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West Indies win by 2 wickets

Pakistan vs W Indies


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    The West Indies made a meal of a small chase. Their highest score was just 39 as a number of players got themselves in before giving away their wickets. Pakistan need to be congratulated on never giving up and contributing to what turned out to be a really tense game. The simply fact is that Pakistan never had enough runs to seriously consider winning. The West Indies will need to have a hard look at their batting performance, but a win is a win. They will gladly take the victory and the two tournament points as a result. The next match is between hosts England and Australia tomorrow.


    Over 41 - WI 172/8 (Roach 5, Ramdin 11)

    The pressure now shifts to Junaid. Will he be the hero for Pakistan today. Roach is off the mark thanks to a poor piece of fielding. Pakistan really can't afford lapses at this stage. Roach slashes a boundary over point and with that, the West Indies win.


    Over 40 - WI 165/8 (Roach 0, Ramdin 9)

    The West Indies require just 9 more runs to win. A couple blows will see them over the line. Irfan is tasked with taking a wicket or two, which would really put the cat amongst the pigeons. WICKET. Narine backs away and slashes, only to find the edge. Akmal does the rest behind the stumps. Roach now comes out to face the heat. A tie could be on the cards.


    Over 39 - WI 162/7 (Narine 9, Ramdin 9)

    Ajmal starts his final over with a slip and a gully waiting for the edge. The spinner drops short and is cut for a boundary by Ramdin.


    Over 38 - WI 154/7 (Narine 9, Ramdin 5)

    Riaz steams into the new batsman who is not enjoying the pace at all. Narine backs away in fear and squirts the full toss through point for another boundary. These runs are like gold at this stage.


    Over 37 - WI 147/7 (Narine 4, Ramdin 3)

    Pakistan smell blood, and in a last roll of the dice they have turned to their star bowler. Ajmal finds the edge as Ramdin doesn't read the doosra. No harm done as Ramdin collects 3 runs. WICKET. The world's best ODI bowler has trapped the West Indian captain LBW. It's game on at the Oval. Narine starts with a superb drive through the covers for four.


    Over 36 - WI 137/6 (Bravo 16, Ramdin 0)

    In a flash the old Pollard returns as he backs away and creams Riaz through wide mid-off to start the batting powerplay. WICKET. Riaz removes the dangerous Pollard with quick, lifting delivery. A faint edge is found and Akmal accepts the chance. The wicket-keeper, Ramdin, is the new man in the middle. He is far better than a number 8, so the West Indies won't be worrying just yet.


    Over 35 - WI 133/5 (Bravo 16, Pollard 26)

    Bravo is hit where it hurts most. He composes himself and nudges a single onto the leg-side. Junaid is testing the middle of the pitch but the only effect seems to be on his energy levels.


    Over 34 - WI 127/5 (Bravo 15, Pollard 21)

    Riaz is not giving an inch. The Pakistan lads had a lot less vocal than they were 45 minutes ago. The fact of the matter is that if wickets are not taken, Pakistan cannot win.


    Over 33 - WI 122/5 (Bravo 11, Pollard 20)

    Misbah is ringing the changes as Junaid returns to the attack. He is the only bowler not to have struck thus far, so he will be keen to make a contribution.


    Over 32 - WI 119/5 (Bravo 8, Pollard 20)

    After a well deserved breather, Riaz is back into the attack and throwing down some thunder bolts. An opportunity is created, but the edge beats the slip and goes for two runs.


    Over 31 - WI 113/5 (Bravo 7, Pollard 16)

    A yorker is sent down from a great height, it beats Bravo but just slides past the off-stump. Irfan has got both batsmen jumping around but no clear chances are being created.


    Over 30 - WI 112/5 (Bravo 6, Pollard 16)

    Another risky single in taken, but it is to the right fielder, as Irfan takes an age to gather the ball. Pollard releases his arms and the ball sails over long-off for six.


    Over 29 - WI 104/5 (Bravo 5, Pollard 9)

    Irfan is trying to make the breakthrough, but as usual he is not as impressive in his second spell as he is with the new ball. Two runs come from the over, but the run rate is not a concern at the moment.


    Over 28 - WI 102/5 (Bravo 4, Pollard 8)

    Hafeez continues with his deadly accuracy. The 100 is brought up in an over where a few singles are collected. It is surely a matter of time until Pollard's natural game takes over.


    Over 27 - WI 99/5 (Bravo 2, Pollard 7)

    Irfan has been brought back into the attack. The steep bounce should make live uncomfortable for Pollard in particular.


    Over 26 - WI 96/5 (Bravo 1, Pollard 6)

    WICKET. Hafeez has struck as Samuels walks straight past one and is stumped. A huge wicket, but the Windies have a long batting line-up. Bravo is the next man to take up the challenge.


    Over 25 - WI 94/4 (Samuels 30, Pollard 5)

    Pollard plays hit first shot in anger and picks up four straight back over Ajmal's head. The rest of the over is carefully played, with Pollards feet starting to move a little more freely.


    Over 24 - WI 89/4 (Samuels 29, Pollard 1)

    Pakistan bring their fifth bowler, Hafeez, into the attack at the near halfway mark. A slip in place for him - against a flatfooted Pollard, whose shackles really are in place. He needs to break free, but not yet.


    Over 23 - WI 88/4 (Samuels 28, Pollard 1)

    Samuels and Pollard almost contrive to run each other out, but the ultimate result is an eventual single for the latter. Had Farhat been a bit quicker with his return throw, that might have ended in tears for the Windies. The men from the Caribbean have scored at less than 1.50 across the past five overs.

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Match Details

7th Jun 2013
West Indies won the toss and elected to bowl.
The Kia Oval
S J Stephen, N J Nigel
TV Umpire
A L Anthony
Match Referee
B C Brian
Reserve Umpire
R A Richard


Batsman R
C.H. Gayle b Ajmal 39
J. Charles c Riaz b Irfan 9
D.M. Bravo c Akmal b Irfan 0
M.N. Samuels s Akmal b Hafeez 30
R.R. Sarwan c Akmal b Riaz 1
K.A. Pollard c Akmal b Riaz 30
D.J. Bravo lbw Ajmal 19
D. Ramdin Not out 11
S.P. Narine c Akmal b Irfan 11
K.A.J. Roach Not out 5
Extras 2nb, 5w, 1 17
Total 40.4 Overs 172 - 8
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Bowler O M R W
Iqbal 9 0 32 3
J.M. Khan 7.4 0 36 0
S. Ajmal 10 1 38 2
W. Riaz 10 1 42 2
M. Hafeez 4 0 14 1
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