Day 5 of 5
Sri Lanka win by 9 wickets

Pakistan vs Sri Lanka


Last Updated: January 12, 2014 10:50am


    Over 46.2 - SL 137/1 (Sangakkara 9, Karunaratne 62)

    Sanga hits a boundary from the first ball to level the scores. Sanga works Ajmal into the leg side through midwicket for a single. Sri Lanka win by 9 wickets. Sri Lanka win the test and lead the series 1-0.


    Over 46 - SL 132/1 (Sangakkara 4, Karunaratne 62)

    Just a single from Rahat Ali's over, this session has been extended by 15 minutes as Sri Lanka only need 5 to win.


    Over 45 - SL 131/1 (Sangakkara 3, Karunaratne 62)

    Sangakkara takes a single from the first ball, another single to Dimuth. Three runs from the over.


    Over 44 - SL 128/1 (Sangakkara 2, Karunaratne 61)

    Rahat Ali starts his 10th over of the day with Sri Lanka needing 9 runs. A maiden from him, delaying Sri Lanka's win.


    Over 43 - SL 128/1 (Sangakkara 2, Karunaratne 61)

    A couple more singles from the Ajmal over, 10 minutes to go to tea. Sri Lanka need 9 runs to win. Tea may be postponed.


    Over 42 - SL 126/1 (Sangakkara 1, Karunaratne 60)

    A couple of runs from the over, Sri Lanka galloping towards victory.


    Over 40 - SL 124/1 (Sangakkara 0, Karunaratne 59)

    WICKET! Sila falls to Ajmal, caught in front of the stumps on the pads. Sri Lanka lost their first wicket.


    Over 39 - SL 120/0 (Silva 58, Karunaratne 55)

    A single to Dimuth and then SIlva takes two from the last ball, Sri Lanka 120 for no loss, need 17 runs to win.


    Over 38 - SL 117/0 (Silva 56, Karunaratne 54)

    A couple of singles from Rahat Ali's over, Sri Lanka 117 for no loss.


    Over 37 - SL 115/0 (Silva 55, Karunaratne 53)

    A couple of singles and then Silva ends the over with three runs to extra cover, a good drive against the spin. Five runs from the over.


    Over 36 - SL 110/0 (Silva 51, Karunaratne 52)

    A couple of runs to Dimuth, he brings up his 50 too. Good knock from both these batsmen. A couple of singles, Rahat Ali is back into the attack. Sri Lanka need 27 more to win.


    Over 35 - SL 106/0 (Silva 50, Karunaratne 49)

    A couple of runs from the Ajmal over, Silva gets to his 50 before Dimuth does, good opening stand from this pair for Sri Lanka.

  • Over 34 - SL 104/0 (Silva 48, Karunaratne 49)

    Hafeez starts his 8th over of the day, a couple of singles to start the over and then Dimuth turns it into a full toss and hits it through mid on for four, good shot. A single to rotate strike, Dimuth moves on to 49. A single to end the over, 8 runs from it. Sri Lanka need 33 more to win.


    Over 33 - SL 96/0 (Silva 46, Karunaratne 43)

    Ajmal finishes a quick over, just a single from Dimuth to mid on.


    Over 32 - SL 95/0 (Silva 46, Karunaratne 42)

    A maiden from Hafeez, Sri Lanka stay on 95 for no loss.


    Over 31 - SL 95/0 (Silva 46, Karunaratne 42)

    A bye to start the over. Silva then tucks it away to fine leg for a couple of runs. Four runs from the over.


    Over 30 - SL 91/0 (Silva 43, Karunaratne 42)

    Hafeez continues from the other end, a couple of singles from the over. Sri Lanka need 46 to win.


    Over 29 - SL 89/0 (Silva 42, Karunaratne 41)

    A change of ends for Ajmal, Dimuth takes a single of the first ball to give Silva the strike. Good shot from Silva, rocks back and cuts it through third man for four. A little short from Ajmal and Silva plays it through point for three runs. Eight from the over.


    Over 28 - SL 81/0 (Silva 35, Karunaratne 40)

    Hafeez comes back into the attack, good over from him to Dimuth. Just a single from the over.


    Over 27 - SL 80/0 (Silva 35, Karunaratne 39)

    Rahat Ali comes into the attack, Silva takes a single from the first ball. Poor ball from Ali and Dimuth puts it away for four through point. A single to end the over, Sri Lanka move on to 80 for no loss.

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Match Details

8th - 12th Jan 2014
Sri Lanka won the toss and elected to bowl.
Dubai International Cricket Stadium
B N J Oxenford, S Ravi
TV Umpire
R A Kettleborough
Match Referee
J Srinath
Reserve Umpire
S Raza

sri lanka BATTING CARD

Batsman R
F.D.M. Karunaratne Not out 62
J.K. Silva lbw Ajmal 58
K.C. Sangakkara Not out 9
Extras 1nb, 3b, 4lb 8
Total 46.2 Overs 137 - 1
Full Batting Card


Bowler O M R W
M. Hafeez 8 3 22 0
J.M. Khan 10 2 34 0
R. Ali 11 1 29 0
S. Ajmal 17.2 5 45 1
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