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England won by 6 wickets.

Pakistan vs England


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    England Win By Six Wickets

    A polished display sees England start their Super Eights campaign with victory over Pakistan. Michael Yardy dragged England back into the game after a sloppy start. His display triggered a batting collapse and Pakistan were restricted to just 147. A few dropped catches from Saeed Ajmal helped England to get off to a brilliant start. Pakistan were never in it after that and England cruised home with KP scoring an unbeaten half-century. Thanks for joining us, but don't go too far as the next game starts in 45 minutes. Do join us then.


    Over 20 Aamer 0-lb1-1

    148-4 - England need just two runs from the final over which will be sent down by Saeed Ajmal. Afridi decides to push mid-on and mid-off out. Strange decision that. Wright sweeps and misses the ball. They take a leg bye to level scores. KP cracks the ball through cover for the winning run. That's that.


    Over 19 Aamer 1-1-4-0-0-0

    146-4 - England need eight runs from the last two overs. Should be easy. Missed chance! Pietersen smashes it straight to backward point and the man throws it to the wicketkeeper to run Luke Wright out, but Akmal can't gather the ball. Pietersen edges England closer with four wide of the man at mid-off. The fielder put the dive in, but it was too fast for him. Aamer surprises all by bowling a shorter one. Another shorter one and KP can't get it away. It will go into the final over.


    Over 18 Ajmal 0-0-4-0-0-W

    140-4 - Ajmal is back for his third over with England needing just 12 more runs to start their Super Eights campaign with a win. After a couple of dot balls, Morgan sweeps powerfully and gets four to deep midwicket. WICKET! Ajmal gets the last laugh. Morgan looks to pull, but fails to make contact and the ball crashes into his stumps.


    Over 17 Asif 1-2-4-0-4-0

    136-3 England's man of the moment Eoin Morgan is the new batsman. He's away with an easy to long-off. KP pushes the ball to deep square leg and sprints back for a second. That was excellent running. Pietersen looks like he wants to finish this very soon as he flicks the ball through square leg for a boundary. Four more to KP, this time it's timed through midwicket.


    Over 16 Afridi 6-0-0-0-1-W

    125-3 - Captain Afridi comes back into the attack with England needing 30 runs from 30 balls. Make that 24 from 29 balls as Pietersen launches it straight over the long-off fence. The six brings up his half century. That's 53 from 37b, 4x4, 2x6. KP cuts for one. WICKET! Collingwood tries to get in on the act, but he ends up holing out to Umar Akmal at long-off. Good catch.


    Over 15 Aamer 4-1-1-0-0-1

    118-2 - Aamer comes back and KP cracks the first ball wide of backward point for four. After a single, Colly decides to hit out, but he doesn't make proper contact and it just clears the man at cover. Ooh, a couple of dot balls from Aamer. The joy is short lived though as KP gets one down the ground to keep the strike.


    Over 14 Ajmal 1-6-0-0-0-1

    111-2 - Saeed Ajmal comes back into the attack. He picked up the first wicket and gave away just two runs. Colly takes a single down the ground. Dropped! Another chance goes begging for Pakistan. KP launches it down the ground, but it's slightly mistimed and goes high in the air. The man at long-off mistimes his jump and ends up palming it over the fence for six. It wasn't an easy chance, but you have to take those if you want to win games.


    Over 13 Asif 1-2-1-2-1-1

    103-2 - Mohammad Asif is back for over number three. The England batsmen climbed into him earlier. After KP pushes the ball down the ground for one, the paceman offers width and Colly cracks it wide of the diving point for a couple. The England century comes up with two down to deep extra cover. This is all too easy. It's one of those performances from Pakistan where they look like they are not even trying.


    Over 12 Afridi 0-1-1-4-1-1

    95-2 - It's all too easy for the England batsmen as they work it around the park for a couple of singles. Collingwood says "thank you very much" as Afridi bowls a short one. The England skipper works it wide of short fine for four. The man on the boundary wasn't interested in getting himself dirty.


    Over 11 Razzaq 4-0-4-1-1-2

    87-2 - Shot from KP! Fine leg is in the circle and he rolls his wrists to run it wide of the man for four. England are in cruise control here. Dropped! Another missed opportunity for Pakistan. Pietersen smacks it hard and straight to the bowler, but Razzaq can't hold on. It was a difficult chance, but you need to hold onto those if you want to win games. Razzaq follows it up with a short and wide ball and Pietersen goes through extra cover for four. After a couple of singles, Pietersen clips it through midwicket and comes back for an easy second.


