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South Africa won by 6 wickets.

New Zealand vs S Africa


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    South Africa Win By Six Wickets

    The Proteas climb to an unassailable two-nil lead in the three-match series thanks to Morkel's five-wicket haul and Amla's near century. That was a rather poor performance from the Kiwis, whose promised 'street-wise' approach has amounted to nothing. They're half the side they should be when Vettori and Taylor are not around. The third and final ODI takes place on Saturday, after which we kick into three Test matches. Catch you then and there. Cheers.


    Over 38.2 Mills 1-1

    231-4 - Ontong draws the scores level with a single tucked through backward square-leg and de Villiers seals the deal with one in front of square on the on-side.


    Over 38 Southee 1-4-4-1-0-4

    229-4 - Ontong lops four more runs off the target with a streaky edge as the wicketkeeper and first slip are left flatfooted by one that balloons over both of them. The next shot, though, is far more convincing, with Ontong on the pull in fine fashion for four more. Just two runs needed for victory now as the Fat Lady begins to warm up her voice in anticipation of South African triumph.


    Over 37 Mills 0-1-1-1-0-0

    215-4 - De Villiers and sidekick just toying with the bowling now. All the time in the world to score the final 16 runs, so they're just putting in some timely batting practice now.


    Over 36 Southee 1-4-2-0-0-0

    212-4 - Ontong welcomes the right-arm seamer back into the attack with a superb on-drive, beating the diving mid-on fielder and feching four for his textbook precision. Little sign of nerves for a man playing his first ODI in more than three years.


    Over 35 McKay 0-0-0-0-0-1

    205-4 - De Villiers taking no chances now. He wants to make sure he's there at the end to lead his team home. Generally this has been a very easy run chase. Amla was superb at the top of the order and that reallly just built the platform for the middle order to come in and knock off the runs.


    Over 34 Nethula 2-1-0-0-1b-1

    204-4 - De Villiers drives with power, but Andy McKay does some great fielding out on the sweeper boundary. Very athletic stuff. Nehula gets another to turn away from the right-hander, this time it's Ontong who cannot get any bat on it, but it beats the keeper as well and they take off for a bye. Nethula's ten overs done now, it's been expensive having gone for 60, but he has given the Proteas some troubles.


    Over 33 McKay 2-0-4-1-0

    199-4 - AB de Villiers continues his good run as some wonderful timing from the skipper brings him another boundary. Just a firm push down the track and it's four all the way. He really is in superb form and looking very comfortable to take his team toward victory here. Just another 32 remaining and there's 17 overs in which to do it.


    Over 32 Nethula 1-1-0-W-0-0

    192-4 - WICKET! Nethula gets his man as one rips off the pitch and gets the better of Amla. The right-hander pushes at it and opened the face of the bat, but it takes the edges and flies into the gloves of Brendon McCullum. Good bowling from the young man, but it's still looks like this will be an easy chase for the South Africans.


    Over 31 McKay 0-1-0-0-0-1

    190-3 - The bowling Powerplay commences rather belatedly and is almost off to a successful start for the home side. Amla throws his bat on the cut, edges the ball and rubbernecks to see McCullum take a good catch on the dive to his right. Television replays, though, reveal that the ball dropped marginally short of the wicketkeeper's glove, so Amla stays - and is soon almost undone by a ripping yorker. The batsman is certainly riding his luck through the nervous 90s here.


    Over 30 Nethula 1-1-0-1-0-3

    188-3 - Amla almost throws away a chance at a first ODI ton against New Zealand, with his cut shot succeeding only in chopping the ball past the stumps by a mere whisker - another coat of varnish and that would have been gone.


    Over 29 McKay 1-1-1-0-0-2

    182-3 - McKay searching for the blockhole time and time again, and succeeding for the most part, but wide of the off-stump. That's never going to trouble de Villiers, who just keeps 'em out with little fuss. Less than 50 to win for South Africa now.


    Over 28 Nethula 0-2-0-0-4-1

    177-3 - Amla happy to play away from his body, provided he meets the ball at its pitch. A clever change in line, though, he won't bite at until something marginally leaves the cut shot very much on. The right-hander obliges, pinpointing the gap between point and gully to perfection for four. Fast outfield, so the ball does the rest.


    Over 27 McKay 1-0-1-1-0-0

    170-3 - McCullum returns his fastest bowler to the attack. Amla tries to unsettle the pace ace's line by shuffling across the stumps, but not to any great effect. De Villiers, meanwhile, is still finding his feet and a feel for the nature of the pitch.


    Over 26 Nethula 1-2-4-0-1-W

    167-3 - The leg-spinner has endured a severe lack of good length of late, this time around coughing up something far too full for Amla to drive through the covers for four. Plenty of time and runs left for the right-hander to graduate to a 10th ODI ton here. WICKET! Duminy, though, has to go. He closes the face on yet another googly from Nethula, who hangs onto the easiest of return catches in the wake of the leading edge. No fielders needed for this one, the bowler caps the job himself.


    Over 25 Nicol 1-1-0-0-1-1

    159-2 - Nicol enters the attack with his right-arm spin, hoping to make up for his drop in the deep earlier. Amla, though, isn't buying it and is keeping the ball along the ground at all costs now. The asking rate is under three now. South Africa doing this at a canter.


    Over 24 Nethula 1-0-1-0-1-0

    155-2 - DROPPED! This time it's Ryder who spills a sitter. Duminy toe-ends a full toss to extra cover, where the paunchy batsman grasses an easy chance. Many think it was a bump ball. It wasn't. That spooned to the fielder on the full. New Zealand not doing themselves any favours here.


    Over 23 Mills 1b-wd-0-4-1-0-1

    152-2 - Couple of extras to the South African total. The second one is a wide and it's so wide that Mills jokingly asks for the review. That probably tells you where the heads of the New Zealand players are. Duminy punishes Mills through cover for four.


    Over 22 Nethula 1-4-1-0-0-1

    144-2 - Nethula will continue. Can he get the wicket he deserves? Duminy sweeps another one and picks up another boundary.


    Over 21 Mills 0-1-0-0-4-2

    137-2 - Kyle Mills comes back into the attack and Amla picks off a single through square leg. Mills beats Duminy with an excellent ball across him. He gets the edge, but it flies wide of McCullum behind the stummps.

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Match Details

29th Feb 2012
McLean Park, Napier
Aleem Dar and G A V Baxter


Batsman R
Amla c McCullum b Nethula 92
Kallis c McCullum b Mills 4
du Plessis c Guptill b Ellis 34
Duminy c&b Nethula 43
de Villiers not out 31
Ontong not out 17
Extras 6w, 2b, 2lb 10
Total Close, 38.2 Overs 231 - 4
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new zealand BOWLING CARD

Bowler O M R W
Mills 6.2 1 41 1
Southee 8 0 61 0
McKay 10 1 45 0
Ellis 3 0 16 1
Nethula 10 0 60 2
Nicol 1 0 4 0
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