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South Africa win by 6 runs

Pakistan vs S Africa


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    SA win by 6 runs

    South Africa win a thriller by 6 wickets, after winning the toss and electing to bat. South Africa scored 150 from their 20 overs, with the captain getting a handy 50. Pakistan began well, and were cruising towards the target when Akmal and Maqsood were batting, but collapsed with double strikes from Tahir. South Africa fought back to win the game by 6 runs and the series 2-0.


    Over 20 - Pak 144/9 (Ajmal 7, Irfan 2)

    Parnell to bowl the final over, 10 needed from it. Ajmal mistimes the pull shot to midwicket for a single. Full toss, Irfan smashes it back to Parnell who makes a good stop. A single, Irfan chips it to mid off and is struggling to run. 8 runs required from 3 balls. Ajmal gets a yorker and is not able to put it away, digs it out for no run. Two boundaries needed from two balls now. Ajmal gets a single and a dot ball to end the innings. South Africa win by 6 runs, great last over from Parnell, just three coming from it.

  • Over 19 - Pak 141/9 (Ajmal 5, Irfan 1)

    Steyn starts his last over, Afridi gets a single from the first ball. 13 runs need from 11 balls. Ajmal gets a single to long on bringing Afridi on strike. WICKET! Steyn strikes for South Africa, it is slower and fuller from Steyn, Afridi tries to go inside out only to find Faf. Pakistan lose their 9th wicket, Irfan who has injured his hamstring earlier, comes out to bat. Irfan gets a single to third man. Great over from Steyn, four runs and a wicket from it.


    Over 18 - Pak 137/8 (Ajmal 3, Afridi 13)

    McLaren starts his final over, a leg bye from the first ball brings Ajmal on strike. Afridi runs it down to fine leg for a couple and then takes a single. Ajmal takes a single to mid wicket, Afridi on strike. Six, Afridi lifts this over midwicket for a six, Pakistan need 15 from 13 balls. A single to end the over which mean Afridi will keep strike.

  • Over 17 - Pak 125/8 (Ajmal 2, Afridi 3)

    Steyn comes back into the attack, he has two overs remaining. Afridi gets a single and then Tanvir hits it through fine leg for four. WICKET! Steyn strikes, Tanvir is bowled and Pakistan are falling apart again. Ajmal walks out to bat and Steyn starts with a wide outside off. A couple of singles, Steyn making it difficult for the batsmen to play his swing. End of the over, Pakistan need 26 runs from 18 balls.

  • Over 16 - Pak 116/7 (Tanvir 2, Afridi 2)

    Pakistan collapse, Maqsood falls caught behind to Parnell for 37. Pakistan lose their 7th wicket and need Tanvir walks out to bat. Three wickets in three balls, South Africa back into this game because of double strikes from Tahir and then a great catch from de Kock. Tanvir runs it down to third man for a single, giving the strike to Afridi. End of the 16th over, Pakistan need 35 runs from 24 balls.

  • Over 15 - Pak 112/6 (Maqsood 37, Afridi 0)

    Tahir starts his final over. A couple of runs from the first ball and then Tahir bowls two wides in a row. Maqsood gets a single, Malik gets a single through midwicket. WICKET! Tahir strikes, Malik bowled for 15 runs, Pakistan lose half their side for 112. Razzaq comes out to bat, WICKET! A double strike from Tahir, bowled again. South Africa right back into this match, Pakistan need 39 from 30 balls.

  • Over 14 - Pak 105/4 (Maqsood 33, Malik 14)

    Pakistan need 55 runs from 42 balls to win this game. McLaren starts his third over, Maqsood gets a single with a chip to long on and Umar Akmal gets a boundary from the second ball of the over. WICKET! Akmal throws his wicket away, there was no need for the hook shot, he hits it straight to fine leg. Malik who was injured earlier comes out to bat again, South Africa sniff a chance here. A couple of runs to Maqsood who runs the ball to fine leg. Good batting from Maqsood, nine runs from the over again from McLaren.


    Over 13 - Pak 96/3 (Maqsood 29, U Akmal 7)

    Three singles to start the Tahir over, third umpire called in for a stumping, de Kock looks confident. A tight call but the batsman has some part of his boot inside the crease, Maqsood survives. A single to Maqsood who pushes the ball to long on. Two byes to end the over, six runs from it. Pakistan on track with 96 for 3 from 13 overs.


    Over 12 - Pak 90/3 (Maqsood 27, U Akmal 5)

    A couple of runs to start McLaren's second over, Akmal works it to deep midwicket and comes back for a risky second run. A chance of a run out but Akmal is safe. McLaren's first over went for 9 runs. Maqsood runs the ball down to third man for two runs. Maqsood hits it straight down the ground for four from the last ball. Nine runs from the over, South Africa need a couple of wickets to stem the run flow.


    Over 11 - Pak 81/3 (Maqsood 21, U Akmal 2)

    Pakistan need 76 runs from 10 overs with 7 wickets in hand. Malik is retired hurt, he was hit on his gloves and split the webbing on his hand with blood oozing out of the wound. Umar Akmal walks out to bat. A quick over from Tahir, six runs from it.


