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West Indies win by 2 wickets

India vs W Indies


Last Updated: November 24, 2013 4:26pm

  • Over West Indies beat India by 2 wickets

    A see-sawing contest results, finally, in a win for the West Indies. And didn't they need it! They've not had the happiest time in India, but today they've scrapped hard for the first victory of their tour. It always looked as though India's 288, built around Kohli's 99 and an immaculate fifty from Dhoni, would be challenging and West Indies' chase began in fits and starts. The 100-run stand between Bravo and Powell set them on the right course, but they stumbled once more and it wasn't until Sammy joined Simmons at the crease that they began to re-build their innings. Simmons' scrappy fifty kept them afloat, before Sammy came to the fore in majestic fashion. Your commentator has been Liam Brickhill. Do join us again for the third and final ODI on Wednesday.

  • Over Over 49.3 - WI 289/8 (Sammy 63, Permaul 0)

    Sammy sees them home! He trusted Permaul to put him back on strike after he took a single from the first ball, and a scampered leg bye did just that. With the scores level, Sammy heaved one last time out to deep midwicket to seal a thrilling win!

  • Over Over 49 - WI 286/8 (Sammy 61, Permaul 0)

    WICKETS! What are West Indies doing out there? Holder skips down the track unnecessarily and presents Dhoni with a thick edge, and then Narine swipes at a bouncer from Shami to splice a very simple chance to sub fielder Rayudu at square leg. Will Sammy's hard work be in vain? He does well to keep the strike for the final over, in which West Indies will need three to win. India need two wickets.

  • Over Over 48 - WI 283/6 (Sammy 60, Holder 5)

    The match swings decisively in West Indies' favour almost as quickly as Darren Sammy swings his bat. This has been exemplary one-day batting from him, and he takes his team within one strike of the win with 10 runs off two balls through deep midwicket. He's also brought up his sixth ODI fifty.

  • Over Over 47 - WI 267/6 (Sammy 49, Holder 0)

    WICKET! Will this bring India back from the brink? Jadeja has struck with his final delivery of the evening, shooting one on with the arm to catch Simmons on the crease. It looked a pretty good shout, and Simmons departed for a tenacious 62. Is there a twist in this tale?

  • Over Over 46 - WI 263/5 (Simmons 61, Sammy 47)

    It doesn't matter if West Indies are defensive against the spinners if they can score runs like this against the quicks. Simmons has four when he cuts Shami through point and Dhawan, on the boundary, initially goes the wrong way. Sammy then helps himself to yet another six, depositing a full toss over the head of the man at long on.

  • Over Over 45 - WI 250/5 (Simmons 55, Sammy 40)

    Both batsmen are itching to attack Jadeja, but manage to rein in their instincts and tap the ball quietly around for singles. With good judgement, West Indies should cruise home from this position. A wicket now might set their nerves off once more.

  • Over Over 44 - WI 248/5 (Simmons 54, Sammy 40)

    Sammy is playing a remarkable innings now. He's in full flow as he plants Mohit Sharma 94 metres into the stands beyond wide long on. MS Dhoni is fast running out of options.

  • Over Over 43 - WI 237/5 (Simmons 52, Sammy 32)

    Fifty to Lendl Simmons! He follows Sammy's lead and brings it up with a cracking slog sweep over deep midwicket off Jadeja. Sammy, meanwhile, continues to show good shot selection to flick a slightly short ball from Jadeja to the square leg boundary. This handy partnership has passed fifty in no time after a very slow start, and you've got to say West Indies are favourites now.

  • Over Over 42 - WI 226/5 (Simmons 45, Sammy 28)

    Simmons is dropped! He was aiming to heave the ball over long on, but got rather too much underneath the ball to present a swirling chance to Yuvraj Singh. Yuvraj seemed to have it covered, but the ball popped out of his hands, he juggled the chance, and put it to ground. To make matters worse, Sammy ends the over with a muscly whip into the stands beyond long-leg. He's displaying Dhoni-esque timing out there.

