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Pakistan won by 7 wickets. (Revised target - Duckworth-Lewis system)

Pakistan vs Zimbabwe


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    Pakistan progress

    Afridi's men seal their place in the last eight of the World Cup with a routine win. Shafiq was the star of the show, the right-hander finishing on 78 not out to see his side home. Zimbabwe are out of the tournament having lost four of their five fixtures. Thanks for your company throughout the day and make sure you tune in tomorrow for Ireland v South Africa from 8:30am GMT


    Over 35 Cremer 4-

    164-3 - There it is! Pakistan win by seven wickets after Shafiq cuts the first ball of the 35th over away to the boundary!


    Over 34 Masakadza 1-1-0-1-1-1

    160-3 - Pakistan require two more for victory as the singles continue to flow. Shafiq will want to hit these winning runs himself to cap a day to remember. The 50 partnership between these two has also been brought up


    Over 33 Price 1-0-0-0-0-0

    155-3 - Price returns to bowl the last of his eight-over allocation. He concedes just a single and finishes with credible figures of 2-21.



    Pakistan require eight runs from six overs to qualify for the quarter-finals


    Over 32 Masakadza 0-0-4wd-2-2-1-0

    154-3 - A last throw of the dice for Zim as Masakadza returns. Well, well, well, now I have seen everything. The highest bouncer, possibly of all-time has just been bowled. Wicketkeeper Taibu, standing at 5ft, 5in, doesn't have a hope and the ball sails over his head and away for four wides. Shafiq then brings up the Pakistan 150 with a couple through point, and follows that up with a well-timed clip off his pads for two more.


    Over 31 Cremer 3-2-0-0-0-0

    144-3 - Brilliant running from Younis turns two into three first ball when Cremer strays down leg. Another cute tickle around the corner takes Younis into double figures, however he nearly departed next ball with a loose chip which nearly landed back in the bowler's grasp.


    Over 30 Lamb 0-1-1-4-4-1

    139-3 - Shafiq has been in a hurry since bringing up his 50. He sprints down the pitch at Lamb and just gets enough of it to lob mid-on and reach the boundary. That's his fifth four of the innings. And here is No.6! This one is a little edgy, but it beat backward point and raced to the fence. The drama does not finish there, Shafiq should have been run out off the final ball but Lamb could not collect the throw and the chance was gone.


    Over 29 Cremer 0-1-0-1-0-1

    128-3 - I'm sure all of these last few overs have been the same! Three singles off this one. 34 required for victory from nine overs.


    Over 28 Lamb 1-0-0-1-1-1

    125-3 - It's a World Cup debut to remember for Shafiq who raises his bat to acknowledge the applause as a result of his second ODI 50. He is the eighth Pakistani to score a half-century on his WC debut. It took him 76 balls.


    Over 27 Utseya 1-2-0-1-1-0

    121-3 - Bowler and captain take an age to agree on a field they are happy with. When they finally do, Younis uses his experience to knock the singles which Shafiq bludgeons a couple down the ground.


    Over 26 Price 1-0-1-1-0-0

    116-3 - Pakistan seem content to do this in singles now Afridi has been and gone. Another 46 required from 12 overs.


    Over 25 Utseya 0-0-1-0-0-1

    113-3 - Another attacking over from Utseya. Younis gets off the mark with a quick single behind square on the leg side

  • Over 24 Price 4-1-W-0-0wd-0-0

    111-3 - All of a sudden Pakistan have remembered they have somewhere to be tonight! Shafiq leans back and cuts Price through point for a classy-looking boundary first up. A single brings 'Boom Boom' on strike and... WICKET!! Price cleans him up! The off-spinner sets off on a mad sprint after sneaking one through and into off stump. A woeful shot from Afridi in truth and he trudges back to the pavilion having made just three. Younis is the new batsman...

  • Over 23 Utseya 1-W-2-1-3-0

    105-2 - WICKET! Utseya strikes!! A gem of a delivery from around the wicket, holding it's line as Hafeez played for the non-existent turn. The ball caught the edge and Price held a sharp catch low to his left at slip. Hafeez made 49 and will be disappointed not to have finished the job. Afridi has promoted himself up the order, presumably looking to finish this in a hurry. Younis and Misbah may have been hoping for a bat, but the skipper uses his authority and marches to the middle. His arrival sparks some more urgency with the runs flowing either side of the wicket.



    Pakistan require another 64 runs at 4.0 an over


    Over 22 Price 0wd-0-1-0-1-0-0

    98-1 - Fiery Ray is back into the attack looking to manufacture something, anything. He returns on his attacking line, however Pakistan, who are well up with the rate, are content to block the ball back to the bowler.


    Over 21 Cremer 1-0wd-1-1-1-4-1

    95-1 - A heart-in-the-mouth moment for Shafiq when he so nearly lobs an attempted extra cover chip straight down long off's throat. The ball drops short of the fielder, rather summing up Zimbabwe's fastly-fading hopes of victory. Hafeez pours more salt and a bit of vinegar into the opposition's wounds when he plays an exquisite extra cover drive away to the boundary later in an expensive over.


    Over 20 Masakadza 0-0-4-0-0-0wd-0

    85-1 - Burly pace bowler Masakadza returns looking to end this ever-growing partnership. While he was too short and too wide in his first spell, he is too full and too wide at the start of this, allowing Shafiq to fling his bat at the ball and drive to the cover boundary. I've not given him much credit there for a glorious cover drive.



    The players are grabbing a well-earned drink. Pakistan require 82 more runs to reach the quarter-finals at 4.3 an over.

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Match Details

14th Mar 2011
A L Hill and N J Llong


Batsman R
Hafeez c Price b Utseya 49
Shehzad st Taibu b Price 8
Shafiq not out 78
Afridi b Price 3
Khan not out 13
Extras 13w 13
Total Close, 34.1 Overs 164 - 3
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Bowler O M R W
Masakadza 6 1 44 0
Price 8 1 21 2
Utseya 7 1 24 1
Lamb 7 0 44 0
Cremer 6.1 0 31 0
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