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South Africa win by 68 runs

Pakistan vs S Africa


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    South Africa win by 69 runs

    South Africa win the 3rd ODI by 69 runs. They batted well, all batsmen contributing to their total which was 259 after 50 overs. Pakistan got off to a great start but then Steyn pulled things back with the wicket of Shehzad, Tsotsobe bowled a brilliant spell creating lots of pressure and Tahir claimed 4 wickets to really out play Pakistan. South Africa lead the series 2-1.

  • Over 44.3 - Pak 191/10 (Irfan 4)

    McLaren continues, Tanvir hits it straight down the ground, over the umpire's head for four. WICKET! Tanvir goes for the duck hook, Pakistan all out for 191, and South Africa win by 68 runs.


    Over 44 - Pak 187/9 (Tanvir 27, Irfan 4)

    Morkel starts his 9th over. A late appeal for caught behind, umpires not interested. Tanvir walks across his stumps, tries to hit it to fine leg but misses. Pakistan have not chased down more than 250 runs in ODIs for over two years. A single to Tanvir, Irfan will have to negotiate the last ball of the over.

  • Over 43 - Pak 186/9 (Tanvir 26, Irfan 4)

    WICKET! Ajmal tries to sweep Tahir and is hit on the pad in front of the stumps, lbw, Pakistan lose their 9th wicket. Irfan comes out to bat. Irfan hits it straight over the non-striker's head for four straight down the ground. Tahir ends with 10 overs, 1 maiden, 4 wickets for 53 runs.

  • Over 42 - Pak 182/8 (Tanvir 26, Ajmal 1)

    Morkel brought back into the attack to break this partnership. WICKET! Morkel pitches it up and Riaz edges it to the keeper, the partnership has ended, Pakistan 8 down for 177. Ajmal comes in to bat, required rate is over 9 per over. Ajmal pulls it to deep square leg to get off the mark. A yorker and a short ball from Morkel. Tanvir swipes it over the keepers head and it runs down to third man for four, lucky runs for Pakistan.


    Over 41 - Pak 177/7 (Tanvir 22, Riaz 33)

    Pakistan need 92 from 60 balls, Tahir comes back into the attack after the power play. A full toss from Tahir, worked to short fine leg for a single. Another full toss, Tanvir sweeps it and gets four through deep square leg. The highest 8th wicket partnership in ODIs in Abu Dhabi comes up. Tanvir reverse sweeps it for four. A misunderstanding, but Tanvir is sent back in time and is safe. Pakistan chipping along on 177 for 7.

  • Over 40 - Pak 168/7 (Tanvir 14, Riaz 32)

    Nine runs per over needed from here on in, Riaz muscles it over long on for a six. McLaren bowls the off cutter slower ball and Riaz hits it out of the park. The 50 run partnership comes up for Pakistan. End of the power play, Pakistan 168 for 7 after 40 overs.


    Over 39 - Pak 160/7 (Tanvir 14, Riaz 25)

    Riaz attacking Steyn, drives it through cover for four, good start of the over for Pakistan. The required rate is now hovering around 9 per over. Another drive through the cover from Riaz, the extra cover fielder gets a hand to it but it goes for four. Pakistan need 100 to win. Pakistan 161 for 7 after 39 overs.


    Over 38 - Pak 152/7 (Tanvir 14, Riaz 16)

    McLaren comes into the attack, starts with a slower shorter ball. Riaz hits it through the off side for four, the slower one from McLaren and Riaz picks it up and dispatches it for four. Another short ball from McLaren. A good yorker from McLaren, very close to the off stump. A single from the last ball, Pakistan bring their 150 up.


    Over 37 - Pak 147/7 (Tanvir 14, Riaz 11)

    Steyn comes back to bowl in the power play, and he starts off with a slower ball. Riaz takes a single, Tanvir hits it down the ground for four through mid off. A swing and a miss from Steyn. Tanvir takes a single to bring Riaz back on strike. Riaz hits it one bounce to Morkel at third man for a single. Pakistan 147 for 7 after 37 overs.

  • Over 36 - Pak 140/7 (Tanvir 9, Riaz 9)

    Morkel starts his 7th over, Riaz tries to smash it but has to duck to a good ball. The power play has started, Riaz hoicks it over point for a couple of runs. The power play could bring wickets for South Africa as Riaz is looking to take chances. The asking rate is 8.5 per over. A wide from Morkel down the leg side. Riaz works the ball to deep square leg for a single. Good over from Morkel, Pakistan 140 for 7.


