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South Africa win by 9 wickets

Pakistan vs S Africa


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    Many minor awards are being dished out, as is the practice on the sub-continent, but it is another Man of the Match award for Dale Steyn, whose early wickets put the skids under Pakistan.



    South Africa have won this first T20I at an absolute canter. Pakistan were under pressure from the start, losing 3 wickets in the first 2 overs. Umar Akmal scored 49, but the bowling was superb. Tsotsobe took 2-9, Steyn 3-15, McLaren 1-29, Tahir 2-17. Amla hit some sweet boundaries at the start before losing his wicket to an overoptimistic shot. After that, de Kock, who reached his highest score in this format, and du Plessis were never under pressure as they took their team home with plenty to spare. De Kock finished on 48 and du Plessis on 37. Tanvir had the only wicket, while Ajmal was tidy in conceding just 12 in his spell of four overs although SA did not feel the need to attack him given the low target.



    South Africa win by 9 wickets, with 33 balls to spare.


    Over 14.3 - SA 99/1 - de Kock 48 (38) du Plessis 37 (40)

    De Kock cuts the first ball away for 4, but unselfishly runs a single to tie the scores. Du Plessis pushes it thorugh the inner ring and South Africa have won this match with plenty to spare. Afridi 2.3 0-16-0.


    Over 14 - SA 93/1 - de Kock 43 (36) du Plessis 36 (39)

    Ajmal comes back for his last over, and is treated with a bit more respect until de Kock decides to slog-sweep him for 4. He rolled his wrists nicely. Ajmal 4-0-12-0.


    Over 13 - SA 86/1 - de Kock 37 (32) du Plessis 35 (37)

    De Kock launches another one into the stands, but almost holes out as he mis-times a lofted on drive next ball. Hafeez 3-0-24-0.


    Over 12 - SA 75/1 - de Kock 27 (27) du Plessis 34 (36)

    Rehman greeted by du Plessis ramping him over the keeper for 4. Worse is to come as de Kock launches him deep into the stands at mid wicket. Not to be outdone, du Plessis goes straight down the ground for another 6. Rehman 1-0-18-0.


    Over 11 - SA 57/1 - de Kock 20 (24) du Plessis 23 (33)

    Hafeez returns, and is scooped over short fine leg with no real power by du Plessis. The singles keep ticking over. Hafees 2-0-13-0.


    Over 10 - SA 53/1 - de Kock 18 (20) du Plessis 21 (31)

    Accurate bowling from Ajmal, and there is no need to play risky shots. Du Plessis does end the over by chipping one over mid wicket. Ajmal 3-0-5-0.


    Over 9 - SA 51/1 - de Kock 18 (20) du Plessis 19 (25)

    Afridi has an appeal for LBW as he slides one into du Plessis, but he survives. The replay shows it just clipping off stump. No reviews in T20, but even if there were he would have survived. Afridi 2-0-10-0.


    Over 8 - SA 46/1 - de Kock 16 (18) du Plessis 17 (21)

    Four dots from Ajmal puts some pressure on the batsmen, and they take a risky single to Malik as du Plessis again cannot pierce the inner ring. Ajmal 2-0-3-0.


    Over 7 - SA 45/1 - de Kock 16 (17) du Plessis 16 (16)

    Du Plessis has been patient, but makes the most of a long hop from Afridi. De Kock is beaten by the last ball and Akmal has an optimistic appeal for the stumping - it will not even be referred upstairs. Afridi 1-0-6-0.


    Over 6 - SA 39/1 - de Kock 15 (15) du Plessis 11 (12)

    Ajmal starts with 2 singles and ends with 4 dots, tidy bowling but the task still looks far too easy for South Africa. Ajmal 1-0-2-0.


    Over 5 - SA 37/1 - de Kock 14 (14) du Plessis 10 (7)

    Some poor timing from de Kock, but then hits an off drive right out of the screws for his first boundary. More width for du Plessis and he strikes a beautiful off drive as well. Tanvir 2-0-21-1.


    Over 4 - SA 24/1 - de Kock 7 (11) du Plessis 4 (4)

    De Kock flicks nicely through mid wicket but then mis-times a drive and a pull. A thick inside edge is compounded by poor fielding from Tanvir. Irvan 2-0-7-0.


    Over 3 - SA 20/1 - de Kock 3 (5) du Plessis 4 (4)

    WICKET! Amla b Sohail Tanvir 13 (9). Amla hits a classical cover drive, then decides to walk across and expose his stumps off the next ball, and Tanvir hits. Du Plessis shoulders arms to his first as Tanvir goes around the wicket. He is soon flicking to fine leg, and should have been taken by irfan but the big man had come in too far off the boundary. Tanfir 1-0-8-1.


    Over 2 - SA 12/0 - Amla 9 (7) de Kock 3 (5)

    Amla almost in trouble as he chases a wide delivery from Irfan, but is beaten by the extra bounce from the big man. Irfan firing at over 140 km/h from the start. Irfan fields well off the last ball as de Kock plays straight. Irfan 1-0-3-0.


    Over 1 - SA 9/0 - Amla 8 (4) de Kock 1 (2)

    Amla survives a chance off the first ball as he edges to first slip, but Maqsood was too slow to react. No chance off the next ball, driven past mid off with exquisite timing. SA well on their way already. Hafeez 1-0-9-0.


    Between innings

    Pakistan have been humbled after winning the toss. Tsotsobe and Steyn took three wickets in the first 2 overs, and Pakistan never recovered. Umar Akmal scored a solid 49, but the bowlers took all the honours. Tsotsobe bowled out at the start of the innings, taking 2-9 while Steyn finished on 3-15. Tahir also had 2-17, both victims drawn forward and stumped off wides. Pakistan will have to bowl out of their skins to save this one.


    Over 20 - Pak 98/9 - Rehman 7 (12)

    WICKET! Umar Akmal run out (de Kock) 49 (41). Rehman misses one over the stumps, and they run the bye to give Akmal the strike but de Kock hits with his underarm throw. WICKET! Saeed Ajmal b Steyn 0 (1). Ajmal steps right across and looks to scoop it over fine leg, but it swings in a bit and clips off stump. Steyn 4-0-15-3.

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Match Details

13th Nov 2013
Pakistan won the toss and elected to bat.
Dubai International Cricket Stadium
A Ahsan, S Shozab
TV Umpire
Z Zameer
Match Referee
R S Ranjan
Reserve Umpire
A Ahmed


Batsman R
H.M. Amla b Tanvir 13
Q. de Kock Not out 48
F. du Plessis Not out 37
Extras 1lb 1
Total 14.3 Overs 99 - 1
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Bowler O M R W
M. Hafeez 3 0 24 0
Iqbal 2 0 7 0
S. Tanvir 2 0 21 1
S. Ajmal 4 0 12 0
S.S.M.K. Afridi 2.3 0 16 0
A. Rehman 1 0 18 0
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