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South Africa win by 1 run

Pakistan vs S Africa


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    Man of the Match

    Aside from a host of minor awards from various sponsors, Parnell is named the Man of the Match for his 56 and 3/41.



    SOUTH AFRICA WIN BY 1 RUN! The experts said at one stage that 180 might be enough to win, and so it proved. SA struggled to 183, thanks mainly to a maiden 50 from Wayne Parnell. Saeed Ajmal and Shahid Afridi share 7 wickets as SA battled with the bowling. Pakistan were cruising to victory, but even as the fat lady was warming up the vocal chords, Pakistan suffered the most astonishing collapse. From 165/4, needing just 19 more, the last 6 wickets fell for 17. Morkel took 2/23, Tsotsobe 2/28, Parnell 3/41 and Tahir 3/45. What a start to the series, SA lead 1-0 with 4 to play.


    Over 47.3 Pak 182 all out

    Morkel returns and is worked through mid wicket for a single by Ajmal. irfan lets the second swing in too late to hit the timber. WICKET! Mohammad Irfan b Morkel 2 (9). Saeed Ajmal not out 1 (7). Morkel keeps his nerve and bowls full and straight, and over go the stumps. There is still a nervous moment as TV Umpire Steve Davis has a look at Morkel's front foot, but maybe he has has kicked that no-ball habit of his.


    Over 46 Pak 181/9 Ajmal 0 (6) Irfan 2 (7)

    Irfan has a swing and somehow it goes off the inside edge and misses the stumps for two runs. He is hit in front next ball and given not out. SA take the REVIEW. It was pad onto bat, but hitting the outside of leg stump and the umpire's decision stands. Irfan pushes the next back to the bowler. Swing and a miss to ball 4, and there was an appeal for the stumping but he was behind the line. Another lusty swing to ball 5, and there is an inside edge before it crashes into the pads. He leaves the last ball.


    Over 45 Pak 179/9 Ajmal 0 (6) Irfan 0 (1)

    Ajmal sneaks one past de Villiers off his pads for 2 leg byes, then somehow is not bowled as Parnell sends the next ball right through him. Parnell beats him with the next ball, and the next. Ajmal goes for the pull off the next and it does not miss the glove by much. Another swing and a miss of the last ball, with Pakistan still needing 5 to win.


    Over 44 Pak 177/9 Ajmal 0 (0) Irfan 0 (1)

    WICKET! Shahid Afridi c Miller b Imran Tahir 9 (5). A grandstand finish brewing here as Afridi goes for the flipper, but it is safely taken just inside the rope at mid wicket. Pakistan are panicking it seems. A legside wide helps but then... WICKET! Wahab Riaz lbw b Imran Tahir 0 (8). Another one slides through and Wahab is plumb in front. Tahir can hardly contain his emotions. There is an optimistic shout for LBW off the last ball but Irfan survives. Pakistan still need 7 to win amidst this amazing collapse.


    Over 43 Pak 174/7 Afridi 7 (3) Wahab 0 (5)

    WICKET! Sohail Tanvir c de Villiers b Tsotsobe 2 (3). The late fightback continues as Tanvir pushes at a Tsotsobe delivery and edges it to the left of the keeper, who dives across and pouches it. Wahab sees off the hat-trick ball. Nevertheless it's all caution from Wahab as Tsotsobe ends his work for the night with a wicket maiden.


    Over 42 Pak 174/6 Afridi 7 (3) Tanvir 2 (2)

    WICKET! Umar Akmal lbw b Imran Tahir 18 (17). Akmal was ready to sweep the first ball of Tahir's new spell, but then changed to a defensive shot at the last second. Too late, the slider rapped him on the pad. He calls a REVIEW, but it was hitting off stump and he has to go. To the cheers of the crowd, Afridi is soon playing the paddle sweep, and to greater cheers smashes one over mid wicket.


    Over 41 Pak 165/5 Akmal 18 (16)

    Tstotsobe is back for what might be his final spell. He surprises Amin with a slower ball, swiping all around it, but hen produces a cracking off drive. WICKET! Umar Amin c de Villiers b Tsotsobe 20 (38). Amin rather hangs his bat out to dry, and gets a faint edge through to the keeper. It's not over yet.


