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West Indies won by 44 runs.

Ireland vs W Indies


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    West Indies win by 44 runs

    The West Indies juggernaut rolls on as they claim their third successive victory. This win was set up by Devon Smith and Kieron Pollard. The duo powered the Windies to 275. Darren Sammy and Sulieman Benn then did the damage with the ball as Ireland collapsed to 231 all out. Thank you for your company. You are welcome to hang around for the England-Bangladesh commentary. Cheers.


    Over 49 Benn 1-1-1-1-0-W

    231-10 - Russell is still off the field after overstretching while fielding a couple of overs earlier. Ireland are determined to see out the 50 overs here. Unfortunately they fail as Dockrell loses his wicket after going for a swing across the line.


    Over 48 Roach 0-0-0-1-0-1

    227-9 - Can Roach finish things up for the Windies here. He's chasing that top wickettaker award. He's looking for the full and straight balls, but Rankin keeps the first two out and then pushes it to the leg side for a single.


    Over 47 Benn 1-0-4-0-4-0

    225-9 - Dockrell goes over the top again. It's a teaser for the man running back from cover, but the ball wins. Play gets held up as the fielder, Russell, requires treatment. Four more for Dockrell as he squeezes it past backward point.


    Over 46 Roach 0-0-4-1-W-1

    216-9 - Roach looked like he was struggling with a knock in his previous over, but he will continue. Dockrell lofts it over extra cover for a boundary. WICKET! Full and straight and Mooney has to depart. It went onto his stumps via deflection off his pads. Boyd Rankin is the last man and he squeezes a full one down to third man for one.


    Over 45 Benn 0-1-4-1-0-1

    210-8 - Final throw of the dice for Ireland as they take the Powerplay. They should've taken it when Joyce and Wilson were going so well. Dockrell digs out a fuller one for one. Mooney gets four with the reverse paddle.


    Over 44 Roach 1-0-0-W-1-1

    203-8 - Roach is back in the attack. Can he finish things off for the West Indies? Mooney takes one to the man patrolling the cover boundary. Another one bites the dust. Botha pushes it hard to mid-off and he's partner is already halfway down the track. He is forced to go for the run, but Sammy picks it up cleanly and hits the stumps.


    Over 43 Benn 0-W-0-0-0-wd-0

    200-7 - Benn returns. WICKET! Ireland are crumbling now. Cusack is down the track and looks to work it to the leg side, but he misses the ball. The keeper fumbles it, but Cusack is so far down the track that he has plenty of time to whip off the bails. Andre Botha sees out the rest of the over.


    Over 42 Sammy 1-1-0-W-0-0

    199-6 - Sammy continues to mix it up nicely. He's been the Windies' most economical bowler today. Inquiry for lbw, but it's going down leg. WICKET! Bigger shout next time and this time the umpire sticks Wilson. The batsman wants it reviewed though. He was looking to pad up and it hit him on the pads. Replays show it hit him just outside the line and Wilson thinks it should be overturned, but the umpire sticks to his original decision. Wilson stands his ground, but the umpire won't change his mind and he eventually has to depart. The batsman wasn't offering a shot and that's probably why the umpire decided not to overturn his orginal decison. The UDRS is becoming more and more controversial by the day. John Mooney can't get a single and that means Sammy finishes with three for 31 in his 10.


    Over 41 Pollard 0-1-0-4-0-1

    197-5 - Cusack is up and running with a fllick through midwicket. Wilson is keeping Ireland in touch here. He goes over extra cover for a boundary.


    Over 40 Sammy 2-1-1-W-0-4

    191-5 - Sammy, who started the day with three maidens in a row, returns. Starts with a shortish one and it's pulled. The man on the boundary plays a juggling act on the ropes and manages to keep it down to a couple. WICKET! Massive, massive wicket as Kevin O'Brien is forced to depart after failing to get hold of a slower one. He looks to play it over the infield, but he skies it. Pollard runs in from long-on and dives forward to take an excellent catch. That really was special from the big man. Alex Cusack is the new man but he's not facing. Wilson continues to fight and he cracks it through midwicket for four.


    Over 39 Pollard 1-1-1-1lb-1-1

    183-4 - Pollard, who went for 21 in his three overs, comes back into the attack. He needs to bring that run rate down. Wilson steers it short third for one. Pollard outfoxes O'Brien with a slower one. It goes over the bowler's head though. Wilson goe sto 50 off 52b, 4x4, 1x6 with a push into the covers.


    Over 38 Russell 0-0-W-0-0-0

    177-4 - Wilson has taken up the aggressor role with Joyce probably the one to bat through the innings. Good combination at the moment. Russell drags things back for the Windies after Miller's poor over. WICKET! Full from Russell and Joyce looks to flick it through square leg, but he misses the ball and it crashes into his stumps. Man of the moment Kevin O'Brien is greeted with a bouncer that's down the leg side. O'Brien takes a blow on the side off the final ball. It's a wicket-maiden from Russell.


    Over 37 Miller 2-2-4-4-0-2

    177-3 - Wilson paddles it around the corner for a couple. After another couple, Wilson picks up back-to-back fours with the reverse sweep. Ireland are really stepping it up now. The pressure is really on the Windies now. The over ends with a couple through midwicket.


    Over 36 Russell 1-2-3-0-0-0

    163-3 - The Ireland batsmen look like they are ready go up one gear here. Both players try something unconventional by using their feet. Wilson flicks one through midwicket and gets three. Good comeback from Russell as he keeps it full.


    Over 35 Miller 1-0-1-1-0-6

    157-3 - How quickly things can change! Wilson was struggling early in the over, battling to get the ball away so he decides the best medicine for that is simply to bring out a massive slog sweep that clears the fence!


    Over 34 Russell 1-0-1-1-0-0

    148-3 - For the second time Benn gets down well on the fence to cut off a boundary, Joyce had slashed the ball down to third man and other bowlers wouldn't ave stopped that. Solid stuff from Russell, he's looked good on debut.


    Over 33 Miller 0-0-0-0-1-1

    145-3 - Miller fires in a hosts of full deliveries and before you know it the over is nearly through. Wilson and Joyce manage to pick up a single apiece to ensure there is some scoring.


    Over 32 Russell 1-0-0-0-0-4

    143-3 - Superb placement from Joyce as he threads the ball through the covers for four. Wow, that really was an elegant looking shot.


    Over 31 Miller 0-4-1-1-0-0

    138-3 - Slightly short from Miller and Joyce pounces, pulling away for four to bring up the fifty stand. With the boundary from the over the Irish pair can afford to just pick off a couple more singles. The partnership is now worth 52 from 60 balls and it's kept Ireland very much in this contest with Kevin O'Brien still to come.

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Match Details

11th Mar 2011
Punjab Cricket Assocn. Stadium, Mohali
E A R de Silva and S K Tarapore


Batsman R
Porterfield c Sub b Sammy 11
Stirling c Sammy b Benn 5
Joyce b Russell 84
O'Brien b Benn 25
Wilson lbw b Sammy 61
O'Brien c Pollard b Sammy 5
Cusack s Benn 2
Mooney b Roach 6
Botha run out 0
Dockrell b Benn 19
Rankin not out 5
Extras 1nb, 3w, 4lb 8
Total All out, 49.0 Overs 231
Full Batting Card


Bowler O M R W
Roach 8 0 34 1
Benn 10 0 53 4
Sammy 10 3 31 3
Russell 10 2 37 1
Pollard 5 0 32 0
Miller 6 0 40 0
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