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Pakistan win by 7 wickets

Pakistan vs S Africa


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    Pakistan win by 7 wickets

    Pakistan have dominated this test and have outplayed South Africa to win the test by 7 wickets in 4 days. They captain hitting a six and winning in style. Pakistan lead the series 1-0.


    Over 13.5 - Pak 45/3 (Younus 9, Misbah 28)

    Misbah on strike, Pakistan need 1 to win, Peterson to bowl. Misbah blocks the first four balls, and then goes over the top, another six and Pakistan win by 7 wickets.


    Over 13 - Pak 39/3 (Younus 9, Misbah 22)

    Morkel to continues, Misbah on strike, 4 more runs to win. Misbah punches it down the ground for three runs, scores are level, Steyn does well to stop the boundary. Pakistan stay on 39 for 3 after 13 overs.


    Over 12 - Pak 35/3 (Younus 9, Misbah 19)

    South Africa have not lost a test in the last 15 tests. Peterson brought into the attack. Khan drives but does not get a run, protection out in the deep for South Africa. Younus edges it and it goes past Kallis, falling short, for a single. Misbah lifts one straight down the ground and over the top, a six from the captain, Pakistan need 5 runs to win. A quick single and Misbah will keep strike. Pakistan need 4 to win.


    Over 11 - Pak 28/3 (Younus 8, Misbah 12)

    First change in the bowling for South Africa, Morkel comes into the attack. Misbah clips it off his pads for four to deep fine leg. Misbah gets another single, takes Pakistan to 23 with 17 more to win. Khan joins in on the action, drives it straight down the ground with the full face of the bat, classy boundary from him. Younus Khan keeps the strike with a leg bye from the last ball, Pakistan 12 runs away from a victory.


    Over 10 - Pak 18/3 (Younus 4, Misbah 7)

    A maiden from Philander to Younus Khan, Pakistan stay at 18 for 3 after 10 overs.


    Over 9 - Pak 18/3 (Younus 4, Misbah 7)

    Steyn continues, Khan blocks a few, ducks against the short ball. Younus Khan drives it straight down the ground and takes three runs as Pakistan edge close to the target. End of a good over from Steyn, Pakistan need 22 more to win.


    Over 8 - Pak 15/3 (Younus 1, Misbah 7)

    Misbah gets a single to start the over, and Philander will get a chance to bowl at Khan. Khan knocks it to square leg for a single. Misbah being tested by Philander, a few balls beating him as he tries to get some back on them. Misbah pushes it on the leg side but is denied the single. End of the over, just two from it.


    Over 7 - Pak 13/3 (Younus 0, Misbah 6)

    Steyn continues his spell, bowling very well here. Misbah and Younus are the more experienced of the Pakistani batsmen, so they should be able to get these 27 runs. But Steyn and Philander are bowling very well here. End of another maiden, Pakistan 13 for 3.


    Over 6 - Pak 13/3 (Younus 0, Misbah 6)

    A swinging ball and Misbah pushes it through the off side for four, hit in front of point for a much needed boundary. Pakistan need 27 more runs to win. Just the boundary from the over, Pakistan 13 for 3 after 6 overs.


    Over 5 - Pak 9/3 (Younus 0, Misbah 2)

    Steyn starts his third over. Donald having a chat with Philander on the boundary. Steyn is also bowling well here, pitching it in the right areas and Khan up to the challenge. A maiden in the end, Khan plays the over out watchfully.

  • Over 4 - Pak 9/3 (Younus 0, Misbah 2)

    Misbah is padded up in the dressing room. WICKET! Philander gets the outside edge, Manzoor edges it to the keeper, great bowling from Steyn and Philander. Misbah was seen padded up and now has to walk out to bat. Philander working in that corridor of uncertainty and creating the angle and the edge. Misbah pushes it to fine leg for a single. End of the 4th over, South Africa are fired up, Pakistan 9 for 3.

  • Over 3 - Pak 7/2 ( Manzoor 4)

    Good balls for Steyn, just pitching it outside off and swinging it away from the batsmen, Ali leaves the balls watchfully. WICKET! Another wicket, not celebrating too much but South Africa get another one. Steyn gets it on the mark, it moves just enough and Ali edges it to Kallis and is out for 3. Pakistan 2 wickets down for 7 runs. Younus Khan comes out to bat.

  • Over 2 - Pak 7/1 (Ali 3, Manzoor 4)

    WICKET! Philander strikes, pitches in line and moves off the seam and Masood edges it to the keeper, South Africa get their first wicket. Azhar Ali walks out to join Manzoor. Ali pushes it through slips and gully for three runs, good running between the wickets. Younus Khan is padded up. Manzoor blocks the last ball, Pakistan 7 for 1.


    Over 1 - Pak 4/0 (Masood 0, Manzoor 4)

    Steyn starts with the ball, Pakistan need 40 to win in their second innings. Manzoor takes strike, leaves a few outside off stump. Manzoor pushes his front foot out, and punches this through the covers for four to end the over.


    TEA DAY 4

    It is tea on day four and Pakistan have done well to dismiss South Africa for 232 in 82.4 overs. South Africa started the day on 72 for 4, and good contributions from AB de Villiers and Peterson helped them to avoid an innings defeat. Pakistan need 40 runs to win after tea.

  • Over 82.4 - SA 232/10 (Peterson 47)

    Peterson takes a single to start the over, WICKET! Ajmal pushes an off break, Philander edges it and Akmal juggles it but holds on in the end. SA lose their 9th wicket, the lead is 39 runs. Morne Morkel is the last man in, Peterson on 47 at the other end. That was Ajmal's 50th wicket in the UAE. WICKET! Morkel does not last long, pushes one straight back to Ajmal who takes an easy catch. Pakistan will need 40 runs to win.


    Over 82 - SA 231/8 (Philander 10, Peterson 46)

    Babar continues, good dot balls to start the over, three fielders around the bat. Philander leaves a ball alone and it just misses the stumps, good bowling from Babar. A maiden in the end, another very good over from Babar.


    Over 81 - SA 231/8 (Philander 10, Peterson 46)

    A wide ball from Ajmal and Peterson puts it away through the off side to deep point for two runs. The new ball is due but is not taken, the reviews have been reset. Peterson heaves it away on the leg side through midwicket for four, great shot. Dropped, Peterson edges it to Akmal who drops it, Ajmal is furious. SA lead by 38 runs.


    Over 80 - SA 225/8 (Philander 10, Peterson 40)

    The new ball will be due after this over. Babar continues, Philander blocks and blocks and then takes a single to mid off. End of the over, SA lead by 32 and the new ball is due.

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Match Details

14th - 18th Oct 2013
South Africa won the toss and elected to bat.
Sheikh Zayed Stadium
P R Reiffel, R J Tucker
TV Umpire
I J Gould
Match Referee
D C Boon
Reserve Umpire
S Raza


Batsman R
K. Manzoor c de Villiers b Philander 4
S.M. Khan c de Villiers b Philander 0
A. Ali c Kallis b Steyn 3
Y.M. Khan Not out 9
M.K. Niazi Not out 28
Extras 1lb 1
Total 13.5 Overs 45 - 3
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Bowler O M R W
D.W. Steyn 5 3 7 1
V.D. Philander 5 1 11 2
M. Morkel 2 0 12 0
R.J. Peterson 1.5 0 14 0
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