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South Africa win by an innings and 92 runs

Pakistan vs S Africa


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    South Africa win

    So South Africa have won the second Test by an innings and 92 runs, and the series has finished 1-1. Graeme Smith is the Man of the Match for his monumental innings, and AB de Villiers is the Man of the Series.


    Over 135.1 Pak 326 all out

    WICKET! Asad Shafiq st de Villiers b Duminy 130 (320). At last Shafiq makes the mistake, dancing down the track to Duminy and this time de Villiers makes no mistake with the stumping. Zulfiqar Babar will not bat, and that is the end of the Test. Steyn 1/48, Philander 1/34, Tahir 3/98, Duminy 3/67 (his best in Tests), Elgar 1/3.


    Over 135 Pak 326/8 (Shafiq 130, Junaid 2)

    Junaid misses a huge swing against Tahir, but it misses the stumps as well. The resistance continues.


    Over 134 Pak 326/8 (Shafiq 130, Junaid 2)

    Duminy continues and gets Junaid driving off the thick edge. Shafiq dances down the track but does not get enough bat on it to reach the boundary.


    Over 133 Pak 323/8 (Shafiq 129, Junaid 0)

    Shafiq tried to get Tahir away, and did hit one to the cover sweeper early in the over, but can't retain the strike.


    Over 132 Pak 323/8 (Shafiq 129, Junaid 0)

    WICKET! Mohammad Irfan b Duminy 14 (29). For the second time in the innings, Duminy strikes with the first ball of a spell. Irfan played down the wrong line. Duminy is getting some sharp turn, but must pitch it a bit shorter to do so.


    Over 131 Pak 323/7 (Shafiq 129, Irfan 14)

    It is that time as Shafiq turns down easy singles to protect his partner. He almost gives it away as Steyn drops one short and he is beaten on the hook. He chases a wide delivery, but an appeal for a catch be de Villiers is turned down. He connects with a pull off the last ball, but might have preferred a single to the boundary that results.


    Over 130 Pak 319/7 (Shafiq 125, Irfan 14)

    Irfan doesn't mind Tahir's googly, swatting him twice through mid wicket. He is beaten by the leg spinner, but does have a new highest Test score to his name.


    Over 129 Pak 311/7 (Shafiq 125, Irfan 6)

    Steyn does find the edge of Irfan's bat but it scuttles past the slips for a four. He proceeds to edge the next into the ground and gets off strike with a neat push to the off side. Drinks will be taken.


    Over 128 Pak 306/7 (Shafiq 125, Irfan 1)

    Imran Tahir gets one to kick out of the rough, but the googly was heading down leg side and the only result is a couple of byes.


    Over 127 Pak 304/7 (Shafiq 125, Irfan 1)

    Steyn is back. Irfan sees off the over, but Steyn wants a REVIEW on the last ball. Smith waits a while before acceding, but the replay shows the ball was going way down leg side. Shafiq turned tdown the chance of an easy leg bye in order to keep the strike against Tahir.


    Over 126 Pak 304/7 (Shafiq 125, Irfan 1)

    Tahir concentrates on accuracy to Shafiq, but is edged by Irfan wide of slip.


    Over 125 Pak 302/7 (Shafiq 124, Irfan 0)

    Philander swings it past the outside edge of Irfan's bat a few times as the tall man gropes forward.


    Over 124 Pak 301/7 (Shafiq 123, Irfan 0)

    WICKET! Saeed Ajmal lbw b Imran Tahir 9 (28). Tahir does him with the slider. Ajmal played back and that hit him plumb in front, and he will not ask for the review this time. Tahir now has 3/88 to go with the five in the first innings. Irfan gets a thick inside edge into the pads as he goes for a big heave early on.


    Over 123 Pak 301/6 (Shafiq 123, Ajmal 9)

    Shafiq has not had much of the strike since tea, and has only added a single. He plays a few shots to Philander but can't beat the field. Eventually he gets a shorter ball and gratefully tugs it away to long leg, and then drives off the back foot to raise the 300.


    Over 122 Pak 293/6 (Shafiq 115, Ajmal 9)

    Imran Tahir has an lbw shout, but the googly was clipping leg stump and umpire Tucker's call of not out would have been upheld. He has another shout later as Ajmal pushes forward but again it is denied.


    Over 121 Pak 293/6 (Shafiq 115, Ajmal 9)

    Philander is back, and Ajmal continues to attempt to give the slips some catching practice. However, as the old pro would say, he's not good enough to nick it. Ajmal does make contact with an ungainly pull through mid wicket for a couple.


    Over 120 Pak 290/6 (Shafiq 115, Ajmal 6)

    Tahir bowls a tidy maiden over to Shafiq.


    Over 119 Pak 290/6 (Shafiq 115, Ajmal 6)

    A flurry of extras as Morkel oversteps - that hasn't happened as often as was his wont - and Ajmal gets one off the pads to fine leg. Apart from that, Morkel beat Ajmal at will outside off stump.


    Over 118 Pak 283/6 (Shafiq 115, Ajmal 4)

    Tahir gets some extra bounce to beat Shafiq on the cut.

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Match Details

23rd - 27th Oct 2013
Pakistan won the toss and elected to bat.
Dubai International Cricket Stadium
I J Gould, R J Tucker
TV Umpire
P R Reiffel
Match Referee
D C Boon
Reserve Umpire
S Raza


Batsman R
S.M. Khan lbw Steyn 0
K. Manzoor c Kallis b Philander 0
A. Ali lbw Duminy 19
Y.M. Khan b Tahir 36
M.K. Niazi c Kallis b Elgar 88
A. Shafiq s de Villiers b Duminy 130
A. Akmal lbw Tahir 5
S. Ajmal lbw Tahir 9
M. Irfan b Duminy 14
J.M. Khan Not out 2
Extras 2nb, 1w, 1 5lb 23
Total All Out, 135.1 Overs 326
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Bowler O M R W
D.W. Steyn 22 9 48 1
V.D. Philander 19 7 34 1
M. Morkel 22 7 47 0
M.I. Tahir 42 14 98 3
J.H. Kallis 7 3 9 0
J.P. Duminy 21.1 3 67 3
D. Elgar 2 0 3 1
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