    Over 40 Pak 159/4 Amin 16 (33) Akmal 17 (15)

    McLaren in for a new spell, bowling the last over of the Power Play. He has to wait a bit as there are still problems with the sight screen. When play resumes Akmal tugs one down to fine leg and more work for Morkel as umar Amin drives behind square. Fun and games for Akmal as he almost plays on in defending the yorker, and then gets a bottom edge bouncing through to the keeper aiming another huge slog over mid wicket.


    Over 39 Pak 156/4 Amin 15 (31) Akmal 15 (11)

    An amazing shot from Umar Akmal as he picks up a length ball from Morkel and lofts it way over long on and almost out of the stadium. That brings up the 150. He tickles one off his hips and Tahir makes a fine stop at fine leg to save one.


    Over 38 Pak 147/4 Amin 15 (30) Akmal 6 (6)

    Parnell unlucky there as Amin drives and gets a thick outside edge wide of the keeper. Parnell spoils the over with a knee high full toss down the leg side to concede another wide.


    Over 37 Pak 142/4 Amin 11 (24) Akmal 6 (6)

    Morkel is back for another spell and looks to pepper the body of both batsmen. Umar Akmal gets one pitched up and clears mid off. the next fzzes past the outside edge as he backs away, and then Morkel finds the edge but it does not carry to the man at point.


    Over 36 Pak 139/4 Amin10 (23) Akmal 4 (1)

    There was a delay while some problems were sorted out with the sightscreen.The PowerPlay has had to be taken, and Parnell returns to the attack. Misbah steers one down to 3rd man to complete 4 000 runs in ODIs. WICKET! Misbah-ul-Haq c du Plessis b Parnell 31 (49). His joy at reaching that landmark lasts just one ball as he tries to repeat the shot but is taken at point. Umar Akmal is at the creased, and drills the first one he faces through the covers.


    Over 35 Pak 132/3 Misbah 29 (46) Amin 9 (21)

    McLaren bowling outside the off stump to Misbah and waiting for something to happen.


    Over 34 Pak 128/3 Misbah 27 (42) Amin 7 (19)

    Duminy joins the attack and the batsmen are happy to have a look. Amin goes for the drive off the last ball, and it was in the air for a while but just wide of mid on.


    Over 33 Pak 121/3 Misbah 25 (38) Amin 2 (17)

    Eventually Amin gets one down to third man to break a long drought. Misbah works the single off middle stump as McLaren bowls a little too straight.


    Over 32 Pak 118/3 Misbah 24 (37) Amin 1 (12)

    Misbah picks the googly early.. it was a bit overpitched, and he spanks it over mid-wicket. A long hop follows, and that gets smashed through mid wicket. Misbah then looks for the paddle sweep off the last ball, but has enough time to change his shot to something a bit more conventional and defensive.


    Over 31 Pak 110/3 Misbah 16 (31) Amin 1 (12)

    DRINKS. A good over as McLaren re-enters the attack. Clever use of the bouncer, and good fielding in the inner ring, and the runs are just not coming for Umar Amin. Still, SA have a huge job to prevent Pakistan from scoring 74 in 19 overs for victory as the second drinks break is called.


    Over 30 Pak 109/3 Misbah 15 (29) Amin 1 (8)

    Maiden over as de Villiers keeps the field up to deny Umar Amin the singles. Tahir gets one googly to fizz past the outside edge.

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Match Details

30th Oct 2013
South Africa won the toss and elected to bat.
Sharjah CA Stadium, UAE
R K Richard, S Shozab
TV Umpire
S J Stephen
Match Referee
R S Ranjan
Reserve Umpire
A Ahsan


Batsman R
N. Jamshed c Miller b Morkel 0
A. Shehzad c Smith b Parnell 58
M. Hafeez c de Villiers b Parnell 28
M.K. Niazi c du Plessis b Parnell 31
U. Amin c de Villiers b Tsotsobe 20
U. Akmal lbw Tahir 18
S.S.M.K. Afridi c Miller b Tahir 9
S. Tanvir c de Villiers b Tsotsobe 2
W. Riaz lbw Tahir 0
S. Ajmal Not out 1
M. Irfan b Morkel 2
Extras 9w, 4lb 13
Total All Out, 46.3 Overs 182
Full Batting Card


Bowler O M R W
M. Morkel 9.3 3 23 2
L.L. Tsotsobe 10 3 28 2
W.D. Parnell 8 1 41 3
M.I. Tahir 10 1 45 3
R. McLaren 8 0 34 0
J.P. Duminy 1 0 7 0
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