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Pakistan won by 10 wickets.

Pakistan vs W Indies


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    Pakistan win by 10 wickets

    Pakistan have crushed West Indies by 10 wickets in the first of the World Cup quarter-finals. It was all as one-sided as the scoreline suggests, Shahid Afridi claiming 4-30 as West Indies, who had opted to bat after winning the toss, were dismissed for 112 in 43.3 overs. Pakistan openers Mohammad Hafeez (61no) and Kamran Akmal (47no) knocked those off in 20.5 overs and their reward is a semi-final date with either India or Australia in Mohali on March 30. Thanks for your company and join us again tomorrow for more commentary on the second quarter-final, a mouthwatering clash between co-hosts India and three-time defending champions Australia in Ahmedabad. Play starts at 0900h (GMT).


    Over 21 Roach 1-1-1-0-4

    113-0 - Roach knows he is going down but is still keen to take someone with him, namely Hafeez, who is fortunate a top-edged pull falls safely behind square on the leg side. A couple more singles leave Pakistan needing needing four to win and Kamran finishes it in style with a boundary, threaded between point and cover. PAKISTAN WIN BY 10 WICKETS.


    Over 20 Rampaul 0-3-0-0-0-4

    106-0 - Good running turns a gentle push into the leg side from Hafeez into three, raising the 100 partnership in the process. Kamran whips a short ball off his hip to the square-leg boundary. Pakistan require seven off 30 overs. The end is nigh.


    Over 19 Roach 4-0-0-0-0-0

    99-0 - Roach bangs in a short ball to produce a rare moment of discomfort for Kamran, his top-edged pull still running away for four to fine-leg. Roach raises himself for one last effort, digging in a series of fast, short deliveries, including one that Kamran wears just above a delicate area after missing with his pull.


    Over 18 Rampaul 4-4-0-0-0-0

    95-0 - Pollard is still up for it though, sprinting after Hafeez's drive and putting in a full length dive in a forlorn attempt to stop the Pakistan opener bringing up his maiden World Cup half-century (55b, 9x4). He celebrates the landmark with another boundary, his 10th, pushed through the extra cover with the minimum of fuss.


    Over 17 Roach 0-1-0-1-0-0

    87-0 - Roach also returns for a final thrust. Kamran deflects a short ball into the leg side for a single and Hafeez also adds one with a drop-and-run on the off side to the total. Subdued would probably describe the feeling among the fielding side at the moment.


    Over 16 Rampaul 0-0-0-0-0-0

    85-0 - With 28 needed, Rampaul is back into the attack. There is a half-appeal for lbw against Hafeez but the ball was heading well past leg stump. Hafeez finds Pollard in the covers with a well-timed drive allowing Rampaul to complete a maiden.


    Over 15 Sammy 0-2-0-1-0-1

    85-0 - Kamran follows his partner's lead with a delicate that adds two to the total. Are we seeing the last rites of Sammy's reign as captain, I would think so...


    Over 14 Bishoo 4-0-1-0-1-0

    81-0 - Hafeez unleashes another of his late cuts and again picks up four for his troubles - high-class shot, even Bishoo seems impressed. Hafeez pushes forward to the next delivery and edges it just short of Gayle at slip before rotating the strike with a single down the ground. Kamran goes back, waits for the turn and drops a single into the off side. This is Pakistan's highest opening stand of the World Cup.


    Over 13 Sammy 0-0-0-1-0-1

    75-0 - No Pakistan opener has scored a half-century at this World Cup - that should change shortly. The top order was their only area of concern after topping Group A - this partnership will be particularly pleasing for the coaching staff.


    Over 12 Bishoo 1-0-0-2-0-4

    73-0 - A decent over is ruined by the final delivery, which is dropped in halfway down and Hafeez makes no mistake, pulling it to the midwicket boundary. He has 40 off 38 balls and will be eyeing a nice little half-century.


    Over 11 Sammy 4-0-1-3-0-0

    66-0 - Sammy strays onto the pads and Hafeez flicks it away for his sixth boundary. Kamran adds three more to the total with a push through mid-on. This is amazingly one-sided.


    Over 10 Bishoo 0-0-3-0-0-0

    58-0 - Hafeez steps down and lofts over mid-off for three - more of a nine iron than the seven iron he was looking for. Neither side wants to enforce their power play so the fielding restrictions will now be relaxed for the first time in the innings.


    Over 9 Sammy 4-0-0-0-0-0

    55-0 - Sammy drops short and wide with predictable consequences, Kamran threading the off-side field for another boundary.


    Over 8 Bishoo 0-4-0-0-4-0

    51-0 - Bishoo drags one down and Hafeez makes no mistake, waiting for the turn before smashing it to the backward point boundary. Hafeez adds a classy four later in the over, cutting late - very late - behind square. Pakistan require 62 runs from 42 overs.


    Over 7 Sammy 0-0-0-0-0-0

    43-0 - The skipper decides it's time to bring himself on. Can his medium pace save the day? Decent first over, good bounce from back of a length and Kamran can't pierce the infield with a succession of drives, including one where he shimmied down the pitch. Consecutive maidens - another 30 or so of those and the required-rate will become an issue.


    Over 6 Bishoo 0-0-0-0-0-0

    43-0 - We are in the sixth over of Pakistan's run chase and already West Indies captain Sammy is rolling the dice for probably the final time with the introduction of leg-spinner Bishoo. Hafeez gets well forward, getting his nose over the ball to block out a maiden. Good over but maidens are of no use to West Indies now - they need wickets.


    Over 5 Roach 1-1-4-0-3-1

    43-0 - Roach is also going for glory-ball yorkers - doesn't have much choice given the situation. Kamran's not bothered, launching a square drive with no foot movement at all for his third four. Three more follow to deep midwicket as Roach drifts into Kamran's pads. DROPPED! West Indies miss another chance, this time wicketkeeper Thomas fails to cling on one handed diving to his left after Hafeez gloves an attempted pull. Tough chance.

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Match Details

23rd Mar 2011
B F Bowden and S J Davis


Batsman R
Akmal not out 47
Hafeez not out 61
Extras 1w, 4lb 5
Total Close, 20.5 Overs 113 - 0
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Bowler O M R W
Roach 5.5 0 39 0
Rampaul 5 1 28 0
Bishoo 5 1 24 0
Sammy 5 1 18 0
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