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Zimbabwe won by 161 runs.

Kenya vs Zimbabwe


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    Zimbabwe win by 161 runs

    Kenya were never in ths match - losing wickets regularly and scoring at a very slow rate. Good performance from the Zimababwean spinners who extracted quite a bit from this wicket and hit all the right areas.


    Over 36 Cremer 1-0-0-0-0-W

    147-10 Struck down the ground for a single bu Odhiambo. Ngoche faces the music now and he survives an LBW appeal that really should have been much more confident. Given nto out but no one seemed convinced. Replays suggest the ball was hitting leg stump. Out! Zimbabwe win by 161 runs! Ngoche picks a full ball up nicely - swinging it towards midwicket but Chris Mpofu's waiting for it there and he makes no mistake.


    Over 35 Utseya 4-4-1-0-0-0

    146-9 - Gosh but that's well hit! Reverse sweep from Odhiambo and he finds the gap behind point. And he follows that up with a lofted drive over the covers for four more! Making good use of the powerplay. Ngoche's first ball of the over is driven powerfully back to Prosper Utseya who stops comfortably.


    Over 34 1-0-6-0-0-0

    137-9 - Here's the batting powerplay. Odhiambo clearly has a plan here. He shapes to cut a flat one and he's struck on the pad before he can get his bat on it. Not out says the umpire who must have had doubt about over what the ball struck first. Ngoche - the Kenyan number 11 - traipses down the track and lofts the ball beautifully over long on for six.


    Over 33 Utseya 1-0-1-1-0-2

    130-9 - Propser's back. Odhiambo clubs him down the ground for a single first up. Ngoche keeps him out with a resolute front-foot defense. He then works the ball past Price at slip for two runs to third man.


    Over 32 Cremer 0-W-0-0-0-1wd-0

    125-9 - Gone! Lovely fielding from captain Elton Chigumbura. Swoops down on the ball from cover and flings the ball into the stumps at the striker's end. Taibu is confident and replays confirm Otieno was short of the crease.


    Over 31 Mpofu 4-1-1-1-0

    124-8 - Pace now as Christopher Mpofu takes over from Lamb. Lovely inswinging yorker fist up and the bastman has no clue how to deal with it. Odhiambo goes for the drive but the ball takes the inside edge of his bat and runs away fine for four runs. Nice over from Mpofu, despite it costing his team 7 runs.


    Over 30 Cremer 0-0-0-0-0-1

    117-8 - Nicely cut to cover but Odhiambo finds the man there. No run. Huge appeal for LBW again after Odhiambo attempts the reverse sweep. Umpire Dharmesena says no. There's a review coming up and it's clearly pitched outside leg stump. Good umpiring. Wow that's a terrific delivery. On a length that demands a defensive shot, but the ball bites the pitch ans spins past the outside edge. Lovely ball from the wrist spinner.


    Over 29 Lamb 0-1-0-0-0-0

    116-8 - Panic stations for Kenya now. They're thowing the bat at everything. Not making contact often enough though.


    Over 28 Cremer 0-4-0-0-1-0

    115-8 - Nice shot! Reverse sweep comes out and Odhiambo gets the ball away for four.


    Over 27 Lamb 1-0-1-0-2-1

    110-8 - Gosh that's lucky. Odhiambo's not going to go to bed wondering if he could have won this game for his country. He slog sweeps at a full one and only manages to get a top edge on it. The ball lands just in front of the man running in from the square leg boundary. Dropped! Odhiambo goes for another massive shot and skies it miles into the air. Ervine gets underneath it but lets it drop to the ground after juggling for a while.


    Over 26 Cremer 6-W-0-1-1-2

    105-8 - Peter Ongondo is the new man. Can he win it for Kenya? Can he play the greatest ODI innings in the history of the format? He starts promisingly enough; thrashing a full ball over extra cover for six. Nice! But he's gone next ball! Flatter and straighter delivery and he's struck plumb in front of his stumps. The game hurtling towards a Zimbabwean victory now.


    Over 25 Lamb 0-0-1-0-4-W

    95-7 - Top edged is found as the batsman tries the sweep and the ball lands agonisingly out of reach of Brandan Taylor who can't quite haul it in before crossing the rope. Out! But he's gone now! Going for the slog-sweep and he finds the middle of the bat. Sadly he also finds Chakabva on the midwicket boundary who takes a neat catch.


    Over 24 Cremer 1-0-1-1-0-0

    90-6 - Here's Graeme Cremer now. He gives the ball lots of air and both batsmen sweep him away for singles before Odhiambo nudges the ball away into the covers for a single. Huge appeal for a catch by Taibu! Although the bowler doesn't join him. Review is requested but it's going to be difficult to give out. Patel slashes hard at a wide one and Taibu is convinced there's a bottom edge. Not out.


    Over 23 Utseya 4-0-0-3-1-1

    87-6 - Odhiambo tees of in style this time. Looped up to him and he obliges with a nice little lofted straight drive for four. Nicely cut away for three runs from Odhiambo. Altough he's aided by some pretty terrible fielding at point.


    Over 22 Lamb 0-0-0-0-1-0

    78-6 - Odhiambo looks like he's windong on up but he decides to play a tame prod to the man at midwicket. Lamb giving it a lot of air - no doubt tempting the Kenyan allrounder to have a go. One run from the over.


    Over 21 Utseya 0-0-1-1-2-0

    77-6 - Here's Prosper again. He concedes a couple of runs down the ground. Before Patel plays a nice little paddle sweep to fine leg for two.


    Over 20 Lamb 0-0-0-1-W-0

    72-6 - No effort from Kenya to chase this score. Review! Umpire Dharmasena gives it not out but it looks extremely close to being out. Thomas Odoyo plays back to a ball that turns back into him and beats his bat. Struck in front and the only question is whether he got a snick on it. The third umpire says that's out! Nehemiah Odhiambo is the new man at the crease.


    Over 19 Utseya 1-1-0-0-0-0

    71-5 - Driven back firmly to the right of Prosper Uteya and he fields neatly off his own bowling. Two runs from the over.


    Over 18 Lamb 0-4-1-0-0-0

    69-5 - Beautifully driven! Full and a little bit of width and Patel drives through extra cover beyond the diving Taylor. Four runs.

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Match Details

20th Mar 2011
Eden Gardens, Kolkata
E A R de Silva and H D P K Dharmasena


Batsman R
Obanda lbw b Price 23
Obuya lbw b Mpofu 0
Obuya run out 1
Tikolo lbw b Price 10
Mishra c Cremer b Utseya 4
Odoyo lbw b Lamb 14
Patel c Chakabva b Lamb 24
Odhiambo not out 44
Ongondo lbw b Cremer 6
Otieno run out 5
Ngoche c Mpofu b Cremer 9
Extras 3w, 4lb 7
Total All out, 36.0 Overs 147
Full Batting Card


Bowler O M R W
Mpofu 6 0 27 1
Price 7 1 20 2
Utseya 9 0 47 1
Lamb 7 0 21 2
Cremer 7 0 28 2
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