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Sri Lanka win by 24 runs

Pakistan vs Sri Lanka


Last Updated: December 13, 2013 7:34pm

  • Over 19.2 Pak 187/10 (U Khan 2)

    Ajmal goes out lbw, Kulasekara gets the wicket. Pakistan lose by 24 runs. A brilliant performance from Sri Lanka in all departments.

  • Over 19 Pak 185/9 (Ajmal 20, U Khan 1)

    A yorker outside off from Malinga and the umpire calls it a wide. WICKET! Tanvir falls after putting up a good fight, Prasanna takes the catch and Malinga strikes. Tanvir gone for 41, Pakistan need 27 from 6 balls and 1 wicket in hand.


    Over 18 Pak 183/8 (Ajmal 20, Tanvir 41)

    Three overs to go, Perera starts is third. A single and then a brace making it three runs from the first three balls. Pakistan need a few boundaries to really make this count. A single to mid on. Ajmal pulls it over deep midwicket for a six. A couple of runs to end the over, Pakistan need 29 runs from 12 balls to win this T20.


    Over 17 Pak 171/8 (Ajmal 11, Tanvir 38)

    Malinga to start his third over today, his figures are 2 overs for 8 runs so far. Tanvir drives it through extra cover for four, and then another boundary. Tanvir is putting up a fight here, pushes it through deep midwicket for another boundary. A single brings Ajmal on strike against Malinga. A couple of runs to fine leg, Ajmal pushes it for a brace. No ball from Malinga and Tanvir gets a single to deep midwicket, free hit coming up. Another no ball, four from the free hit, expensive over from Malinga. Pakistan need 41 from 18 balls.


    Over 16 Pak 151/8 (Ajmal 7, Tanvir 24)

    Kulasekara brought back to bowl his remaining two overs. Tanvir picks up a single to fine leg from the first ball. Sri Lanka hunting for two wickets to seal a victory. Three singles from the first three balls. Five singles from the over, good over from Kulasekara.


    Over 15 Pak 146/8 (Ajmal 5, Tanvir 21)

    Tanvir takes a single to start the over, Ajmal gets a leg bye and then Tanvir hits a six over deep square leg. A couple of singles after the six, Senanayake has bowled well to get his three wickets today. Eleven runs from his final over, Pakistan need 66 from 30 balls.

  • Over 14 Pak 135/8 (Ajmal 4, Tanvir 12)

    Perera comes back to bowl. WICKET! Perera strikes, Sanga pulls off a one-handed blinder of a catch. Afridi goes out after a wild swipe, Pakistan 121 for 8. Ajmal is the new batsman, Tanvir flicks it to fine leg for four. Wide, Perera strays down leg. Four, Tanvir places it perfectly through midwicket for four. Ajmal works it to backward square leg for four. After 14 overs, Pakistan 135 for 8, needing 77 runs to win.


    Over 13 Pak 121/7 (Afridi 28, Tanvir 4)

    Malinga brought back into the attack, he has three overs left. A single to Afridi to long off to start the over. Another single, Tanvir brings Afridi back on strike. A couple more singles, end of the 13th over, Pakistan 121 for 7.


    Over 12 Pak 116/7 (Afridi 25, Tanvir 2)

    Five wides, the ball slips out of his hands as Prasanna bowls a wide that goes for four. Six, Afridi clears the boundary at long on for a much needed six, Pakistan need 110 from 53 balls to win. Another wide from Prasanna. Six, another one from Afridi, this time he goes inside out over extra cover. Four, Afridi hits it square of the wicket for four, too short and outside off and Afridi punishes it. A single through extra cover for Afridi, Tanvir to face the last two balls. Tanvir takes a single to bring Afridi on strike. A single to end an expensive over from Prasanna.

  • Over 11 Pak 96/7 (Afridi 7, Tanvir 1)

    Senanayake comes back into the attack after the double strike from Prasanna. WICKET! Another catch by Chandimal, Amin is out for another duck. Bhatti walks out to bat. WICKET! Senanayake strikes again, Bhatti goes for a golden duck, stumped and two wickets in two balls for the spinner. Four, Afridi hits a four through deep sweeper cover. Pakistan 91 for 7.

  • Over 10 Pak 84/5 (Afridi 0, Amin 0)

    Prasanna into his second over, Khan hits a six over long on. Another six, Khan putting Pakistan in a good position, hitting it over deep midwicket. He reaches his 50 with that six. WICKET! Prasanna has the last laugh, Khan is bowled for 50, Pakistan 83 for 4. Afridi comes out to bat and takes a single. WICKET! Another one, Prasanna having a dream debut. Umar Akmal is bowled for a duck. Umar Amin is the new batsman. Pakistan reduced to 84 for 5 after 10 overs.