    Over 10 Afridi 1-1-0-1-1-1

    75-2 - Afridi continues, but Colly and KP get a couple of comfortable singles. The Pakistan skipper hits back and beats KP who was looking guide it down to third man. Ouch! Pietersen plays it through point for one, but he turns on his ankle and needs treatment. Off comes the pads, the shoe and the sock as the physio has a look. Play finally resumes and a limping KP gets one down the ground.


    Over 9 Razzaq W-1-1-2-1-0

    70-2 - Abdul Razzaq is back for his second over. WICKET! Kieswetter's luck finally runs out. The opener launches it high in the air. Everyone's hoping that it's not Saeed Ajmal under the ball. Luckily for Pakistan it's Umar Akmal and he makes no mistake. Paul Collingwood strides out to the middle and he rotates the strike nicely with KP.


    Over 8 Afridi 4-2-0-1-1-0

    65-1 - It's time for Shahid "Boom Boom" Afridi to come into the attack. Can he drag his team back into the game with a couple of wickets? Pietersen welcomes the Pakistan captain to the bowling crease with four over extra cover. Two more to KP, this time through point. After a couple of singles, Afridi gets one to turn and beat KP. No harm done though.


    Over 7 Hafeez 1-1-2-wd+1-6-0-0

    57-1 - It will be spin from both ends as Mohammad Hafeez comes into the attack. After a couple of singles, Pietersen uses is feet to loft it over midwicket. He gets a couple of runs for his effort. A wide down the leg side brings up England's half-century. They need less than 100 to get their Super Eights campaign off to a winning start. Shot, son! Kieswetter is down the track and goes over the deep midwicket fence for six. The ball went into the roof of the Sir Garfield Sobers stand and left a hole in it. That's how you leave your mark or a ground!


    Over 6 Ajmal 1-0-1-W-0-1lb

    45-1 - Saeed Ajmal gets an opportunity to make amends as he comes into the bowling attack. Lumb pulls through midwicket for a single. Kieswetter works behind square for one. WICKET! Ajmal finally has something to smile about. Lumb charges down the track, but he misses the faster ball from the spinner and Kamran Akmal whips the bails off behind him. Here's Kevin Pietersen. KP works it to the on-side for a leg-bye.


    Over 5 Aamer 4-1-0-0-0-0

    42-0 - England are off to a flying start here and Pakistan need to pull something special out here to get back in the game. Bowling down the leg side with fine leg inside the circle is not going to help. Lumb says "thank you very much" as he clips it down to the fine leg boundary. Not again! Well, the ball is really following Ajmal around. Another chipped shot to mid-off and yes, you guessed it, Ajmal gets there, but spills it. I'm sure he wants the ground to open up and swallow him in right now. Bowler and captain are not impressed.


    Over 4 Asif 6-0-4-1-4-4

    37-0 - Finally we see a confident looking shot from one of the England openers. Lumb has his dancing shoes on and creams it over deep backward square leg for the first six of the innings. That really was a good shot. That's how you do it Kieswetter! Add four more to the total as Lumb again uses his feet, but this time he goes over cover. Kieswetter finally makes proper contact as he gives himself room to the leg side to smash it through the covers. Next he gets a top edge over the keeper for four more. An expensive over which yields 19 runs for England.


    Over 3 Aamer 0-wd-4-2-0-0

    18-0 - Mohammad Aamer comes into the attack. After a wide down the leg side, Saeed Ajmal is back in action. Another chip shot from Kieswetter, but this time he just gets finger tips to it. He did his best there, but it just went over him and England get four for it. "It's amazing how the ball follows you when you just dropped a catch", Nasser Hussain tells. us. Another risky shot from Kieswetter. This time it goes high in the air, but there's no one close to it and he gets a couple to midwicket. Kieswetter is not looking very good at the moment.


    Come On England

    "A big shout out to the team at Marketone..... all backing England today then the Windies tomorrow!!" - this from an enthusiastic Marc Egan.

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Match Details

6th May 2010
B F Bowden and R E Koertzen


Batsman R
Lumb st Akmal b Ajmal 25
Kieswetter c Akmal b Razzaq 25
Pietersen not out 73
Collingwood c Akmal b Afridi 16
Morgan b Ajmal 5
Wright not out 1
Extras 3w, 3lb 6
Total Close, 19.3 Overs 151 - 4
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Bowler O M R W
Razzaq 3 0 22 1
Asif 4 0 43 0
M Amir 4 0 25 0
Ajmal 3.3 0 18 2
Hafeez 1 0 12 0
Afridi 4 0 28 1
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