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New Zealand won by 10 wickets.

Kenya vs New Zealand


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    New Zealand beat Kenya by 10 wickets

    The Kiwis demolish minnows Kenya in the opening game of Group A. The Black Caps needed just eight overs to chase down Kenya's 70 as Martin Guptill (39 not out) and Brendon McCullum (26 not out) saw them home. Hahish Bennett did the damage earlier in the day with four wickets. Thank you for your company and do join us again in a couple of hours for the Canada versus Sri Lanka clash. See you then.


    Over 8 Kamande 4-1-1-4-4-0

    72-0 - Two shots over the ropes and this game will be over and out. McCullum goes over the bowler's head for four. After McCullum takes a single through midwicket, Guptill goes for a pull, but he doesn't middle it. A six can finish it. McCullum goes for a reverse sweep and it's four. That was powerfully hit. Another reverse sweep and it's all over.


    Over 7 Odhiambo 1-wd-1-nb-0-1-0-0

    58-0 - Double bowling change as Nehemiah Odhiambo comes into the attack. Guptill gets another easy single. He's looked class out in the middle. A front foot no-ball from Odhiambo. McCullum is bowled from the free hit, but he's not out of course. Pushed into the covers for one.


    Over 6 Kamande 4-wd-1-1-0-2b-0

    53-0 - We will have a bowling change as Jimmy Kamande comes into the attack. The spinner starts with a short one and it's put away to the midwicket fence by Guptill. The Kiwi 50 comes up with a single through the same region. Some turn for Kamande and it goes straight through. They takea couple of byes.


    Over 5 Odoyo 6-1-4-1-wd-lb-1

    44-0 - Slower ball from Odoyo and Guptill goes for another one of his straight shots and it's six more. McCullum charges down the track to a short ball and he gets another top edge, but this time it brings him four down to fine leg.


    Over 4 Otieno 2-1-0-6-0-1

    30-0 - Short and McCullum just clears midwicket with a pull shot. He's not timing the ball just yet. Guptill uses his feet again to go straight down the ground. This time goes all the way for six. Guptill nearly gives his wicket away as he edges it. The ball falls short of slip though.


    Over 3 Odoyo 1-1-1-0-0-4

    20-0 - McCullum gets a top edge to his attempted pull, but it goes over the head of the man at midwicket. Poor fielding though as he had a lot of time to get there. Nice rotation of the strike. Big appeal from Kenya as Guptill takes one on the pads. Kamande and co decides they will have a review, but the replays show it awas going down the leg side. Poor use of a review. Guptill plays a the shot of the day as he hits it straight over the bowler's head.


    Over 2 Otieno 4-4-0-0-0-0

    13-0 - Elijah Otieno will share the new ball and Guptill immediately cracks him through extra cover for four. Short and cut away for another boundary. Good comeback from the bowler as he keeps it full.


    Over 1 Odoyo 0-0-0-0-4-1

    5-0 - Martin Guptill and Brendon McCullum are the two openers and Thomos Odoyo will open the bowling. How quickly can the two openers chase this down. Slip and short cover in. Too short and Guptill pulls through midwicket for the first boundary of the New Zealand innings. Last ball is slashed to third man.


    And we're back

    No time for a break as the players are out in the middle already.


    Kenya: 69 all out

    Wow! New Zealand's fast bowlers annihilate the Kenyan batsmen as they are dismissed for an embarrassing 69 in the opening Group A game. Kenya's openers never got going and once Tim Southee picked up the first wicket they just kept falling and falling and falling. Hamish Bennett did most of the damage with his four wickets in few overs and Jacob Oram and Southee then wrapped up the innings. Seren Waters and Rakep Patel top scored with 16 each. Do join us again in about five minutes for New Zealand's chase.


    Over 24 Oram 1-0-0-0-W

    69-10 - Patel is happy to take a single off the first ball to put No 11 Elijah Otieno on strike. Otieno gets nicely behind the ball. WICKET! Tim Southee won't get a chance to send down his hat-trick ball as Otieno chips it gently to short midwicket. Oram actually acknowledge Southee after he took the wicket to say 'sorry'. That is that.


    Over 23 Southee 0-1-0-0-W-0

    68-9 - Vettori is looking to finish things up and he takes himself out of the attack and brings Tim Southee back on. Patel takes one to fine leg. Shout for lbw, but it was going down the leg side. WICKET! Rubbish stuff from Odhiambo as his off-stump flies back. He looks to go for a big shot over cow corner, but misses the ball. It's straight from Southee and goes onto his stumps. 68-8 turns into 68-9 as Shem Ngoche is hit on the boot with the first ball he faces. Umpire has no alternative but to send him on his way. Excellent bowling from the Kiwis' fast bowlers.


    Over 22 Oram 1-0-W-0-0-4

    67-7 - Oram finally concedes a run as Patel runs the ball down to third man. WICKET! All too easy for New Zealand. They don't even have to work for their wickets. Oram gets a bit of extra bounce and Odoyo gets a leading edge to Jesse Ryder at point. Nehemiah Odhiambo is the new man and he gets lucky with a inside edge for four.


    Over 21 Vettori 0-0-1-0-2-0

    62-6 - Wide from Vettori and Patel gets it to the sweeper on the cover boundary for one. Too straight and Odoyo can clip it through midwicket for a couple.


    Over 20 Oram 0-0-0-0-W-0

    59-6 - Hamish Bennett is off the field so on comes big Jake Oram. Bennett was struggling slightly in his previous over so it's no surprise to see him out of the attack. WICKET! Easy game this for Oram. Outside off and Kamande looks to run it down to third man, but he gets a gentle edge through to wicketkeeper McCullum. Thomas Odoyo can't get it away and it's a maiden from Oram.


    Over 19 Vettori 4-1-0-1-0-0

    59-5 - Vettori is keeping the slip in. Patel sweeps powerfully in front of square and he gets four. He follows it up with a paddle for one.


    Over 18 Bennett 1-0-0-1-0-1

    53-5 - Bennett continues and he'll be looking to complete his first five-fer in international cricket. Patel cips it fine leg. Inside edge onto the pads and Kamande is away with one. On the hips and it's flicked away.


    Over 17 Vettori 0-0-1-0-0-0

    50-5 - Vettori continues. His other fast/medium bowlers must be licking their lips. Kenya's 50 comes up with a risky single to the leg-side. Kamande looks to use his feet, but blocks when he gets to the ball.


    Over 16 Bennett 0-1-W-0-0-0

    49-4 - Bennett strives for another one that angles into the batsman's pads, but it's down the leg side and Patel clips it to fine leg for one. WICKET! Bennett gets another one and it's very similar to the other dismissals. It angles into the batsman's pads, Ouma misses the ball and is trapped right in front. Debate between the two batsmen about a review, but they decide against it. Replays show they should've gone for it as it hit Ouma outside the line. Time for drinks. Jimmy Kamade is greeted with, you guessed it, one that angles into him. He survives though. Swing and miss from Kamande.

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Match Details

20th Feb 2011
MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai
M Erasmus and R J Tucker

new zealand BATTING CARD

Batsman R
Guptill not out 39
McCullum not out 26
Extras 1nb, 3w, 2b, 1lb 7
Total Close, 8.0 Overs 72 - 0
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Bowler O M R W
Odoyo 3 0 25 0
Otieno 2 0 18 0
Kamande 2 0 21 0
Odhiambo 1 0 5 0
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