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Ireland vs England


Last Updated: September 4, 2013 8:19am

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    So that is all from Malahide for today, the new home of Irish cricket has seen a superb game and some stunning batting. Skipper William Porterfield's century helped Ireland through to a competitive 269-7, and it looked like that might be enough when England slipped to 48-4 in the 15th over. However, a world record stand between Eoin Morgan (124no) and Ravi Bopara (101 from just 75 balls) saw the visitors coast home with 42 balls and six wickets to spare. Good warm-up for England ahead of the series against Australia, please join us on Friday morning for coverage of the opening match at Headingley.

  • Over 43 - 274/4 (Morgan 124, Bopara 101)

    Bopara produces a boundary blitz to get to his maiden ODI century from just 74 deliveries. He pulls Dockrell away for four, then launches him down the ground for six to match his previous best of 96. Dockrell flights one up to him to follow, and Bopara duly drives over the top of cover to reach his hundred. A single allows Morgan to finish the match with a six over mid-wicket. England win by six wickets as Dockrell's last over goes for 22. What looked like a tricky chase has ended up being a walk in the park.


    Over 42 - England 252/4 (Morgan 117, Bopara 86)

    It's all gone quiet over here. There is a polite smattering of applause when a single by Morgan - who has now passed his previous highest ODI score, made for Ireland against Canada, takes this stand to the 200 mark - a new record for England for the fifth wicket. Bopara celebrates the milestone by working the last ball from Sorensen away for four backward of square leg. He needs another 14, while England only require 18.


    Over 41 - England 245/4 (Morgan 115, Bopara 81)

    England sprinting home now. Bopara takes 10 from the first two deliveries of the O'Brien over, then Morgan hammers his former international team-mate for six more when he gets on strike. Ireland's cause isn't helped when Wilson misses a slower-ball bouncer behind the stumps, giving away four byes. England now need 25 after 22 runs came from the over. Can Bopara get to three figures before it's all over? He's never managed an ODI ton, his best so far being 96.


    Over 40 - England 223//4 (Morgan 108, Bopara 70)

    Ireland take a risk in bringing back spinner Dockrell inside the batting power play. It looks like the plan will back fire when he drops his first ball short and is hammered away by Morgan for four, but the youngster recovers after the poor start. Still, England know they've done the hard work with the early boundary, allowing them to milk singles. That's the end of the batting power play - markedly different outcome to Ireland's earlier today.


    Over 39 - England 216/4 (Morgan 103, Bopara 69)

    Kevin O'Brien replaces Mooney. He nearly gets a wicket immediately, too, but Bopara sees a miss-hit over mid-wicket land safely, allowing him to pick up a further two runs. The Essex batsman does time his shots better towards the end of the over, firstly giving himself room to hit gloriously through cover, then working a straight ball backward of square on the leg side. The over nets England a further 10 runs - they now need a comfortable 54 from the final 11 overs.


    Over 38 - England 206/4 (Morgan 103, Bopara 59)

    Morgan gets a crucial boundary at the start of the over, lifting Johnston over the top of point for four. He gets two more backward of point and then, fittingly, gets to a century with a glorious six over cover to finish an over that nets England 14. Great century from the England skipper for today, and after being booed by some on his way to the crease he now gets a nice hand for reaching his milestone. That's his first ODI ton since September 2010.


    Over 37 - England 192/4 (Morgan 90, Bopara 58)

    England get 11 from the over - that's a bit more like it during a power play. Morgan frees his arms at a wide one from Mooney, looping the ball up and over the two fielders inside the ring at gully and point. Bopara does even better when he gets on strike, whacking a full delivery that pitched outside off over wide long-on for six. England's requirement now below a run-a-ball rate.


    Over 36 - England 181/4 (Morgan 85, Bopara 52)

    No fireworks to start with - Johnston does return and bowls tightly to Morgan, who does pick up a pair of runs through backward point as Stirling dives over the ball at gully. He also gets two singles, the last of which means he remains on strike. England need another 89 from 84 and it will be the medium pace of Mooney to continue.


    Over 35 - England 176/4 (Morgan 81, Bopara 51)

    Four from Mooney's second over - England happy to take what they can get before DRINKS. After the break, it's going to be power play time. Remember Ireland have bowled Murtagh out, so Johnston and Sorensen would seem their most likely seam options. England need a further 94 from the remaining 90 deliveries.


