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South Africa won by 48 runs. (Revised target - Duckworth-Lewis system)

S Africa vs India


Last Updated: January 21, 2011 8:46pm


    South Africa win by 48 runs

    Right, the game has been called and South Africa claim the series-levelling victory. While the rain may have delivered India's last rites, the hosts looked set to edge this one. Both sides will have a lot to think about heading into the decider at Centurion, with the top order batsmen in each team making poor decisions. Join us on Sunday for the fifth and final game, it's sure to be a cracker.


    20:35 GMT

    A decision regarding whether or not the game will continue will be made at 20:45 GMT.


    20:30 GMT

    It's still raining and you can't see them coming back out now, I imagine the game will be called fairly soon but I've been proven wrong on many occasions!


    20:18 GMT

    The covers come on and the players head off. The overs will start dropping off at a greater rate now.


    Over 33 Botha 1-1-0-0-2

    142-6 - Johan Botha comes on to replace Robin Peterson. Kohli is at immediately as he dabs the ball into the leg side and scampers through for one. Oh boy, it's raining again. They push on though and Harbhajan gets a top edge off an attempted sweep and it loops short of Smith at short fine leg. There is a chance for the run out but the skipper stumbles as he tries to get to the ball. Two more to Kohli and that will be all the run scoring for the moment as the players leave the field once again with the rain taking centre stage once again.


    Over 32 Tsotsobe 0-4-2-0-0-1

    138-6 - It's Tsotsobe to continue the over that was interrupted by the rain. Kohli gets the scoring back underway with a single into the leg side which also sees him keep the strike.


    As it stands

    We've lost four overs to the rain and the victory target drops to 260. Which means that India need 123 more from 87 balls.


    20:05 GMT

    Things are changing quickly here, the covers are coming back out and the players are warming up.


    20:02 GMT

    Change of plans, it's started raining again and the covers are back on!


    20:00 GMT

    Right, play should get back underway in ten minutes time with only four overs lost. India will need 258 to win it seems.


    19:50 GMT

    The rain has stopped and the umpires are assessing the situation. With any luck we will have play in the not too distant future.


    Rain stops play

    Unfortunate scenes as the players come off the field with the rain becoming a touch too heavy for the umpires liking. It's hardly bucketing down but enough to bring a halt to proceedings.


    Over 32 Tsotsobe 0-4-2

    137-6 - Tsotsobe returns. Another stupendous boundary from Kohli as he flicks the ball off his toes and wide of long on for four.


    Over 31 Peterson 0-1-1-0-0-0

    131-6 - Another solid over from Peterson as a few smatterings of drizzle begin to appear.

  • Over 30 Morkel 2-1-W-0-1-0

    129-6 - Wicket! No heroics from Pathan this time as Morkel squares him up completely, the outside edge is found and de Villiers behind the stumps does the rest. Not the most fluent of starts from Harbhajan as he fends the ball to third man in rather uncomfortable looking fashion to get off the mark.

  • Over 29 Peterson 1-6-1-W-0-2

    125-5 - Six more to Kohli! He comes forward and smacks the ball over the straight boundary, clearing his front leg so the he could play through the line. Wicket! Peterson has another one! Dhoni is the man to go. Suprised by the manner in which the ball sticks on the pitch, and he is forced to check his shot, tamely pushing it to extra cover where du Plessis takes the catch. A big shout first up against Pathan as he pushes forward, but he got a big stride in which probably saved him because it would have hit the middle of middle! Ooh, Pathan gets off the mark in unconvincing fashion as he manages to squeeze the ball behind square on the leg side for two.


    Over 28 Morkel 1-0-0-0-0-1

    115-4 - Smith decides it's time to bring out the big guns, with Morne Morkel returning to the attack. Ooh, wide from Morkel and Dhoni goes hard at it, he fails to make any contact though and the South African fielders let him know it just beat the edge. Dhoni gets off the mark, guiding the ball to third man for a single

  • Over 27 Peterson 6-0-1-0-W-0

    112-4 - Magnificent shot from Kohli! He goes with the spin, inside out and over long off, beautiful stuff. Kohli really is looking in super touch. Wicket! Raina is gone! Raina comes down the wicket and prods forward, playing for the spin but there isn't any and de Villiers whips of the bails with the left-hander out of his ground. Wow, South Africa really needed that wicket. Dhoni is the new man.


    Over 26 Duminy 4-1-1-1-1-1

    109-3 - One over for du Plessis, and on comes JP Duminy. Rotation doesn't allow batsmen to settle, but the same applies to bowlers and Duminy's first ball is a half-tracker which is easily pulled over midwicket for four by Kohli. Good placement there, and there are a couple of other adventurous shots in the over as the pair look to get a move on. For the moment they only pick up singles, but it's a handy over and this partnership is gathering momentum.


    Over 25 Peterson 0-4-0-1-1-1

    96-3 - Du Plessis' introduction has allowed Botha to keep four overs in the bag while Peterson switches ends. Kohli plays a superb lofted drive over extra cover for four, then strokes a single down the ground to bring up a fine half-century (67 balls, 5x4s). He's providing the backbone to the innings here, and now it needs some backup in the form of big hitting.

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Match Details

21st Jan 2011
Port Elizabeth
J D Cloete and S J A Taufel


Batsman R
Sharma c Duminy b Tsotsobe 1
Patel lbw b Tsotsobe 11
Kohli not out 87
Singh c Smith b Botha 12
Raina st de Villiers b Peterson 20
Dhoni c du Plessis b Peterson 2
Pathan c de Villiers b M Morkel 2
Singh not out 3
Extras 2w, 2lb 4
Total Close, 32.5 Overs 142 - 6
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Bowler O M R W
Steyn 4 0 15 0
Tsotsobe 6 1 25 2
M Morkel 6 1 13 1
Botha 6.5 0 27 1
Peterson 8 0 46 2
du Plessis 1 0 5 0
Duminy 1 0 9 0
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