  • Over 9 Pak 71/3 (S Khan 38, U Akmal 0)

    Thisara Perera introduced into the attack. A couple of singles and then Perera strike. WICKET! Maqsood caught by Chandimal, a well judged catch in the end. Four, Khan keeps going after Maqsood falls with a four through backward square leg. Four, another boundary through backward square leg, Khan pushes it in the same area for the same result. Pakistan need 141 runs from 66 balls.


    Over 8 Pak 60/2 (S Khan 28, Maqsood 14)

    Maqsood, four, tossed up delivery and Maqsood skips down the track and hits it straight down the ground for four. A single to Maqsood to deep midwicket. A couple of runs to end the over to backward square leg.


    Over 7 Pak 53/2 (S Khan 26, Maqsood 9)

    Maqsood starts the over with a boundary, a couple of singles and then Khan ends the over with a six over long on. Pakistan 53 for 2 after 7 overs.


    Over 6 Pak 40/2 (S Khan 19, Maqsood 3)

    Angelo Mathews brought into the attack to replace Kulasekara. A dot ball and then a couple of singles to start the over. Four, first boundary in three overs, Khan smashes it away square of the wicket for four. Another boundary, another four square of the wicket. Ten runs from the over, Pakistan 40 for 2 after 6 overs.


    Over 5 Pak 30/2 (S Khan 10, Maqsood 2)

    Senanayake continues into his second over. Maqsood is the new man in, he gets off the mark with a couple of runs to sweeper cover. Good over from Senanayake, three runs from it.

  • Over 4 Pak 27/2 (S Khan 9, Maqsood 0)

    Hafeez drives it to long off for four, first ball of the over goes for a boundary. A couple of runs to long on as Hafeez goes for the drive again. WICKET! Six runs from the over, but Kulasekara strikes, Hafeez tries to run it down to third man only to edge it to Sanga. Pakistan lose their second wicket for 27 runs after 4 overs.

  • Over 3 Pak 21/1 (S Khan 9, Hafeez 1)

    Senanayake brought into the attack to replace Malinga who bowled just one over. Third umpire called for a stumping, but Shehzad is safe. Shehzad drives it through the off side to sweeper cover for four. WICKET! The bowling change brings a wicket. Shehzad caught by a substitute fielder, soft dismissal, Shehzad sweeps it to square leg. Hafeez gets off the mark with a single through midwicket. A couple of runs to end the over.


    Over 2 Pak 14/0 (S Khan 7, Shehzad 4)

    Kulasekara starts the innings from the other end for Sri Lanka. A single to Shehzad and then Kulasekara bowls a wide outside off. Three runs, Khan gets off the mark with a push to deep midwicket and Thirimanne does well on the boundary to stop the four. Four, Khan ends the over with a four to long off. Pakistan 14 for no loss after 2 overs.


    Over 1 Pak 4/0 (S Khan 0, Shehzad 2)

    Malinga starts with a no ball, the overstepping will result in a free hit. Sharjeel Khan on strike for the free hit, no run as he digs out an inswinging yorker. Leg bye to Khan, another full and swinging delivery from Malinga. Four runs from the first over, Pakistan begin watchfully.

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Match Details

13th Dec 2013
Pakistan won the toss and elected to bowl.
Dubai International Cricket Stadium
A Ahsan, Z Zameer
TV Umpire
S Shozab
Match Referee
D C David
Reserve Umpire
A Ahmed


Batsman R
A. Shehzad c sub b Senanayake 8
S. Khan b Prasanna 50
M. Hafeez c Sangakkara b Kulasekara 7
S. Maqsood c Chandimal b Perera 15
U. Akmal b Prasanna 0
S.S.M.K. Afridi c Sangakkara b Perera 28
U. Amin c Chandimal b Senanayake 0
B. Bhatti s Sangakkara b Senanayake 0
S. Tanvir c Prasanna b Malinga 41
S. Ajmal lbw Kulasekara 20
U.K. Shinwari Not out 2
Extras 3nb, 1 1b, 2lb 16
Total All Out, 19.2 Overs 187
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sri lanka BOWLING CARD

Bowler O M R W
S.L. Malinga 4 0 30 1
K.M.D.N. Kulasekara 3.2 0 23 2
S.M.S.M. Senanayake 4 0 27 3
A.D. Mathews 1 0 10 0
T.M. Dilshan 1 0 13 0
S. Prasanna 3 0 45 2
N.L.T.C. Perera 3 0 36 2
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