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Australia won by 10 wickets.

New Zealand vs Australia


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    Australia Win By 10 Wickets

    The hosts take a one-nil lead in the two-Test series, with Hughes offering the selectors plenty of food for thought today. Katich was at his usual dogged best and New Zealand really had no answer in defending - or at least attempting to - 105 runs. Next up: second Test in Hamilton, starting Saturday.


    Over 23 Arnel 0-0-0-1-0-1

    106-0 - Arnel tests Hughes' mettle with a fierce bouncer, with the half-centurion hauling out some awkward defence to see it off. Two more short balls leave Hughes to bob and weave his way through the onslaught, then drawing the scores level with a tickle down to fine-leg for one. Katich seals the result with a push to cover.


    Over 22 Vettori 4-0-0-0-0-1

    104-0 - Hughes brings up the collective century - of which he has 84 - with a lavish cut for four, then almost perishing to silly mid-off. All and sundry New Zealanders go up for the appeal but the umpire disagrees. No reviews left for 'em, so they have to settle for the decision. Televsion replays show that the umpire is right, no bat, just pad.


    Over 21 Arnel 0-0-0-0-0-0

    99-0 - Hughes watches in despair from the non-striker's end as Katich wastes his way through a maiden over.


    Over 20 Vettori 2-1-0-0-0-1

    99-0 - Hughes folds to the back foot to dab a couple past short third man, who puts in the hard yards to prevent the boundary.


    Over 19 Arnel 4-0-1-0-0-0

    95-0 - Lady Luck well and truly on Hughes' side, with a thick inside edge missing the leg-stump by a whisker and scooting away for four very lucky runs. Arnel bowling really well, but not managing any due reward. Australia - Hughes in particular - in a race against time to win before lunch, which is about 12 minutes away now.


    Over 18 Vettori 2-2-3-0-0-0

    90-0 - A host of All Black stars are watching from the grass embankments at the Basin Reserve now as their cricketing counterparts begin to circle the drain. Hughes taking it a canter now, punching two through cover, working two more through midwicket and then smearing three through cover again. 16 more runs for an Aussie triumph.


    Over 17 Arnel 0-2-0-0-4-1

    83-0 - Hughes tucks a couple through square-leg, returning the strike to slap four through backward point. Arnel, who just three and a bit days ago described a "dream debut", taking plenty of stick now.


    Over 16 Vettori 0-4-0-0-0-0

    76-0 - Kaitch decides he'd best rack up some boundaries before there are no runs left to fetch, duly cutting four to the point fence. Vettori not his usual miserly self, forced to try anything and everything in the face of pending defeat.


    Over 15 Arnel 0-0-0-4-0-0

    72-0 - Wondeful drive from 21-year-old Hughes, who offers the full face of the bat for his latest flourish for four. And to think - this is Australia's stopgap opener. A testament to just how good Watson is.


    Over 14 Vettori 0-0-0-0-0-2

    68-0 - Again, Katich more than happy to play second fiddle to Hughes in blocking out the over.


    Over 13 Arnel 0-0-0-2-4-0

    66-0 - Arnel returns to the attack from a new end, with Southee as yet unbowled today. Dropped! He deserves success but won't get it as McIntosh spills a sitter at second slip. Hughes riding his luck on the edge to its fullest extent, moving onto his half-ton with two runs nudged through the on-side thereafter. 43 balls, seven fours and a six to get to this one, the second of his fledgling Test career. His first against New Zealand.


    Over 12 Vettori 0-0-0-0-0-0

    60-0 - Entirely contrasting innings, as Katich drops anchor to Hughes' advances.


    Over 11 Martin 1-0-4-4-0-4

    60-0 - Martin strives for the yorker, getting it right the first time but not the next as Hughes pounds some over-pitched fodder through the on-side for four. He follows that up with yet another squirt through gully for four more. At this rate, Vettori really should consider a fourth slip.


    Over 10 Vettori 4-0-0-6-0-0

    47-0 - Change of bowling, with Vettori taking matters into his own hands. Nothing less than a double hat-trick will suffice for the Kiwis, but instead Hughes thrashes four through mid-off before slog-sweeping a hard, flat six over midwicket. The ball returns from the fence beaten and bruised, leaving Vettori asking for a change to the battered, out-of-shape oracle-cum-oval.


    Over 9 Martin 0-0-3-2-0-0

    37-0 - Too full and too straight from Martin and with no mid-on nor square-leg in place, left-handed duo Katich and Hughes are left to pick off runs at will.


    Over 8 Arnel 0-0-1nb-0-1-0-0

    32-0 - Arnel produces a cracking delivery, which pitches on a dime and nips back off the seam to cut Hughes in half. Far too much space between bat and pad from the left-hander, who breathes a sigh of relief as the ball snipes over the top of the stumps.


    Over 7 Martin 0-4-3-1nb-0-0-0

    30-0 - Not for the first time today, Hughes' shaky defence fetches a lucky four runs off the fat edge through the slip cordon and gully.


    Tuffey Test

    This just in: Tuffey has gone to the local hospital for a check-up on his right hand after copping a Johnson bouncer to his glove earlier in the day. Not good news for New Zealand, who'll need the fast bowler to be fit for the second Test.


    Over 6 Arnel 1-0-0-0-0-0

    22-0 - This time it's Katich to endure the Umpire Decsion Review System, with Vettori and company again turned down. They're fresh out of challenges now, as televsion replays show that the ball was headed over the top of the stumps. Height too much of an issue for umpire Rauf's initial, correct decision to be overturned.

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Match Details

19th - 23rd Mar 2010
Westpac Stadium, Wellington
Aleem Dar and I J Gould

australia BATTING CARD

Batsman R
Hughes not out 86
Katich not out 18
Extras 2nb 2
Total Close, 23.0 Overs 106 - 0
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new zealand BOWLING CARD

Bowler O M R W
Martin 6 0 43 0
Arnel 10 2 31 0
Vettori 7 1 32 0
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