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Australia win by 94 runs

Pakistan vs Australia


Last Updated: September 10, 2012 8:31pm


    That's a wrap

    Saeed Ajmal, wins the man of the series award for his fantsatic display of spin bowling. We look forward to see more from him at the T20 World Cup. This game has wet all of our appetites for the World Cup. Australia showed us today that we cannot count them out of the running with a display that would have challenged any team in World cricket.


    Man of the match

    David Warner wins 'man of the match' for his explosive batting at the top of Australian innings, he scored 59 off 39.


    Victory - Australia

    Victory to Austarlia by 94 runs. Pakistan were under pressure from the very beginning after Australia's record 168 in Dubai today. In my opinion, Razzaq, could have put a little more effort into his innings as he spent long periods probing at the ball. Stay tuned for the 'man of the match.'


    Over 20 Starc W

    74-10 - WICKET!!! All over here as Starc cleans up Ajmals stumps. He tries to work it fine but misses the full ball from round the wicket and is BOWLED for one run.


    Over 19 Cummins 0-0-4-0-0-0

    74-9 - Hasan Prods at a wide one, he manages a thick edge to Cummins dismay as he can only watch as the ball skids to the boundary for FOUR! The game is all but lost for Pakistan but Australia will want to bowl Pakistan all out tonight to cap this great performance.


    Over 18 Maxwell 0-0-1-4b-0-1

    70-9 - Maxwell gets one to beat everything, including the keeper. FOUR byes to Wades dismay as he fails to gather.


    Over 17 Cummins 4-0-W-0-0-0

    64-9 - WICKET!!! The first ball is slow, full and wide. Razzaq makes no mistakes as he pumps the ball high over extra cover for FOUR! The joy is short lived though as Razzaq tries a similar shot but only connects with the toe. The ball skies to third man as substitute David Hussey comes in and makes the catch to his right.


    Over 16 Maxwell 0-1-1-1-W-1

    60-8 - WICKET!!! Poor running from Gul; he fails to pick up his pace as well as sliding his bat in and is found wanting as Hogg gets the ball into the keeper from the deep.


    Over 15 Hogg W-0-0-1-0-0

    57-7 - WICKET!!! Hogg bowls the googly to Arafat, who can't pick it and makes an absolute hash of it. He tries to pull it but it moves away and all he manages is the top edge to White at Slip. Gul, who replaces Arafat, also looks at sea against this display of bowling.


    Over 14 Watson 0-1-1-1-1-1

    56-6 - Singles to long-on and long-off as Australia are happy to allow Pakistan to survive on singles. Fantastic fielding from Christian at backward point saves a boundary from the bat of Razzaq as he uses the bowlers pace to try squeeze a boundary.


    Over 13 Starc 3-0-0-0-1-1

    51-6 - Razzaq has been kept very quiet by the Aussies as it is Arafat, with feet firmly planted, who drives the ball to extra cover as the diving Hussey on the boundary saves the four.


    Over 12 Christain 1-0-0-0-6-1

    46-6 - SIX!!! Arafat hits Pakistan's first SIX as he slogs across the line and connects sweetly as the ball flies for a SIX. He pushes the last ball to sweeper to retain the strike.


    Over 11 Hogg 0-0-0-0-0-0

    38-6 - MAIDEN! First maiden of the match as Hogg displays some great spin. Arafat looks completely out of his depth on this pitch. The RR moves up to 15.


    Over 10 Maxwell 2-W-1-0-1wd-0

    38-6 - WICKET!!! Maxwell gets one to hold up off the pitch, that combined with Jamshed playing early results in the ball being lofted to mid-off for a comfortable catch to Bailey. The crowd start streaming out with that wicket as Arafat comes to the middle.


    Over 9 Hogg 4-1-0-0-0-0

    34-5 - FOUR!!! Pakistan break free with a flat, low mow of a sweep through mid-wicket for FOUR! Hogg does really well though to only a allow one more off the over though as it is nudges to fine leg off a full ball.


    Over 8 Maxwell 0-0-0-1-0-2

    29-5 - Maxwell joins the attack and does well to keep the pressure on the Pakistan batsmen; who look increasingly aggitated. Don't be suprised if we see either a boundary or a wicket soon.


    Over 7 Hogg 0-1wd-0-1-1-0-1

    26-5 - Brad Hogg into the attack as the rate required moves close to 11 off the over. The last hope of victory for Pakistan rests with these two, Australia on the other hand, would love to smash Pakistan ahead of the T20 world cup and go in with a little bit of confidence.


    Over 6 Watson W-1-0-1-0-0

    21-5 - WICKET!!! Fantastic catch from Hussey at deep mid-wicket, Akmal gets under a length ball but does not get enough distance on it, Hussey comes takes it at full sprint but has to turn as he catches it to avoid falling over the boundary, it is referred but the third umpire can find no fault and Razzaq is welcomed to the crease with a massive roar from the crowd; one would think they have forgotten their team is 21-5.


    Over 5 Cummins 1-1-0-0-0-1

    19-4 - Cummins is looking in great form; only allowing 3 singles off the over. He angles the ball beautifully into the wickets and is making the scoring of runs look difficult.


    Over 4 Starc 1-0-0-W-0-0

    16-4 - WICKET!!! Starc continues, as Akmal tries to turn the ball to the leg side but only manages a top edge as the ball is lofted to Watson at mid-off for a simple catch. Pressure is piling on to the Pakistani's now as the Aussies are bowling with great speed and accuracy.

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Match Details

10th Sep 2012
Pakistan won the toss and elected to bowl.
Dubai International Cricket Stadium
A Raza and Z Haider


Batsman R
Hafeez c P.J. Cummins 9
Nazir lbw b M A Starc 1
Jamshed c Bailey b Maxwell 17
Malik b P.J. Cummins 0
Akmal c Watson b M A Starc 0
Akmal c Hussey b Watson 2
Razzaq c sub P.J. Cummins 13
Arafat c White b G.B. Hogg 15
Gul run out 3
Ajmal b M A Starc 1
Hasan Raza not out 5
Extras 4w, 4b 8
Total All Out, 19.1 Overs 74
Full Batting Card

australia BOWLING CARD

Bowler O M R W
Watson 3 0 13 1
M A Starc 3.1 0 11 3
P.J. Cummins 4 0 15 3
G.B. Hogg 4 1 11 1
Maxwell 4 0 12 1
Christian 1 0 8 0
Full Bowling Card