  • Over Over 41 - WI 215/5 (Simmons 43, Sammy 19)

    Now, suddenly, the runs are flowing once more for West Indies. Sammy laces a full toss through extra cover and then plays a remarkable flicked-pull off his hip to thread the gap at deep square leg. Some hard running makes it 12 from the over.

  • Over Over 40 - WI 203/5 (Simmons 43, Sammy 7)

    Another quiet over brings the Batting Powerplay to an end - just 15 runs from it. West Indies need 86 from 60, which is doable, but India need just one wicket to get into their tail.

  • Over Over 39 - WI 200/5 (Simmons 42, Sammy 5)

    Still no boundaries for this pair in the Batting Powerplay. They are, at least, rotating the strike but the required rate is rising with each over, and India look like holding their nerve. Simmons brings up the 200 with a flick through square leg. If this pair can pace their innings as well as Dhoni did, West Indies could still cruise home.

  • Over Over 38 - WI 194/5 (Simmons 38, Sammy 3)

    The shots are starting to come now, though not entirely successfully. Simmons backs away to leg and swipes for a couple before toe-ending an attempted slog sweep. Sammy's attempt at a heave to midwicket brings similarly modest results, and the required rate is edging up towards 8 an over.

  • Over Over 37 - WI 191/5 (Simmons 35, Sammy 3)

    West Indies are just drifting a little now. Bhuvneshwar Kumar, who removed Bravo, continues his spell and his wicket-to-wicket line doesn't allow the batsmen any room to manoeuvre.

  • Over Over 36 - WI 188/5 (Simmons 33, Sammy 2)

    It's time for the Batting Powerplay, but because a wicket has just fallen West Indies will enter it with a very defensive mindset. In fact, the first over, bowled by Jadeja, is a maiden.

  • Over Over 35 - WI 188/5 (Simmons 33, Sammy 2)

    WICKET! Bravo has picked out Dhawan at deep square leg with a lofted pull shot off the returning Kumar. This stand was just starting to threaten India, and that's a very soft dismissal. Dhawan was the only fielder out there, but Bravo hit the ball practically straight to him. He's distraught, but he's got to go, and is replaced by former captain Darren Sammy.

  • Over Over 34 - WI 185/4 (Simmons 32, Bravo 18)

    Dwayne Bravo greets the resumption with a thumping cut as Raina serves up a long-hop outside off stump, and with plenty of singles coming off the over as well this partnership is now worth 38.

  • Over Over 33 - WI 176/4 (Simmons 30, Bravo 11)

    Well, Yuvraj Singh may be struggling with the bat but he's still got something special in the fielding department. He saves a certain boundary as Simmons steps back to hammer a cut through point, and the end of the over takes us to Drinks.

  • Over Over 32 - WI 174/4 (Simmons 29, Bravo 10)

    The Indian spinners are really rattling through their overs now. Simmons puts Bravo on strike to Raina with a firm punch down to long off, and the West Indian captain unfurls his trademark inside-out loft over extra cover for four. West Indies aren't giving up just yet.

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Match Details

24th Nov 2013
West Indies won the toss and elected to bowl.
ACA-VDCA Stadium
V A Vineet, R J Rodney
TV Umpire
A K Anil
Match Referee
D C David
Reserve Umpire
N A Nikhil


Batsman R
J. Charles c&b Kumar 12
K.O.A. Powell s Dhoni b Ashwin 59
M.N. Samuels c Dhoni b Sharma 8
D.M. Bravo c Dhoni b Ashwin 50
L.M.P. Simmons lbw Jadeja 62
D.J. Bravo c Dhawan b Kumar 18
D.J.G. Sammy Not out 63
J.O. Holder c Dhoni b Ahmed 7
S.P. Narine c sub b Ahmed 0
V. Permaul Not out 0
Extras 3w, 7lb 10
Total 49.3 Overs 289 - 8
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Bowler O M R W
B. Kumar 9 1 56 2
M.M. Sharma 6.3 0 48 1
M.S. Ahmed 7 0 55 2
R. Ashwin 10 1 37 2
S.K. Raina 7 0 42 0
R.A. Jadeja 10 1 44 1
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