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New Zealand vs Pakistan


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    What an amazing game of cricket! Say what you want about the twenty20 format but that certainly was entertaining if nothing else! Having been under pressure early after a poor start to their innings, Daniel Vettori ensured New Zealand posted something of a total. Pakistan would have backed themselves to chase down 133, and thanks to a great knock from Salman Butt and a few big hits from Razzaq it looked like they would. Butler, Mills and McCullum were economical and kept the pressure on, but the key was the constant flow of wickets. With eleven need off the final over Pakistan were the favourites and with three needed off two they should have got home but in the end Butler's superb final over was enough with Rehman out off the final ball.

  • Over 20 Butler 0-4-0-4-1b-W

    Butler is the man whom New Zealand have turned to to bowl the final over, what pressure! A big swing and a miss from Butt first up. With no third man Butt slices the ball over the head of the man in the ring for four. Butler follows it up with a great slower one that beats Butt. Slapped away square of the wicket and Styris running round just can't cut it off. Wow, Butt misses the next one and Rehman calls him through for the single, Hopkins hits the stumps but Rehman is just in. The responsibility to hit the winning runs now! Two need off the last ball! WICKET! Gone Rehman is out, New Zealand win! Rehman clips the ball into the leg side and hits it straight to Guptill in the deep! What amazing scenes!


    Over 19 Mills 6-1-1-1-1-1

    123-6 - It will be Kyle Mills to bowl the penultimate over. A great shot from Butt first up, getting down low and driving the ball over the ropes for six! Oh, that was close, Rehman dabs the ball into the off side and sets off for the single, McCullum swoops in and shies but misses, Butt was struggling. Top edged but safe! Butt is living a bit dangerously here. Eleven need from the final over!

  • Over 18 N McCullum 1-1-1-0-W-1

    112-6 - Butt and Razzaq pick off singles to begin the over. Razzaq goes for a big swing and doesn't connect, Hopkins whips off the bails and it's a tight call with only a fraction of the batsman's foot voer the line. WICKET! He's gone! Razzaq abandons his favoured area down the ground to go over midwicket and skies it down the throat of Taylor in the deep. Butt nudges the ball down the ground for a single to bring up his fifty, a very sensible one.


    Over 17 Bond 1-0-0-0-0-6

    108-5 - Bond to bowl his final over. Two big heaves from Razzaq but he doesn't make contact with either of them as Bond mixes up his pace. Razzaq doesn't need to be doing this. Next he tries to duck out of the way of a short ball but with his eyes nowhere near the ball has a little swing at it. Another dot, four in a row! At last he makes contact and it was worth the wait, a massive six over long on!


    Over 16 N McCullum 0-4-0-1-1-1

    101-5 - Terrible stuff in the deep as Butt goes on the sweep and it goes to Butler on the bounce - or at least it should - and he completely forgets to take into account the inevitable spin off the grass and the ball goes for four.


    Over 15 Vettori 0-0-6-4-0-6

    94-5 - Vettori is back for his final over. He's certainly troubling Razzaq who just hasn't been able to get going. That is until he hammers Vettori back over his head for a massive six! Huge! He goes straight again, this time it's a one-bounce four, a big over here. Another one! This time over midwicket, six more! That could be the game changing over.


    Over 14 N McCullum 2-1-0-0-0-1

    78-5 - A bit of comical fielding out in the deep from Guptill as he loks to flick the ball up to his team-mate running round but only amnages it on the third attempt! No harm done though as Butt is kept down to two.


    Over 13 Bond 0-4-1-wd-1-1-0

    74-5 - Bond returns to the attack. He's on target immediately, he strayed a touch in his first spell, there is no room for that now. Short ball and Butt is on to it in a flash, hammering it wide of long on, great stuff. Another bouncer from Bond and it is a firey one but is called wide. A good finish to a mediocre over from Bond as he beats the bat of Razzaq.


    Over 12 N McCullum 1-1-0-1-1-0

    66-5 - Nathan McCullum comes on to bowl; he's been impressive thus far in the tournament .Ooh, some turn there as Razzaq nearly plays back onto his stumps. A good start from McCullum, just four singles off it.

  • Over 11 Vettori 0-0-1lb-0-wd-0-1

    62-5 -The pressure begins to build with a solid Vettori over, Salman Butt is not the key.

  • Over 10 Butler 1-1-1-W-1-0

    59-5 - WICKET! Massive wicket for New Zealand as Afridi departs! Afridi went on the hook and Nathan McCullum takes a great catch diving forward after initially misjudging it.