    Over 34 - England 170/4 (Morgan 76, Bopara 50)

    Dockrell back on, switching ends - Ireland skipper Porterfield is constantly shuffling his attack around now in an attempt to slow down England's momentum. It doesn't work - England get five off the over with a minimum of fuss. Bopara gets through to 50 with a single down the ground - it's his 11th half-century on his 90th ODI appearance.


    Over 33 - England 167/4 (Morgan 75, Bopara 48)

    England putting their foot down now, right before the batting power play comes along. John Mooney comes into the firing line and his second ball is pulled away emphatically by Morgan for four. The left-hander then gets a pair of twos, on both occasions Bopara pushing hard to come back to the danger end. Good running by this pair, who have showed the value of international experience. England now need another 103 from 102 deliveries - at this stage Ireland were 152-4.


    Over 32 - England 155/4 (Morgan 63, Bopara 48)

    Bopara gets in on the Tom Mix fun with two big blows, lamping Stirling's gentle off-spin over mid-wicket by some distance and then sending the next ball a little straighter, with it clearing mid-on by a good 10 or so metres. Stirling comes back over the wicket in response and Bopara, almost casually, pats back one fired in much quicker. This pair have now put on a century stand at faster than a run-a-ball rate. And while mentioning a century, Morgan hasn't hit one in ODI cricket for England since September 2010....just sayin'.


    Over 31 - England 140/4 (Morgan 60, Bopara 36)

    And now Morgan launches Dockrell over mid-wicket for the first maximum of the England innings. I did say it looked like he was coming into some form. A paddled sweep follows for two, while both batsmen add further singles to make it 11 runs from the over. This is a real captain's knock from Morgan.


    Over 30 - England 129/4 (Morgan 50, Bopara 35)

    Half-century for Morgan - he gets a polite round of applause from his 'home' crowd. It's taken him 61 deliveries and included four boundaries. Get the feeling he's just getting going now.


    Over 29 - England 126/4 (Morgan 48, Bopara 34)

    And another decent over for Ireland, Dockrell just giving up a pair of singles. The crowd response with a ripple of applause - England need another 144 from 126 deliveries. And, of course, there is that batting powerplay still to come for the visitors.


    Over 28 - England 123/4 (Morgan 47, Bopara 33)

    Just the two runs from the latest Stirling over, Morgan getting them thanks to a cut that goes past cover. At this stage Ireland were 123-4 - nothing in it (well, except for a solitary run).


    Over 27 - England 121/4 (Morgan 45, Bopara 33)

    Not pretty, but effective. That's not a description of me from my editor, but a great way to sum up Bopara's clog over mid-wicket for four. Morgan also gets a four to finish the Dockrell over, via a sweep of course, and suddenly Ireland are on the back foot. Their spinners are being worked around the park and England are keeping the run-rate well in check.


    Over 26 - England 112/4 (Morgan 41, Bopara 28)

    Niall O'Brien does superbly in the deep (particularly as he's normally a wicketkeeper) to stop a Morgan drive going for four, diving away like Superman to block the ball. However, there's nothing anyone can do to get in the way of a lovely straight drive from Bopara that reaches the rope down the ground. England milk 10 from Stirling's second over.


    Over 25 - England 102/4 (Morgan 38, Bopara 21)

    A delicate paddle sweep fetches Morgan three more at the start of the Dockrell over. England reach the halfway point having just sneaked into three figures - this pair have put on 54 now and Ireland know the value of getting one, if not both, out soon. At the moment, they're setting the platform for Buttler and Stokes in the closing stages - remember Ireland made 90 runs from their final 10 overs earlier in the day.

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Match Details

3rd Sep 2013
England won the toss and elected to bowl.
The Village
M Hawthorne, R S A Palliyaguruge
TV Umpire
R P Smith
Match Referee
R S Mahanama
Reserve Umpire
L Fourie


Batsman R
M.A. Carberry lbw Johnston 10
L.J. Wright b Murtagh 5
J.W.A. Taylor b Murtagh 25
G.S. Ballance c Wilson b Murtagh 0
E.J.G. Morgan Not out 124
R.S. Bopara Not out 101
Extras 3w, 4b, 2lb 9
Total 43.0 Overs 274 - 4
Full Batting Card


Bowler O M R W
T.J. Murtagh 10 2 33 3
T.D. Johnston 7 0 34 1
M.C. Sorensen 4 0 24 0
G.H. Dockrell 10 0 73 0
K.J. O'Brien 4 0 41 0
P.R. Stirling 5 0 36 0
J.F. Mooney 3 0 27 0
Full Bowling Card