Pakistan vs Sri Lanka


Last Updated: January 4, 2014 12:15pm


    Match drawn

    The first test is drawn after good batting performances from both sides. Hafeez and Shehzad impressed in the second innings and Sri Lanka's young guns made sure they did not lose the match.


    Over 52 - Pak 158/2 (Y Khan 13, Hafeez 80)

    Herath starts his 21st over of the day, a single of the last ball. And the umpire calls that stumps. The match was definitely going towards a draw and the umpire calls it stumps. Match drawn.


    Over 51 - Pak 157/2 (Y Khan 12, Hafeez 80)

    Younis takes a single from the first ball, pushes Eranga to point for a run. Just the single from the over, Pakistan 157 for 2.


    Over 50 - Pak 156/2 (Y Khan 11, Hafeez 80)

    Over number 50, Herath finishes a quick maiden to Hafeez. Both teams look like they are playing for the draw.


    Over 49 - Pak 156/2 (Y Khan 11, Hafeez 80)

    Eranga starts his 2nd over of this spell, Khan drives it through extra cover for a couple of runs. Three dots and then Eranga finishes the over with a couple more. Just two from the over.


    Over 48 - Pak 154/2 (Y Khan 9, Hafeez 80)

    Hafeez drives it beautifully through the extra cover boundary for four, just the boundary from the over. Pakistan need 148 runs to win.


    Over 47 - Pak 150/2 (Y Khan 9, Hafeez 76)

    Eranga comes back into the attack, Younis Khan takes a single of the first ball. Three dots and then Hafeez takes a single to deep midwicket. Pakistan bring up their 150 in the 47th over.


    Over 46 - Pak 148/2 (Y Khan 8, Hafeez 75)

    Just a single from the Herath over, Pakistan 148 for 2.


    Over 45 - Pak 147/2 (Y Khan 7, Hafeez 75)

    Hafeez starts with a boundary, drives it past gully for four. Then he takes a single to brin Younis Khan on strike. Six runs from the over.


    Over 44 - Pak 141/2 (Y Khan 6, Hafeez 70)

    Herath bowls a maiden, the run rate required by Pakistan is now 7 per over.


    Over 43 - Pak 141/2 (Y Khan 6, Hafeez 70)

    Lakmal creates a false shot and Hafeez almost edges one to cover, half a chance for Sri Lanka. A couple of singles follow, Pakistan need 161 more runs.


    Over 42 - Pak 139/2 (Y Khan 5, Hafeez 70)

    Hafeez start the over with a four through point, good shot to start the over. Five runs from the over, Pakistan 139 for 2.


    Over 41 - Pak 134/2 (Y Khan 5, Hafeez 65)

    Lakmal continues, Hafeez takes a single from the first ball. A few dots and then Younis takes a single to deep fine leg. Another single makes it three runs from the over, Pakistan 134 for 2.


    Over 40 - Pak 131/2 (Y Khan 4, Hafeez 63)

    A couple of singles to start the over, Younis Khan ends the over with a couple of runs. Pakistan need 171 runs.


    Over 39 - Pak 127/2 (Y Khan 2, Hafeez 62)

    Hafeez starts the over with a single. A couple of singles from the over, Pakistan 127 for 2.

  • Over 38 - Pak 125/2 (Y Khan 0, Hafeez 61)

    Pakistan need 5.9 runs per over to win this from here. Herath changes ends and replaces Senanayake. WICKET! Herath gets the wicket of Shehzad, lbw and Pakistan review the decision but third umpire confirms it is out. Sri Lanka will look to attack again. Younis Khan comes out to bat. A wicket maiden from Herath.


    Over 37 - Pak 125/1 (Shehzad 55, Hafeez 61)

    Pakistan need 178 runs in the 31 overs remaining to win this test. Lakmal replaces Herath after tea, Sri Lanka looking for wickets. Just a single from the over, Pakistan 125 for 1.


    Over 36 - Pak 124/1 (Shehzad 54, Hafeez 61)

    Senanayake starts after tea, a couple of singles and then Hafeez gets the boundary to end the over.


    Over 35 - Pak 118/1 (Shehzad 53, Hafeez 56)

    Shehzad takes a single to cover and moves on to 49. Sri Lanka lose a review, a shout for caught behind, umpire gives it not out. Sri Lankans think Hafeez hit that but replays show that it came off his pads, third umpire confirms after Sri Lanka review. Hafeez guides it to fine leg for three runs, it was byes but the umpire gives it as runs. Shehzad brings up his 50 with a boundary to end the over, this partnership now worth 94 runs.


    Over 34 - Pak 110/1 (Shehzad 48, Hafeez 53)

    Three dots and then Shehzad hits Senanayake through extra cover for four, a bowling change may come soon if Senanayake keeps on giving away runs.

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Match Details

31st Dec 2013 - 4th Jan 2014
Pakistan won the toss and elected to bowl.
Sheikh Zayed Stadium
B N J Oxenford, R A Kettleborough
TV Umpire
S Ravi
Match Referee
J Srinath
Reserve Umpire
S Raza


Batsman R
K. Manzoor c Jayawardene b Lakmal 8
A. Shehzad lbw Herath 55
M. Hafeez Not out 80
Y.M. Khan Not out 13
Extras 1nb, 1lb 2
Total 52.0 Overs 158 - 2
Full Batting Card

sri lanka BOWLING CARD

Bowler O M R W
R.A.S. Lakmal 13 1 43 1
R.M.S. Eranga 11 0 38 0
H.M.R.K.B. Herath 21 8 37 1
A.D. Mathews 2 0 9 0
S.M.S.M. Senanayake 5 0 30 0
Full Bowling Card