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New Zealand won by 2 wickets.

New Zealand vs Sri Lanka


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    The match winner

    A wicket, three catches and the winning runs make Nathan McCullum the obvious choice as Man of the Match. It's been a great start to the competition, be sure to join us shortly for game two to see if Kieron Pollard can continue his IPL carnage as the hosts take on Ireland.


    Two to look out for

    The momentum ebbed and flowed and there will be aspects to work on for both teams. The Sri Lankans could have been sharper in the field and it was surprising not to see Mendis get a fourth over. New Zealand ultimately got home but nearly threw it away with some questionable running and Jesse Ryder chucking his wicket when he was looking threatening. Both these teams, especially on the slow, low wickets of the Caribbean, have shown that they have potential to be major players in this year's tournament.


    McCullum Cameo

    Nathan McCullum 16 not out off 6 deliveries and a glorious six off Lasith Malinga to win the game, what a cracker to start the tournament.


    Over 20 Malinga 1-1b-4-W-6

    139-8 - Hysterical scenes on the second ball of the over, the batsmen attempting a bye to Sangakkara escape with Malinga rolling the ball wide of the easiest of run out chances!Thrid ball, four. Great stroke from McCullum! Wicket!Vettori turns for a crazy second run and is well short of his ground, so silly, especially when Vettori could have settled for one and kept the strike. It matters not, all the talk of Brendan McCullum, but it's his brother Nathan who's pulled it off with a six off the penultimate ball! New Zealand win by two wickets!


    Over 19 Welegedara W-1,W-1-4-1-3

    126-7 - Why has Sangakkara brought on the expensive Welegedara, and brought fine leg up into the circle? No room for error. But the bowler is left arm, fast and straight and gets the massive Wicket! of Oram! cleaned bowled! Hopkins is in, but doesn't stay long, one ball in fact, with an attempted second run leaving him well short of his ground, Sri Lanka finally have their run out with Dilshan making a contribution. Vettori whips one for four, then McCullum picks off three...It's ten needed from the last Malinga bowled over...


    Over 18 Malinga 0-1-1-2-1-1

    116-5 - The death-bowling specialist is doing it again with full and fast bowling keeping the runs to ones and twos. It's shaping up for a epic last over, with Malinga bowling it in this form the Kiwi pair will want to take as many as they can from the penultimate over. 20 required off two overs.


    Over 17 Mendis 1-W-1-1-6-6

    110-5- Wicket!Sri Lanka have a box of tricks, but Mendis instead bowls one dead straight, embarrassing Styris. Oram's back in action, and wow can hit it. The big man smashes a huuuge Six! into the second tier. A second hit beyond the ropes, one handed, catches the breeze to just clear the long-on fielder. Game on, 26 from 18...


    Over 16 Malinga 1-1-2-1-1-1

    95-4 - Malinga's back! And will no doubt bowl through to the end. Dan Vettori has made up his mind as to how to approach Malinga, dancing to the offside and picking up runs to his legs, with four men on the offside fence. A full straight Malinga yorker will do for Vettori's dancing here. The Kiwi skipper does well to make his ground for two, surviving a close run out call. 41 from 24...the run rate is over 10 for the first time.


    Over 15 Muralitharan - 1-W-0-1-0-1

    88-4 - Another sharp chance gone down in the field! Jayawardene giving Styris a second life off an uppish backfoot drive. But Wicket! Taylor skies to Mathews who takes a smart catch into the sun, not s great shot with the length not quite there for a sweep. Just two from the over and that's tightened the skrews. two for 25 for Murali. The skipper is in for New Zealand with his side short of 48 runs in 30 balls...


    Over 14 Jayasuriya 1-1-0-1-0-1

    85-3 An impressive spell from the MP, his four overs going for just 17. He will be an important bowler for Sri Lanka in the tournament on these slow wickets. 51 required from 36...


    Over 13 Mendis 2-0-0-0-6-0

    73-3 - There is a slip in for Mendis and Scotty Styris is being frustrated, he's able to ease the pressure with a heavy over the legside fence, it really was a heavy, that the only way to describe it. 55 needed from 42 now...


    Over 12 Jayasuriya 0-1-1-1-1-0

    75-3 - Jayasuriya is wasting no time in bowling his spell. Just four from that over and it's 61 needed from 46 balls.


    Over 11 Muralitharan 0-1-1-1-0-1

    71-3 - The oldest man at the tournament is proving his worth in the field aswell with an athletic stop at short fine leg. New men Styris and Taylor are just happy to pick up singles for now.


    Over 10 Jayasuriya 0-1-0-0-W-1

    67-3 Wicket! Here come Sri Lanka! Jayasuriya bowls a peach of a quicker delivery, the 96km per hour yorker getting through Guptil's defence. It's anyone's game. Jayasuriya is flying through his overs.


    Over 9 Muralitharan 6-0-W-1-1-1

    65-2 - One ball around the wicket for Murali doesn't work with the ball disappearing over cow's for six, so he switches back over the wicket. Ryder then does pay for trying to be a bit too cute, an attempted glide has him Bowled! by the Smiling Assasin. Not necessary from Ryder, 42 from 27 for him. Taylor is the new man in.


    Over 8 Jayasuriya 1-1-2-0-2-1

    56-1 - Specialist bowler and member of parliament Sanath Jayasuriya is on to wind his arm around. The Kiwi's are generally looking happy to knock around one's and two's with the fielding side starting to get slightly ratty with each other. Just proper cricket needed, not the extravagant step inside tried by Ryder, which he gets away with.


    Over 7 Muralitharan 0-2-4-0-2-1

    49-1 - The fielding restrictions are done and Murali has a tight off-side field to Ryder with men back on the legside fence, the lefthander though hits one sweetly enough down the ground and beats long-on for four. Good cricket from the New Zealand pair who are easing towards the total. Sri Lanka once again miss a great chance for a run out with debutant Chandimal throwing to the wrong end.


    Over 6 Mendis 1-1-1-0-1-1

    40-1 - A fairly suicidal run from the Kiwi pair is not punished by Malinga in the offside field, chance missed for the Sri Lankans. New Zealand happy to just knock it around for single at this stage.


    Magic Spray

    Guptil's taken a knock from a Malinga bouncer and the magic is spray is out on his elbow...Mr Lover-lover Shaggy takes the opportunity to keep the crowd, and a certain David Lloyd, entertained.


    Over 5 Malinga 6-0-0-2-0-0

    35-1 - Malinga gets the treatment first up, Guptil hitting through the line and down the ground for Six. A good comeback from 'Slinger' Malinga then deceives Guptil with a couple of shorter slower balls.

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Match Details

30th Apr 2010
S J Davis and R E Koertzen

new zealand BATTING CARD

Batsman R
McCullum c Malinga b Mathews 0
Ryder b Muralitharan 42
Guptill b Jayasuriya 19
Taylor c Mathews b Muralitharan 9
Styris b Mendis 17
Vettori run out 17
Oram b Welegedara 15
Hopkins run out 1
McCullum not out 16
Extras 1w, 2b 3
Total Close, 19.5 Overs 139 - 8
Full Batting Card

sri lanka BOWLING CARD

Bowler O M R W
Mathews 2 1 7 1
Welegedara 2 0 21 1
Mendis 4 0 34 1
Malinga 3.5 0 33 0
Muralitharan 4 0 25 2
Jayasuriya 4 0 17 1
Full Bowling Card