    Over 35 - Pak 134/7 (Tanvir 8, Riaz 5)

    Tahir continues and starts the over with a wide down leg, and de Kock struggles to collect it and it goes for four wides. Tanvir goes over the top of mid off and hits it for four straight down the ground. Good over for Pakistan 10 runs from it.


    Over 34 - Pak 124/7 (Tanvir 4, Riaz 4)

    Morkel brought back into the attack, he has 5 overs remaining. Morkel bowls a couple of good length balls, then Riaz gets a short one and then the yorker, good display of fast bowling from Morkel. Riaz takes a single to end the over, Pakistan 124 for 7.


    Over 33 - Pak 123/7 (Tanvir 4, Riaz 3)

    Tahir starts his 7th over. Riaz gets a single to square leg, Tanvir blocks a few, misses a few and then edges it to third man for a couple of runs. Good over, Pakistan 123 for 7 after 33 overs.


    Over 32 - Pak 120/7 (Tanvir 2, Riaz 2)

    McLaren continues, a couple of plays and misses from Tanvir. A leg bye to Tanvir, who pads it to the leg side. Another single to end the over, Pakistan 120 for 7 after 32 overs.


    Over 31 - Pak 118/7 (Tanvir 1, Riaz 1)

    Tahir continues, good delivery to start against Riaz. A big shout for lbw, but given not out by the umpire, AB thinks about it, consults his players and goes for the review. Replays show it was hitting Riaz just outside the line of the stumps, very close call thogh. Decision stands, Riaz survives.

  • Over 30 - Pak 118/7 (Tanvir 1, Riaz 1)

    McLaren continues to Afridi, a swing and a miss from the first ball. Another slower ball, Afridi misses the short completely. WICKET! Afridi goes for the review, for no reason, umpire gives it out and the third umpire gives it out. Pakistan lose their review, poor decision to review such a straight forward wicket. Good bowling from McLaren, Pakistan lose their 7th wicket with the asking rate over 7 per over. Riaz is the new batsman, Riaz gets a single to end the over.

  • Over 29 - Pak 116/6 (Tanvir 1, Afridi 6)

    WICKET! Tahir continues and Shafiq edges it to Faf at short mid off. Tahir picks up his 3rd wicket. Full toss and pushed through the off side for a single by Tanvir. Afridi cuts it for a single to sweeper cover. Good over from Tahir, Pakistan 116 for 6 after 29 overs.


    Over 28 - Pak 114/5 (Shafiq 10, Afridi 5)

    Four, Afridi edges it through the vacant slip region for four to third man. McLaren continues, Afridi trying to hit everything out of the park. A short ball, McLaren drifts down leg and umpire calls it a wide. Afridi inside edges it to fine leg for a single. Shafiq hits it in the air, over extra cover for a single. Pakistan 114 for 5 after 28 overs.


    Over 27 - Pak 106/5 (Shafiq 9)

    Tahir brought back into the attack, to replace Steyn. A quick single to Akmal down to short fine leg, and then Tahir bowls a wide down leg. WICKET! A low full toss and Akmal hits it straight back to Tahir who takes a good catch. Pakistan lose their 5th wicket.

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Match Details

6th Nov 2013
South Africa won the toss and elected to bat.
Sheikh Zayed Stadium
A Ahsan, R K Richard
TV Umpire
S J Stephen
Match Referee
R S Ranjan
Reserve Umpire
Z Zameer


Batsman R
M. Hafeez c du Plessis b Morkel 15
A. Shehzad c Amla b Steyn 32
U. Amin c de Kock b Tsotsobe 13
M.K. Niazi lbw Tahir 19
A. Shafiq c du Plessis b Tahir 11
U. Akmal c&b Tahir 7
S.S.M.K. Afridi lbw McLaren 6
S. Tanvir c Amla b McLaren 31
W. Riaz c de Kock b Morkel 33
S. Ajmal lbw Tahir 1
M. Irfan Not out 4
Extras 12w, 5b, 2lb 19
Total All Out, 44.3 Overs 191
Full Batting Card


Bowler O M R W
M. Morkel 9 1 35 2
L.L. Tsotsobe 10 2 34 1
D.W. Steyn 8 0 31 1
M.I. Tahir 10 1 53 4
R. McLaren 7.3 0 31 2
Full Bowling Card