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Pakistan won by 205 runs.

Kenya vs Pakistan


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    Pakistan win by 205 runs

    Pakistan open their World Cup campaign with a comprehensive victory over Kenya. After slipping to 12-2 early on, four batsmen scored half-centuries in a total of 317-7 and skipper Shahid Afridi claimed 5-16 with his leg-spin as Kenya slumped to 112 all out in reply. Thanks for your company today and join us again tomorrow at 0900h (GMT) for commentary on South Africa v West Indies.


    Over 34 Gul W

    112ao - Wicket! Gul needs just one ball to finish off proceedings, bowling Ngoche to seal a 205-run victory for Pakistan.


    Over 33 Afridi W-0-0-0-0-0

    112-9 - Wicket! Obuya misses out on his half-century after going for one big hit too many. Shehzad at long-on takes the catch to complete Afridi's fourth five-wicket haul in 313 ODIs. Wicket! Odhiambo departs to a comical run out - Ngoche refused to answer his call and Misbah hit the stumps direct from backward point. Kenya on the brink.


    Over 32 Hafeez 0-0-4-6-1-0

    112-7 - Obuya is dealing in boundaries, dispatching a full toss straight for four and then adding his third sixth of the innings, again over long-on after making some room. He cheekily keeps hold of the strike with a reverse sweep.


    Over 31 Afridi 4-1-0-0-W-0

    101-7 - Obuya stays on the attack against Afridi with another lofted boundary and is then dropped by Misbah, who raced in from long-on but couldn't quite cling on after Obuya dragged another aerial drive. Wicket! More lbw action for Afridi - that's three now for the Pakistan skipper and four wickets in total - as Odoyo pads up to his googly.


    Over 30 Hafeez 2-6-0-1-0-0

    96-6 - Obuya looks like he's going to go down in flames - twice he advances to Hafeez, the first time picking up two with a lofted drive after failing to get to the pitch and the second time dispatching it all the way back over the bowler's head for six.


    Over 29 Afridi 2-0-W-0-0-0

    87-6 - Wicket! Kamande's stay is brief as Afridi adds another lbw victim. Again it was a quick delivery that angled in through the air and off the pitch and Kamande padded up right in front of middle. Afridi thinks he's got new batsman Odoyo second ball as well - this time he asks for a review of umpire Llong's decision to turn down his lbw shout. The ruling on the field stands as replays show the ball to be sliding down the leg side after hitting Odoyo on the toe.


    Over 28 Hafeez 4-1-0-wd-0-W

    85-5 - Obuya greets the introduction of Hafeez's off-spin by getting down on one knee to drill his first ball to the square-leg fence with a sweep. Wicket! Rakep Patel's attempt to emulate his partner ends in personal disaster - a top edge is easily taken by Umar Akmal at square-leg and Patel is on his way for a six-ball duck.


    Over 27 Afridi 0-0-W-0-0-0

    79-4 - Wicket! Pakistan, having earlier had a wicket chalked off by the review system, this time benefit from the technology. Umpire Llong turned down an lbw shout against Mishra and Afridi, who had dropped a tough caught-and-bowled chance two balls earlier from the same batsman, sent it upstairs. Hawkeye showed the ball - a quicker delivery - as hitting leg-stump quite near the top. The decision is oveturned, although it wasn't exactly a shocker from Llong.


    Over 26 Rehman 0-0-0-0-0-0

    79-3 - Kenya don't appear to have any interest in chasing these runs, instead seem to be playing to restore some pride. They are producing a decent argument in support of the ICC's decision to cut the number of teams at the next World Cup.


    Over 25 Afridi 0-4-0-0-0-0

    79-3 - Afridi is so keen to get on with it that even the umpires aren't ready - calm down! His haste doesn't pay off as a short, wide ball is cut away to the backward point boundary by Mishra.


    Over 24 Rehman 0-0-0-0-1-0

    76-3 - Mishra adds another single to Kenya's total, this time worked out to square-leg. Rehman's accuracy has been impressive, don't think he's bowled a single loose delivery in seven overs.


    Over 23 Afridi 0-W-0-1-0-0

    75-3 - Wicket! Tikolo becomes another to fail miserably after I talked him up. His becalmed innings (33 off 13 balls) is ended by Afridi, who sneaks one between bat and pad to bowl Tikolo as he advanced. New batsman Mishra is greeted by Afridi's mid-70s mph quicker delivery - he looked surprised but fortunately was able to shoulder arms and allow the ball to pass outside off-stump. Mishra opens his account with a single pushed to mid-on.


    Over 22 Rehman 0-0-0-2-6-0

    74-2 - Obuya breaks the shackles with a classy shot, taking a couple of steps down and then dispatching the ball all the way just to the leg side of straight.


    Over 21 Afridi 2-1-0-0-0-1

    66-2 - Sweeping Afridi is usually fraught with danger as his collection of top spinners make a beeline for the stumps - sometimes at 75mph+. Obuya and Tikolo nevertheless enjoy some success with the shot, picking up a combined four from the over.


    Over 20 Rehman 0-0-0-1-0-1

    62-2 - Obuya sweeps for a single and Tikolo finally shows some attacking intent, dancing down before miscuing a drive behind square on the off side for one.


    Sohail Khan in London

    "I think it's a pretty balanced team but we will find that out soon when Pakistan plays against a better side. Opening pair seems severely constipated for runs!"


    Over 19 Afridi 0-0-0-0-0-0

    60-2 - Afridi - a nightmare for over-by-over commentators because he bowls his overs so quickly - brings himself on and immediately races his way through a maiden. Tikolo looks determined to ensure Kenya at least bat deep into their 50-over allocation - although he has looked less keen on trying to score some runs so far.


    Over 18 Rehman 1-0-0-1-0-0

    60-2 - Both Obuya and Tikolo are very watchful against Rehman, who hasn't turned one off the straight yet but is mixing up his pace and flight nicely. Kenya's required-rate has climbed above eight already. On the plus side they have almost surpassed their efforts against New Zealand.


    Over 17 Gul 0-1-0nb-0-2-0

    58-2 - Tikolo may be 39 but he still looks a class act with the bat, easily evading a decent short ball from Gul. Tikolo has three ODI centuries to his name and is one of the best batsmen ever to emerge from outside the established Test nations - may be the best of the lot? Ed Joyce and Eoin Morgan might disagree I suppose.

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Match Details

23rd Feb 2011
A L Hill and N J Llong


Batsman R
Ouma c Akmal b Gul 16
Waters run out 17
Obuya c Shehzad b Afridi 47
Tikolo b Afridi 13
Mishra lbw b Afridi 6
Patel c Akmal b Hafeez 0
Kamande lbw b Afridi 2
Odoyo lbw b Afridi 0
Odhiambo run out 0
Obado b Gul 0
Otieno not out 0
Extras 1nb, 3w, 4b, 3lb 11
Total All out, 33.1 Overs 112
Full Batting Card


Bowler O M R W
Akhtar 5 1 10 0
Razzaq 5 1 23 0
Gul 4.1 0 12 2
Rehman 7 1 18 0
Afridi 8 3 16 5
Hafeez 4 1 26 1
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