-2

    197-8 - Botha back on to try and get the better of Pathan, who took him to pieces at Newlands to change the course of the match. And there's six more! Incredibly, that never got more than 25 feet off the ground as it sailed over midwicket for one of the flattest sixes you'll see. And there's another one! This time he clears long-on easily, and suddenly there's a real sense of panic in the field. Pathan is rampant, and he finishes by getting a tickle down to third man for two as Botha digs it in a bit shorter and gets the ball to pop. This ain't over yet. 71 runs needed from 72 balls!


    Over 33 Steyn 0-1-0-0-4-1lb

    181-8 - Pathan keeps India more or less on track by getting a little tickle on a low full toss which runs away fine on the leg side for four. Steyn responds with a 148kph bouncer, which hits Pathan on the shoulder. That's gonna hurt, and indeed he needs a lot of magic spray at the end of the over. He got a leg-bye though so he'll be on strike.


    Over 32 Peterson 5wd-0-2-0-0-0-0

    175-8 - Oh boy, are South Africa throwing this away? Peterson starts the over with five wides down the leg side, and the smiles that were spread around the field earlier are suddenly not so evident. Pathan whips a quicker ball round the corner for a couple, but can't get anything else away. Smith can give his men a rev over the drinks break.


    Over 31 Steyn 1-1-0-0-0-0

    168-8 - Steyn back now to try and clean things up and quash this rebellion. He can't make the breakthrough, but he does limit the batsmen to a couple of singles which will add a bit of pressure. Although expectations on these two batsmen are pretty low - I suppose they can play with all the freedom they could want.


    Over 30 Peterson 0-0-0-0-1-6

    166-8 - Peterson back into the attack, but he still can't tempt Zaheer into a big shot. He's leaving them to Pathan, who clears long-off by some distance when he finally takes strike for the last ball. He's really in the mood now, and if Zaheer can just keep him company then who knows...


    Over 29 Morkel 6-1-0-1-4-4

    159-8 - Six more for Pathan! He didn't middle it, but the top edge from his swipe just clears square leg. Tsotsobe hovered on the boundary as the cameramen behind him ran around in fright, and the ball just cleared the fielder. Two fours at the back end of the over - one over backward point and one over midwicket - suggest that India might not be out of this just yet. He's got fifty now, and India need 109 to win from 17 overs at 6.4 per over.


    Over 28 Botha 0-1lb-0-0-1-0

    143-8 - Pathan bludgeons one straight back at the bowler, and Botha does really well to get two hands down and prevent it screaming through his legs for four. He's bowled well today and has been nigh-on unhittable. His figures read 7-0-17-1.


    Over 27 Morkel 0-0-1-0-1nb-1-0

    141-8 - Smithy does indeed bring back a quick, and Morkel's bouncer gets the better of Zaheer only for the batsman to get a reprieve thanks to a no-ball! His top edge had been pouched by AB de Villiers, but Taufel suspects Morkel may have overstepped and goes upstairs. There's nothing behind the line so Zaheer is called back and Zaheer mishits the free hit to third man for one.


    Over 26 Botha 0-4-1-0-0-

    138-8 - Botha doing enough to demand Pathan's respect - he hasn't attempted any big shots off of him - but the batsman does take advantage when Botha drags his quicker ball down the leg side. A bit of bat is all that's required to get it away fine for four. Bring back the quicks and finish this off, Smithy.


    Over 25 du Plessis 6-1-4-0-1-1

    133-8 - Faf du Plessis joins the attack, starts with a long hop, and is dispatched onto the grass bank at midwicket by Pathan. It was almost as if he was expecting it. Zaheer gets in on the act a couple of balls later as he cuts through backward point for four. The problem in my mind is that you can't be a part-time legspinner - it's an all-or-nothing profession. Anyone half-hearted will bowl too many loose deliveries, as du Plessis has in his three overs this series.


    Over 24 Botha 1-0-0-0-0-0

    120-8 - Pathan works one to the leg side, and Zaheer Khan defends the rest of the over. It's about damage limitation from here for India I suppose - just give Pathan as much strike as possible and see how close he can get.

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Match Details

23rd Jan 2011
Centurion Park
B G Jerling and S J A Taufel


Batsman R
Patel c du Plessis b M Morkel 38
Sharma b Tsotsobe 5
Kohli c de Villiers b M Morkel 2
Dhoni c Smith b M Morkel 5
Singh c Duminy b Steyn 8
Raina c M Morkel b Steyn 11
Pathan c du Plessis b M Morkel 105
Singh c Duminy b Botha 13
Chawla b Peterson 8
Khan c M Morkel b Tsotsobe 24
Patel not out 4
Extras 2nb, 7w, 2lb 11
Total All out, 40.2 Overs 234
Full Batting Card


Bowler O M R W
Steyn 9 1 32 2
Tsotsobe 7.2 0 57 2
M Morkel 8 0 52 4
Botha 8 0 33 1
Peterson 7 0 45 1
du Plessis 1 0 13 0
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