    Over 9 Vettori 1-1-1-1-2-0

    55-4 - Butt and Afridi pick off the singles off Vettori, not trying anything fancy. Well played again by Afridi as he cuts jsut wide of the man at point in the ring and picks up two. Oh, so close! Afridi chips on off the leading edge back to Vettori but diving forward the New Zealand skipper just can't get to it in time.

  • Over 8 Butler W-1-0-1-4-1

    49-4 - A switch of ends for Butler. WICKET! And he strikes immediately! Playing back Misbah misses it completely, height seems the only problem but hawkeye agrees with umpire Gould, it would have hit. Afridi the Pakistani skipper walks out to the crease, a lot rests on his shoulders; the question is will he hit out immediately or consolidate first? Nicely played by Afridi as he opens the face and plays the ball fine, beating third man and picking up four.


    Over 7 Vettori 1-0-4-1-1-0

    42-3 - Key moment here as Vettori comes on. A bit hard on Butler after bowling a maiden but I'm sure we'll see him again soon! Poor work in the deep from Styris as he goes to field one on the point fence and makes an absolute mess of it, with four the end result.


    Over 6 Mills 0-0-4-0-0-4

    35-3 - Mills gets a third over. Big shout from Mills as Butt goes on the hook and it looks like it may have got a scratch on the bottom of the bat but the umpire isn't interested. Mills follows it up with a rubbish short ball that is promptly dispatched to the midwicket fence. A wide, floaty delivery outside off to end the over and Butt goes hard at it, cracking the ball over wide third man for four.


    Over 5 Butler 0-0-0-0-0-0

    27-3 - Butler replaces Bond. Like Mills, Butler is coming back from injury and will be looking to prove a point. Misbah struggles against Butler, failing to get the ball away and it's a maiden first up for Butler, super stuff.

  • Over 4 Mills 1-W-wd-0-0-0-1

    27-3 - WICKET! Umar goes for a first ball duck! Mills hits the pitch hard, gets some extra bounce and Umar doesn't know what to do, he's caught between leaving it and having a go and in the end picks up the edge through to Hopkins. This is just the start New Zealand needed! Mills will be frustrated as he follows the wicket up with a leg side wide to the new man Misbah. Big shout as Misbah is caught in front but there was too much bounce. The batsman gets off the mark off the last ball, defending the ball very fine for a single.

  • Over 3 Bond 0-1-0-4-4-W

    24-2 - Bond continues with the wind behind him and two slips in place. Hafeez to face his first ball and he has an expansive drive at a fairly wide one and narrowly avoids getting an edge. A short arm jab from Hafeez picks up four down the ground, it looked pretty innocuous but does the business. Misdirected full delivery from Bond and its easy pickings for the batsman who helps it one its way to the fine leg fence. WICKET! As with Mills Bond goes for a few but then picks up a wicket with the final ball of the over. Outside off and Hafeez has a little prod at it and finds the edge.

  • Over 2 Mills 1-1-1-wd-2nb-4-1-W

    15-1 - It will be Mills to share the new ball with Bond. Butt drives Mills' first ball into the covers where a diving stop from Nathan McCullum means they only get one. Amkal chips the ball into the midwicket region, there is a man out there so again it's just a single. Pakistan won't mind not getting off to a roaring start, it's wickets that matter for now. Mills goes for the bouncer to AKmal but such is the height (or lack thereof) of the batsman, it's called wide. Oh boy, it gets worse as Mills oversteps and we'll have a free hit. Butt makes the most of it, creaming the ball wide of mid on, poor stuff from Mills here, he floated it up outside off and asked to be hit. WICKET! Mills gets his revenge next up as he gets one to move back in an Akmal gets an inside edge back onto his stumps; the Kiwis needed that.

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Match Details

8th May 2010
B R Doctrove and I J Gould


Batsman R
Akmal b Mills 5
Butt not out 67
Hafeez c Hopkins b Bond 8
Akmal c Hopkins b Mills 0
Misbah-ul-Haq lbw b Butler 3
Afridi c McCullum b Butler 11
Razzaq c Taylor b McCullum 29
Rehman c Guptill b Butler 2
Extras 1nb, 4w, 1b, 1lb 7
Total Close, 20.0 Overs 132 - 7
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new zealand BOWLING CARD

Bowler O M R W
Bond 4 0 28 1
Mills 4 0 33 2
Butler 4 1 19 3
Vettori 4 0 31 0
McCullum 4 0 19 1
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