    Over 10 - Pak 75/3 (Maqsood 17, Malik 13)

    Parnell comes into the attack and Maqsood decides to attack him. Six from the first ball, Maqsood hits it over long off and clears the boundary. A few singles and then Malik dabs it past the keeper for four to third man, dangerous shot but he plays it well. Good over for Pakistan, 13 runs from it, they are ahead of SA at the halfway mark with 75 for 3 after 10 overs.


    Over 9 - Pak 62/3 (Maqsood 9, Malik 8)

    Faf brings Tahir into the attack, good move from South Africa. Tahir starts off with a good over, just four singles from it, South Africa looking to build some pressure.


    Over 8 - Pak 58/3 (Maqsood 7, Malik 6)

    Tsotsobe comes back into the attack. Maqsood hits the ball sweetly through deep midwicket for four, and follows it up with a single. He is such a talent for Pakistan. Malik takes a single, the required rate still around 7.7 per over. Maqsood runs it down to third man for a single. Pakistan 58 for 3 after 8 overs.

  • Over 7 - Pak 50/3 (Maqsood 1, Malik 4)

    Henry Davids comes in to bowl, good time for him to come into the attack. He is relatively new in this side and bowling just after a couple of wickets have gone down will help him. WICKET! Davids gets the third wicket, Jamshed caught by Amla, brings Sohaib Maqsood to the crease. End of the 7th over, Pakistan 50 for 3.

  • Over 6 - Pak 44/2 (Jamshed 18, Malik 3)

    Double change for South Africa, Parnell comes into the attack. WICKET! The bowling change has worked, South Africa strike, Shehzad caught by McLaren, a short ball from Parnell and Shehzad mistimes the pull shot. Hafeez, the T20 captain, walks out to bat. WICKET! Hafeez does not last for long, Parnell strikes again, Hafeez out lbw for a duck.Shoaib Malik walks out to bat with Parnell on a hat-trick. Replays show that Hafeez was unlucky with the lbw decision and the ball was clearly going over the stumps. A couple of runs to Malik and Parnell bowls a no ball. Free hit time but the field can change as they took a single. A single from the extra delivery, Jamshed runs it down to third man. Pakistan 44 for 2 after 6 overs.


    Over 5 - Pak 39/0 (Jamshed 17, Shehzad 21)

    McLaren brought into the attack to replace Steyn, a dot ball to start and the he bowls a wide down leg. A couple of singles and then a brace for Shehzad through to mid on. Four, Shehzad spoils the over for McLaren by driving this to the deep midwicket boundary. A single to end the over, nine runs from it. Pakistan going at just under 8 runs per over.


    Over 4 - Pak 30/0 (Jamshed 16, Shehzad 14)

    Tsotsobe to Shehzad, who goes for the hoick, trying to play it across the line of the ball and misses. Shehzad gets two runs through extra cover. Poor running from these two, that should have been three. Two more through cover, Shehzad then gets his first boundary, the on drive through deep midwicket getting him four runs. Four more, two boundaries to end an expensive over, Shehzad dispatches this one through sweeper cover, Pakistan 30 from 4 overs.


    Over 3 - Pak 18/0 (Jamshed 16, Shehzad 2)

    Steyn continues and Jamshed gets two to long on, did not middle the ball but he is looking to go after the bowling. A single to Jamshed brings Shehzad on strike. It was going to be a good over, but Jamshed gets a boundary from the last ball, Pakistan 18 after 3 overs.


    Over 2 - Pak 10/0 (Jamshed 9, Shehzad 1)

    Tsotsobe will start from the other end, Shehzad gets a single to mid off. SA will be looking for the early wicket to dent Pakistan's chances of chasing this target down. Jamshed gets the first boundary off the innings to get off the mark, a leading edge that flies to the third man boundary. Four more, this time between midwicket and long on, a good short arm jab from Jamshed. Jamshed gets a single to third man. Ten runs from the over, Pakistan 10 for no loss after 2 overs.

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Match Details

15th Nov 2013
South Africa won the toss and elected to bat.
Dubai International Cricket Stadium
A Ahsan, Z Zameer
TV Umpire
A Ahmed
Match Referee
R S Ranjan
Reserve Umpire
Q Qaiser


Batsman R
N. Jamshed c Amla b Davids 19
A. Shehzad c McLaren b Parnell 21
M. Hafeez lbw Parnell 0
S. Malik b Tahir 15
S. Maqsood c de Kock b Parnell 37
U. Akmal c Tahir b McLaren 11
A. Razzaq b Tahir 0
S.S.M.K. Afridi c du Plessis b Steyn 14
S. Tanvir b Steyn 6
S. Ajmal Not out 7
M. Irfan Not out 2
Extras 1nb, 7w, 2b, 2lb 12
Total 20.0 Overs 144 - 9
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Bowler O M R W
D.W. Steyn 4 1 20 2
L.L. Tsotsobe 3 0 30 0
R. McLaren 4 0 38 1
W.D. Parnell 4 0 25 3
H. Davids 1 0 6 1
M.I. Tahir 4 0 21 2
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